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Fall in Love with LUB d BANGKOK Silom

Back to Bangkok, back to the City of Angel's loving embrace.Transferred to another location and accommodation for our last night ------Lub d Bangkok Silom.

The original intention was to stay at entertainment district aka "red light district" as close as possible because the original plan was to end the trip with a bang.We wanted to watch the "notorious shows" in Pat Pong ----only that we ended up buying "pasalubong" rather than drown in booze and enjoy some wild

Welcome to Lub d Bangkok --Silom

More on the shopping later.Would like to speak of the hotel first----Lub d Bangkok---which is fitting for its name.So easy to fall in love with this place.

In their cool website:

The iconic, trend-setting "original Lub d" is still a"Bangkok must" for travelers in the know. With a downtown location conveniently situated in Silom, Bangkok's business district, Lub d - Silom is surrounded by a plethora of shops, restaurants, bars and clubs. Silom buzzes from early morning until late night. Travelers are connected via the nearby BTS skytrain and the pier for boat rides.

Be greeted by an elephant's butt when you enter the hotel.It's not a real elephant so feel free to stuck your head in its hole if you want. haha


The main lobby is nice.It's large so there's enough room for guest to hang out whether on the soft couches on the sides or at the high table (with high chairs) at the center, and to accommodate incoming guests.Its dim lights are strategically located to emphasize key details of the lobby.A bar on one side and a pc corner on the other.This is where travelers converge and socialize.

This is a feel good place. Looks clean. Feels Fresh.

And for the first time, we finally found local people who can communicate effectively in English. The ones who assisted our check in at that time were young and hip.New breed of Thais I suppose.


You will be given a tag upon check in which you will strap on your bed and one key card each which you should bring with you all the time coz the glass door leading to the staircase going to the rooms from 2nd level up is to be electronically unlocked each time.



We went for bunk bed accommodation (Lub d Dormitory) since we had to check out early the next day for an am flight back to Manila.580 Php/pax Sayang naman, tutulugan lang namin ng ilang oras.

• Air-conditioning
• 8 single beds
• Personal reading light
• Personal locker
• Shared bathroom

View all Room Types here


In this room type, there are four (4) bunk beds that you have to share with other travellers. There were five (5) of us we there were three other people in the room.Strangers who we haven't even have the time to talk to.This kind is of accommodation is perfect for solo backpackers who travel long term.Not only that it is cheap, you get the chance to meet many exciting people should you be open for temporary travel buddies.Similar feel with MNL Boutique Hostel except that this one is more chick and 10x grander.

Here's how our bunk bed accommodation looks like.


Restroom is common/shared but there are enough cubicles to cater for guests.I even find the restrooms spacious.Classy design for a budget accommodation.Power shower.Hot and Cold.Liquid soap and shampoo available.Hair dryer and I think I noticed a washing machine too.Really nice.

Night Shopping
I think it was already past 10pm when we checked in. Settled our stuff, refreshed a bit and we were off to Pat Pong ----the famous red light district of Bangkok.
As I said, I opted Silom for this reason.Adding a little spice to travel could be fun.I thought Silom is one continuous street where everything's there when you get out of your hotel.I imagined some sort of Khao San gaiety.Wrong.Turns out that Silom is a big area and Lub d Bangkok is situated somewhere in an inner street that we had to walk more than 1km to get to Pat Pong.A little inconvenient if I may say so.It was almost 12 midnight when we got there.

Pat Pong

Gladly, the flea market was still open and we shopped for a few souvenirs and shirts for pasalubong.

The main bazaar is located in the middle of Pat Pong.Imagine all the stalls at the center at the loud music of bars on both sides.Women seductively dressed will entice you from time to time to get in.Me and my friends bought Chang Beer in one of the many convenience stores in the area and we were drinking beer while following the girls in their shopping occasionally stopping in certain points where we can see scantly dressed women dancing inside some of the pubs.Parang free show narin.hahaha


The ladies were no longer in the mood for any entertainment when they finished shopping so just went back to our accommodation after stopping at a fast food chain for some midnight snack.Pat Pong will have to wait for another visit.hehehe

PS: Lub d Bangkok has another branch in Siam Square which I think is a good option if you want to be at the center of everything.