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Christmas Gift Suggestion: MONOCLE by Native Union

Still having a hard time what to give your special someone of loved ones? Here's a perfect Christmas gift suggestion I am sure everybody will love --- MONOCLE by Native Union.

The MONOCLE is not just one thing, It's a speaker, a handset and a speakerphone that allows you to enjoy music and calls in a fresh new way - however and wherever you are. You can transform your handset into a speaker, or daisy-chain up to 10 MONOCLES to create the best listening experience.

MONOCLE is your perfect smartphone companion.

MONOCLE by Native_Union
MONOCLE by Native Union

Inspired by traditional vinyl records, NATIVE UNION have released a MONOCLE special edition, made from spun aluminium, with a polished groved finish. The inner grill is also reflective of off the copper and black aluminium casing, making it stand apart from the block color collection.



35mm jack 
compatible with your computer, smartphone or tablet. 
Works perfectly even with my desktop computer. Love it!

Volume control wheel 
with a knurled rubber texture for optimal grip. 
I find this very stylish. It feels like turning the volume control from a component system.

A retro cord 
made of ultra resistant nylon for a reinforced cable.
Feel free to have it hang outside your bag, the cable is strong enough so worry not on snapping or damaging it. If you prefer to be extra careful though, the set comes with a loop which could also serve as an added support.

Full duplex enabled microphone 
which ensures clarity of voice allowing you to take calls hands free in a group.
I was thrilled by this feature. I knew Monocle is not just a speakerphone but a handset as well but I didn't appreciate this until my smartphone's earphone malfunctioned the other day. I had to place a call on skype over the phone and it worked perfectly. The microphone sure is good on picking up sound that I didn't have to stoop close to it. I just placed it on my table and it delivered the clear sound I was hoping for. Nice!

High quality audio  
a 40mm driver ensuring optimal sound to listen to your music on the go.
The sound isn't as BIG as I wished it would but sure does deliver rich and clear sound.

Metal speaker 
brushed electro plating finish for high precision perforation.
The fine plate finish really makes Monocle classy to look at.
box comes with a loop and usb charging cable
Volume control wheel 
with a knurled rubber texture for optimal grip. 

Monocle is a high quality speaker to listen to your music on the go. Hold it up to your ear like a headphone or simply twist the wheel to turn it into a compact boom box. For those party moments, daisy-chain up to 10 MONOCLES to create a more social listening experience.

With a full duplex enabled microphone, the MONOCLE provides clarity of voice, allowing you to take calls and navigate your device at the same time. MONOCLE is also compatible with voice recognition. Branch up to 2 devices to share calls and music discretely.

A new way to answer your calls hands-free. Conference calls can be made with multiple MONOCLE users allowing for more than one person to listen in privately, or easily share a call on loudspeaker mode.
perfect smartphone companion
Monocle and my Crumpler Camera Bag sure make a good fit


The MONOCLE's lightweight and compact size makes travelling and wearing the MONOCLE so versatile. With its adjustable 3.5mm quick release belt and bag loop, you can make the MONOCLE fit your style whether walking, cycling or cooking at home. It's your perfect smartphone companion.

The box comes with a warranty card which you can present should there be any defects in materials and workmanship to an authorized Native Union dealer. That's up to one (1) year from the date of purchase. Really nice!

Retail Price
Available in the Philippines for 2,750 Php

Locally distributed by Digits Trading, Monocle is available in the following outlets Beyond the Box, Digital Hub, Astrovision Festival Mall, Astrovision Shangri-la Plaza, Astrovision Trinoma, Astroplus Megamall, Astroplus SM Aura, iStudio Shangri-la, iStudio Bonifacio High Street and Mobile1.

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This gadget targets the mid segment of the market with its tag price. With its quality, aesthetic appeal and multi-function, Monocle is not just something you would love to have to flaunt but also to compliment your smartphone, tablet or laptop experience. It is a fun and very useful product. Another perfect gift suggestion for the holidays.

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