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PATTAYA PLEASURE: A day at the beach of KOH LARN

I am also wondering why with the title.I only took clue from a friend who mentioned in his comment that he doesn't want anything else but Pattaya pleasure.I have no idea what exactly he was referring to but I reckon it has something to do with the city's notorious popularity with night parties and sex trade.

People of course define "pleasure" in different ways.Would have loved to watch "live shows" but we were just here for a day tour so we went to the beach of --- KOH LARN (Coral Island) ---instead.

 KOH LARN Pattaya Thailand

We were on a "kung-saan-lang-mapadpad" mode on this particular trip.The goal was to get to Pattaya and figure out what to do and where to go once we got there.Since the van ride terminated in the ferry terminal to the islands, island it is.Koh Larn is the nearest and one of the cheapest so we took earliest ferry that fits our schedule.Ferries come and forth on most of the islands almost on an hourly basis.Rates are standard and are published so no need to worry.There are also a couple of choices for the boat transfer ---ordinary, jet or private jet.Your pick.


The ferry ride to Koh Larn only took 45 minutes for 30 Baht per pax Very convenient.We went for the ordinary ferry of course and we were assigned a particular color sticker upon purchasing our tickets.This sticker is for the purpose of organization once you get to the island.You will be assigned a particular area where you will be staying.Although I noticed that of the tourists in the same boat with us and the same sticker dispersed to different direction once stepping at the beach.In our case, we followed the guy bannering a red flag as if we were his herd.

The Island from Afar

Looks like an ordinary island from afar.Nothing of significant appeal.Perhaps because we are so used to seeing islands of all shapes and sizes in the Philippines that this one looks typical.My wife and my friends were noy even thrilled.My wife remarked ----"dyan tayo pupunta?" I said "yes".Shr replied, "okay, then she dozed off". Na-bored?lols

Before I speak more of the beach, let me talk about the transfer from the ordinary (big) ferry to the beach.

There is no dock in Koh Larn Beach so we had to transfer to a small motorized boat (which looks like a fishing boat less the katig.Anu na uling katig sa Ingles? Lol ). At any rate, the water is mostly calm so no need for side floaters.The small boat can fit around 20 people of maybe more.Not so small after all.What fascinates me, other than that it is fun transfer) is the boat's propeller and its operator.

The boat's propeller is not fixed on the lower back of the vessel.Instead, there is this long metal which could be lifted and moved by the operator to almost any direction thereby giving the driver more flexibility in steering the boat.That, with the loud, smoky engine plus the driver's head covered by bonnet felt like we were hostages by terrorists to be taken to a remote location. hahaha

But it was fun, and quick! We had to disembark at the main beach itself.It is suggested then that you change to your swimming attire before boarding from the mainland.Or at least don't wear your pants or shoes if you don't want em wet.Remember, you are going to the beach :)


The Beach

I noticed that the sand is really nice.Very fine granules and white as Boracay.But there a certain ruggedness to it.You will encounter rocks punctuating the beach from time to time so be careful when you swim.Rocks are not sharp but they still give a feeling of unease each time you step on em as you tend to be more cautious so as not to be in any trouble.No worry-free swimming here.

what's with these ropes? tsk tsk

Actually,I was the only one who hit the water.It is clear and not itchy but not enough to excite my friends to take a dip.They preferred staying at the loungers we rented for 50 Baht each, (Fresh Coconut Juice is also 50 Baht) chatting loudly while sipping fresh coconut juice, eating the snacks and bread we bought from the convenience store in the mainland.We took a lot of photos of course, although not the ones to be very excited to brag about on social media, still nice photos if I may say so.

Buko for 50 Baht anyone?
7/11 breads in Thailand has a lot of variants

We enjoyed lazy time on the beachside. At around 15 minutes before 4pm, somebody from the boat company already signaled us to be ready as the ferry back to the mainland is coming.

So, my verdict on Koh Larn Beach? 
It's okay. Except that I have seen so many beautiful beaches that this one looks rather typical to me.Nothing really to wow for.Peace :)


Stole the following photos while waiting for the small boat to take us to the ferry.


Of course boarding was again quite a challenge but fun.

The ride back was smooth and on-time.Immediately purchased van tickets the moment we got to the terminal and heeded back to Bangkok.It was another 2-hour ride to the big city.


  1. Beaches in Thailand are really awesome. I have been to Pattaya, Phi Phi Island and Bangkok. Your images are exploring your enjoyment. I hope I would be there again.


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