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NudeAudio MOVE S: Portable/ Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

In case you haven't looked at your calendar, it's only 16 days to go before Christmas. Don't be like me, I haven't started shopping for gifts yet. I am in for another Christmas shopping rush. Wish me luck.

Here's one Christmas gift idea that could bring music to the ears of your family or friends, literally and figuratively ---NudeAudio MOVE S Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

Call me old fashioned but I was yet to personally use a Bluetooth speaker until now and I think this is really cool. It's comforting to know that I can have this cute little gadget less the trouble of adding another device at home with a cable to crowd and annoy.

MOVE S Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

In case you are wondering what the "s" in Move S stands for, I reckon it stands for "small" as there are larger versions, Move M and Move L for medium and large respectively. So Move S is the smallest of these portable wireless Bluetooth Speakers manufactured by the start up company NudeAudio.

BLUETOOTH Connectivity
Wireless Streaming

The Move S has an independent spirit, and uses Bluetooth instead of a cable to stream audio wirelessly from any smartphone or tablet — and most laptops.

Ultra-portable, infinitely inviting to touch, and compact enough to slip into a pocket, it’s easy to take along and amplify whatever it is you’d like to listen to. An 8-hour battery life makes it as convenient as it is compact.



Shape and Size
A squarish device with round edges measuring roughly 3”X 3” X 1.4”.It has small audio-in and micro-USB holes on its edges and a rubber case to hide the holes, give it a more stylish look. If not for this, Move S would feel plasticky and toyish.

Designed for your Pocket
Although it looks like it could be hung in a shower, it’s really designed to be pocket-safe, with small audio-in and micro-USB holes on its edges.


PAIRING your Device
Pairing is fast. Takes only a few seconds.

1.Turn on Nude Move S, 
2. Activate Bluetooth on phone.
(It will automatically detect Nude S). 
3. Select Nude Move S 
4. Play mp3, video or youtube and you are live.

Sound Quality
Move is is a bit bassy but just like newKube mp3 player, it has a big sound relative to its size. If you are inside a room or car, it's enough to pump up your energy.

In the BOX, includes

A. Manual 
B. USB charging chord.

Available Colors: White and Dark Gray.

NudeAudio MOVE S is distributed locally by Digits Trading, the same company that brings to the Philippines cool gadgets and high quality lifestyle products like Crumpler, Marshall Headphones, Momax iPower, Urbanears, newKube mp3 player, Native Union Monocle and many more.

Do follow Digits Trading on Facebook,
the GIVE AWAY cool stuff every now and then.

They are also on twitter:
Retail Price 
and Where To Buy

NudeAudio MOVE S has a retail price of 1,990 Php.
and is available at the following stores:

Beyond the Box, Digital Hub, Astrovision Festival Mall, Astrovision Shangri-la Plaza, Astrovision Trinoma, Astroplus Megamall, Astroplus SM Aura, iStudio Shangri-la, iStudio Bonifacio High Street and Mobile1

For its size, Move S delivers big sound. Bassy but crisp and clear. It easily fits the pocket so it is a perfect travel companion. A sound that is strong enough to fill a small room or a car. If you want it stronger, go for MOVE M or better yet MOVE L.  With a price that's not too tough on the wallet though, it is a perfect Christmas gift suggestion that your friends and loved ones will surely enjoy.

more info here:


  1. I feel like I need this in my life. Hahaha! Or a gift idea for someone... Hmmm.. Special.. Yeah, one of us definitely needs it. We love watching movies in our smart phones and we need a good portable speaker. lol :D


  2. Hi There,

    Since there are only few days left in Christmas, It means that the time has come when we start looking for Christmas present for our loved ones. The thing which I liked about this speaker is its wireless and stream music through Bluetooth connectivity, Appearance wise it look cool also. It is the best Christmas present for music lover who loves listening music while traveling. Thanks for sharing information about this product with us.

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  4. The freedom of not being tethered to any device, yet still having great sound quality is something you experience once and realize what you have been missing. corey

  5. When you get a call on your smartphone, it routes to the speaker that gives you the option of accepting the call or you can choose to continue listening to music. Mike


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