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HOTEL H2O Manila Ocean Park: the softest bed and a giant in-room aquarium

Five years ago, my friend and I were walking along Puka beach Boracay I noticed this tall white guy wandering alone.I greeted him and started a small conversation.T'was my first time in the island but he is no stranger to the place as he has a property in Ilo-ilo and frequents Boracay despite being based in South Korea where he works.It was a short casual talk you do with random strangers.Five years has passed and we still get in touch through small chats on Skype and Facebook.

Last month,he was back in the Philippines again for vacation.He contacted me to say how good his hotel is in Manila which inspired him to write about it.Thus this guest post which I am more than honored to publish.It's not often that I get somebody to volunteer to write out of sheer joy of sharing a good discovery.His name is Phil, and this is what he wrote of Hotel H2O in Manila Ocean Park.  

Phil at Hotel H2O Manila Ocean Park

I recently stayed in the H20 hotel attached to Manila Ocean Park. It is about 30 minutes from the airport and no more than 300 pesos. Check in was easy, there is a check in desk at the entrance base to the Ocean Park. They will take your luggage and bring it to your room.

I didn't think it is much of a trek to the actual hotel proper check in desk like other posts have said. It could be a little more sign posted, but I found it easily enough.

I stayed in the aqua room with a gigantic aquarium running across the exterior wall. My first thought when I entered the room was “wow the aquarium is huge!” and I found myself tropical fish watching for the next hour.

The materials used to build this hotel are all eco friendly. I was told everything emits negative ions for well-being. That is the theme throughout the hotel including the spa.

The room itself has a super soft and comfortable bed, flat screen TV and all the trimmings. There is no bath but a nice shower. I thought the walls were a bit thin as we heard a family with children screaming all night.

The swimming pool during our stay was being repaired so we couldn't use it. Other posts mentioned it is a long way from the rooms and I would second that.


The Hotel is equipped with a couple of good restaurants and a live band plays twice a week.

We visited the trick art museum, which was super cool and a good way to pass an hour. The Ocean Park has obviously a lot of attractions. There is also a bird sanctuary at the entrance which houses the amazingly beautiful Philippine Eagle.

There is also an outside viewing deck to see one of the best sunsets in the Philippines.

Overall, the hotel is worth the value. I would like to return, simply because of the aquarium rooms. Maybe next time I will choose the bay view room.


It is also a short taxi ride to Mall of Asia.

HOTEL H2) is located at
Luneta, Manila, Philippines 1000
(Behind the Quirino Grandstand)
T: +63 2 238 6100
F: +63 2 238 6188
Reservation :
Hotel Inquiry :

text and photos by Phil Chivers
Phil is a British guy who works in a university in South Korea where he teaches ESL.He is married to a lovely Filipina from Ilo-Ilo.Phil loves to travel and Boracay is one of his favorites.Other than teaching, he has also ventured into tv commercials.Watch him act in the recent ads of LG G2 here.