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"I need to update my Facebook status. My followers are waiting to know where I am now". ---such were the remarks of our friend Rupert during our Coron island hopping tour. It has been his habit to post real time photos of the trip since our El Nido trip last yera." Para mamatay sa inggit ang mga officenates ko na sa kasalukuyan at nagpapakamatay magtrabaho while I am here enjoying life" he adds.

Of course that's half meant and his friends on Facebook love making fun of each other's status.
We are addicted to social media for different reasons and Rupert is a personification of our desire to always stay in the loop specially when we travel.

At any rate, if you are planning to go to Coron, here are the Island Hopping Rates you need to be ready for.
Island Hopping Rates in Coron are Standardized. You can find lists posted on sidewalks of Coron Town
when you walk around consistent with what are published online like this one from CALAMIANES XPEDITION ECOTOURS.

So what you do is just pick on the travel packages like picking a set meal in Jollibee. Unlike El Nido with simplified packages (A, B, C, D, E) ,There are so many tour packages reflecting the many attractions in the area o I suggest you make your research prior to flying here.

Here are the famous one.

Coron Island Ultimate Tour --650/pax (whole day) 
Destinations:Bulungan Beach, Calachuchi Coral Eden, Hidden Lagoons, Kayangan Lake, Twin Peaks Reef, CYC Island. 

Las Islas Tribal Ecotour --750/pax 
Destinations: Barracuda Lake, Siete Pecados, Lajala Cultural Village, Dimanglet Beach, Coral Triangle

Sun, Sea and Sand Ecotour --950/pax 
Destinations: Malcapuya Island
Option to add Banana Is. and Bulog Is. +250/pax

Culion Historical Tour --1,150/pax 
Destinations: Culion 17th Century Church, Historical Landmarks, Culion Museum, Bogor Marine Park.

Calauit Safari Park 
By land ---2,300/pax 
Destinations:Calauit Safari Park w/ sidetripyo Salvacion Town, Concepcion Falls, Bintuan Mangrove Boardwalk, Malbato Chapel on the Hill. 
By sea ---2, 600/pax 
Destinations:Calauit Safari Park< Black Island beach and caves, Panlaitan Village

NOTE: All minimum 5 Pax
Inclusions:  Licensed tour boat, life vest/ first aid kit, packed lunch, fruits and drinks, entrance fees, tour assistants.

If you noticed, Barracuda Lake and Kayangan Lakes are on separate tour packages. It is possible to see both of them in a single tour, that is, you need to hire a boat so as you have the the flexibility to choose your desired destination. Boat rentals are also standardized except that you have to.
1. buy your own food
2. pay for entrance fees

If you have limited time for Island hopping, I suggest you rent a boat so that you can just go to spots on your priority list. Buying food in the market is a little inconvenient but it could be fun. Your boat assistant will do the cooking don't worry. You can save a little too, but for me, the fact that you are in control of your time and destination is the most important thing. Here are the DIY Tour Rates.

Directly contact Boat, Van, Tourguides, Rental Shops, and other service providers.

CORON ISLAND LOOP : 2 to 5 persons P2,000 / 6-9 persons P2,500 / 10-15 persons P 4,000
Kayangan Lake, Twin Lagoon, Barracuda Lake, Banol Beach, Dimanglet Island, CYC Island, Maquinit Hot spring, Twin Peak Reef, Sampaloc Beach, Siete Picados, 91 Beach, Smith Point, Diwata Lagoon.,Smith Point.

BANANA ISLAND : 2 to 5 persons P3,500 / 6-9 persons P4,000 / 10-15 persons P 6,000
Malcapuya island , Banana Island, Bulog Dos Island

CALUMBUYAN ISLAND : 2 to 5 persons P3,500 /6-9 persons P4,000 /10-15 persons P 6,000
Calumbuyan Island , Paz Island, King Fisher, Hidden Hot Spring, Coral Bay Garden, Pearl Farm

SANGAT ISLAND : 2 to 5 persons P3,000 / 6-9 persons P3,500 / 10-15 persons P 5,000
Sangat Island Reserve, Hidden Hot Spring, Sangat Rock Formation, East Tangat Ship wreck, Lusong Ship Wreck, Gun Boat Ship Wreck, King Fisher Mangroove.

CULION ISLAND : 2 to 5 persons P3,500 / 6-9 persons P4,000 / 10-15 persons P 5,500
Culion Island, Museum, Municipall hall, View Deck

CALAUIT WILDLIFE : 2 to 5 persons P9,000 / 6-9 persons P11,000 / 10-15 persons P 15,000
Calauit Wildlife, Dibutunay Island, King Fisher, North Cay, South Cay Island,


who took us on a 2-day Island Hopping Tour
Red Red -- 0936.276.2775/ 0939.882.7505


  1. Hi Antonio! I really enjoyed your entry. I wanted to get a private boat so we have flexibility in our schedule. I chose Ultimate Coron Experience to be our tour provider. The rate was presyong bangkero, they cooked our food for us for only P300 per person and we were the one who paid our entrance fees. Their rates in the website were the same as walk-in rates! They were recommended by a friend. Check there website at I will definitely go back to Coron again this year! The place is so beautiful and serene! For me, Coron is the best domestic destination! :)

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