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Tech21 IMPACT SNAP CASE + 10 Things I cannot live without when I travel

Been blogging for five years but I haven't really wrote about the things I cannot live without during my travels. Now is the most opportune time.

So here is a list of my travel essentials.

1. Smartphone 
I think I don't have to explain why. Who travels without a cellphone anyone? Unless you wanna get completely out of contact with the civilized world. What about important calls, emails, real time Instagram updates?

My smartphone has saved me in many instances especially in terms of finding my way around and instant searches on what to do and where to eat in a place and that kind of stuff. There, I still explained myself anyhow .haha

smartphone, newKube mp3 player, Momax iPower Tough battery pack, 
sunlock, hair wax, Nikon dslr 
and other things I cannot live without when I travel

2. My Nikon DSLR  and 
CRUMPLER Mild Enthusiast
Camera Bag
It's heavy, it's bulky and that's really annoying at times but I can never imagine going out-of-town without it. I love landscape photography and I loooove myself being in the frame (although I ruin the scene most of the time), it's a little sacrifice for capturing that moment and keeping the memories of a wonderful trip eternal.

My Nikon d3000 has been with me for three years and it has been nothing but happiness each time I travel.

Nothing beats a dslr when it comes to crisp and clear images. Wanna make your friends on Facebook die of envy every time? Go dslr and always bring it when you travel.
Nikon d3000

And of coure, dslr's are no cheap gadgets. You need to have them secured by all means and it is best if you have a reliable camera bag. That's Crumpler Mild Enthusiast for me. 

3. Bench Wax / Clay Doh
"Ganyan talaga pag dika kagwapuhan, high maintenance or ma-effort".

Without this one, I look like one of those trolls, you know the dolls with spiky and monster-like hair?
Ganun na ganun. I love my bench stick or clay doh coz they keep my hair in place. Kahit umulan pa dyan or lusong sa beach, it doesn't wash out unlike gels. So clay is the way for me.

Available sa suking tindahan. :p
bench molding clay

4. Nivea Sunblock Cream SPF50
Again, same reason with #3. Pag pangit, high mainance. Ouch again! But seriously, years of constant heavy exposure to sunlight damages the skin big time. Magmumukha kang matanda. Pangit ka na nga mukha ka pang matanda. Disaster! So kahit medyo pricey, kasama sa budget yan.

Available sa suking tindahan :)

Nivea SPF 50 sunblock

5. Lagu Beach Blankets 
And this makes me sad coz I got one for my wife (pink) and one for me (blue) but we left my wife's Lagu when we were in El Nido last year. SURE, we can easily buy one (999 pesos only) but we do have emotional attachments with our stuff and these Lagu Beach Blankets have been traveling with us for quite a while. Really helpful. For picnics, (beach man yan or inland) for sun protections and also when the vehicles airconditioner is too cold.

Pag kailangan mong magpalit or umihi the middle of nowhere. lol. Very handy.

1.sand repellant
2.quick dry
3.allergen free

Available Online: / / /

Stores: Stoked @ Bonicio High Street / Stoked @ Trinoma / Stoked @ Nuvali / Moana Boutique @ Powerplant Mall / Nothing But H20 @ Alabang Town Center / Nothing But H20 @ D'Mall Boracay / Souk at The Ramp @ Glorietta 3 / Souk at The Ramp @ Trinoma/ Ti Braz @ Boracay / Beachmums @ Mactan, Cebu

6. Momax iPOWER TOUGH 2 
Battery Pack
Discovered this just recently and it's one very helpful travel companion. What's the use of having a smartphone or gadget with you when it's out of battery. Charging is a challenge when you are on the road. Halleluiah battery packs were invented. There are a lit of cheap ones out there and they also help, but Momax iPOWER TOUGH 2 is the one for me. Power charging? No problemo!

Available at: Beyond The Box, Digital Hub and Digital Walker branches
Like them on Facebook:
Follow them on Twitter:

7. newKUBE mp3 player 
A small gadget with big sound and long battery life. It's better if you bring a separate mp3 player with you so that you don't have to use your phone's battery for your music. It could be used for something more urgent I tell you. Buy of course, a long ride could really be a bore sometimes so be sure to bring your mp3 player. Also very helpful when seated next to an annoying or loud person. haha!

NEWKUBE is so small and light you don't have to worry about your baggage allowance too.

Available at
Here's the >>>> link
newKUBE on Social Media:

8. BPI Credit Card 
Sure, I have low credit limit on my credit card but it sure helps a lot in terms of securing my peace of mind. I always bring it with me "just in case" I need it for emergency. It's better if you have Plan B when you run out of cash.

 Say hello to the latest addition to my travel essentials. If your smartphone is in your #1 list, then having a case that is tough and reliable is also a must.

The Impact Snap is just as it sounds, quick and easy to use. Its revolutionary design enables it to clip on to the reverse side of your smartphone, encasing both its corners and the back for the ultimate in Impactology protection.

The hard shell polycarbonate case simply clips on to the back of your phone. Securely attached, it retains access to all ports and function buttons. 

It's available in a range of solid colors. Comes with cover or no cover. Samsung Galaxy Note, iPhone 5, 5s, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4, there is an Impact Snap Case for all your phones.

If you value your phone, this is the simplest way to keeping it looking fresh and staying in one piece.
Tech21 Cases AVAILABLE AT: 
Astroplus, Astrovision, Beyond the Box, Banana Telecom, Complink, DigiHub, Digital Arena, Digital Hub, Digital Walker, E-Central, Games and Gadgets, Graphic All In, iCon, iGig, iStore, iStudio,, Microstation, Mobile 1, R.O.X., Senco Link, Switch, Technoholics, The Inbox Store, Vertex.


10. Last but one of the most important. 
I always believe that the joy of travel is best when shared with someone. I usually travel with my wife who shares the same passion and love for blogging but there are some instances when I cannot travel with her. I make sure I always tag along a friend with me me, if not, make new friends along the way. Travel is not always a breeze so it helps if you have with you somebody who is fun to be with to share the burden of sometimes long and rigorous trips.

Feel free to share em in the comment section below.

Happy travels everyone!



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