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FREEDIVING at Kontiki Dive Resort Mactan

I was in Cebu again last June as a hotel invited me over to have them.featured.Never in my wildest imagination that I would also try something close to scuba diving which I consider one of my dreaded activity. Well, not that close but one that I consider dreaded just the same---freediving.

Sounds so simple ayt? Yeah right.But I panick when I see deep, dark undersea cliffs. Pakiramdam ko lalamunin ako ng dagat.

Doi of is a freediving enthusiast who is so much into the discipline lately. I have travelled with Doi in Capones-Nagsasa-Anawangin way back 2011 and I have grown comfortable with her eversince.Our meeting in Cebu was our long delayed reunion despite me going back and forth in this Central Visayan city in the past few years.Lagi kasi syang wala.

FREEDIVING at Kontiki Dive Resort Mactan
photo by Doi Domasian


It was Doi who oriented me about freediving as soon as she fetched me in SM Cebu's Traveler's Lounge (KUDOS SM Cebu for coming up with such space) and continued until we transferred to a taxi which took us to Kontiki Diving Center in the Western side of Mactan Island.I have to admit Doi scared me at first with her reminders. Freediving is no joke.A lot of precautions has to be followed if you are to stay safe (and stay alive)in the open water.But Doi also served as my reassurance. She was there to teach me every step f the way. I have to admit, Doi seemed like a professional freediving instructor---very systematic, very efficient. And her presence made me feel secure.

I was very hesitant when we hit the water of Kontiki Resort. I even rented a life vest just to be secure.But it was when I decided to let go of the life vest and put my trust on Doi and the other members of the group that I learned fast. 

"We humans are natural floaters" Doi kept repeating, "all you need to do is relax and you will see that your body will naturally float when you are at in that state". Amazingly true!It took me around 30 minutes of so to finally connect with the sea and finally feel relax even without the life vest. The next step was to be comfortable with the fin and the snorkel. It takes good coordinate.
with Doi (right) and Mark

Basically, what you have to do is,

1.relax, float in lateral position face down making sure your snorkels tip is afloat and breath from there.
2. Take a deep breath through the snorkel 
3. Bend your upper body swiftly and go for the dive. 
4.Dive as deep as you could with the help of your fin. 
5.If you are about to run out of air, stop your descent. 
6.Shift your body gracefully towards the direction of the surface.
7.Slowly flip your legs to propel you back to the surface.

Note: If your ears hurt, depressurize before you bottom out.That is, pinch your nose and blow until you feel your ear pop up.

Repeat as often as your heart desires.

Here's one of the photos taken by Doi during our session.Was about to request clear, watermarked copies from her.

Easy ayt? I mean it sounds easy but it is really difficult to master at first.The trick is to find your rhythm from the dive to the transition and to bottoming out.Whatever happens, don't panic.

In my case, as long as I see the bottom of the sea, I am okay.But I freak out when all I see under is pitch black.

It was rainy during our dive so the water around Kontiki was a bit turbit.I made sure I only stayed in an area before the drop so as to make sure I don't freak out. To know that Doi and the rest of the team are just nearby looking after us newbies made me really feel secure.

ang sarap ng kainan after the dive


Resort Entrance Fee --50 php
Shower --40php
Food/ Lunch --165
drinks --75 php
Gear Rental (fins and snorkel + life jacket) -- 300 php
TOTAL: 630 pesos
with Doi and other members of Dive Ta Bai

What I thought would be an impossible feat turned out to be really fun and fullfilling. I used the word fulfilling because there's a nice feeling every time you complete a freedive attempt. There is also a certain kind of peace you feel during the few seconds you are underwater that you don't normally get at the surface especially during the split second when you transition from your deepest spot and get ready to swim up.It's just different.I am sure you too will enjoy freediving. Do find some people you can try it out with.If you happen to fly to Cebu City, look for Doi's group DiveTaBai, they do welcome newbies and enthusiasts.

More info on Kontiki Dive Resort Mactan here:


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