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STK (Sugba Tula Kilaw) Foodhouse Tagbilaran: Don't go here unless you have no other choice.

Stuck in your hotel room and you feel like going out for a night life but don't know where to hangout? Get a cab and ask the taxi driver for the hippest place to party, they know. In the same way, if you feel like trying a restaurant downtown but have no idea where to dine, ask the taxi driver and he "probably" knows where to take you. Well, quite true, not all the time though. Coz we did last time we were in Tagbilaran Bohol and we were not satisfied with the food.

Or maybe because we asked for the wrong thing.haha. We told our driver to take us somewhere we can enjoy seafood at a cheap price. We were in Bohol so we thought seafood could be cheap and at the same time good tasting.
STK (Sugba Tula Kilaw) Foodhouse Tagbilaran

At first, our driver was suggesting Bohol Bee Farm's Tagbilaran Branch. Would have been nice to try Bohol Bee Farm food again as I remember in 2008 my wife and I stayed in Bohol Bee Farm and we really enjoyed the food including the edible flowers they add on the presentation. This time, my companion and I were looking for something cheaper we can share to our readers.

STK (Sugba Tula Kilaw) Foodhouse could have been it with food offering fit for the budget conscious traveler and an ambiance of native-Filipino dampa feel except that their food is so so in taste.

We came at around 8:00pm and the place was packed, mostly local patrons. I easily noticed that the waiters were not that nice. What happened to Bohol hospitality? Attendants here seem not relaxed but rather in an argumentative mood. The food took a while to be served. Perhaps because they have many prior orders and that they had to cook as you order which is good so as to maintain fresh servings. Forgivable.

We ordered some fish dishes which I hardly remember in terms of names and taste. There was this sinabawan with lots of broth and not so much condiments. Yung malaki is yung lagayan. I hope the taste was also big but as I said, it was forgettable. 

I have the habit of taking photos of the menu because I am such a loser when it comes to name recall and I never forget doing that if the food makes an impression on me. Regarding the food we ordered that night, puro alanganin ang lasa. I forgot to take a photo of the menu, therefore, alam na!
An dthe food pictured above? What is it called? It tastes a little sweet, that's all I can remember. Nothing else significant. The one below is also fish, kilawen type, and again, I didn't like it. I am not into uncooked dishes to start with but if I felt that the fish is somewhat fresh, I would have liked it even if kilawen is not my thing.
And this one (pictured below) I remember. Papaitan. I am a fan of papaitan of course being a native of Pangasinan and my uncles being good cooks of papaitan. I understand that papaitan also has many versions, the Ilocano version being sour and not not so bitter is my favorite.The Tagalog version I don't like and if this one in STK (Sugba Tula Kilaw) Foodhouse is the Visayan or Bohol version then I don't like it at all. Again, alanganin sa lasa, alanganin sa asim, alanganin sa pait and it looks and tastes dirty. 

The broth looks dirty brown as if the meat were not washed properly the dirt shows on the broth. Could have been forgivable if it tasted good but not, the meat didn't feel fresh too. I call it the unrecognizable version of papaitan and again, if this is the Bohol version then sorry because it is not delicious at all. Quite disappointing.

We paid three hundred sixty two pesos (362php) in total for the food we hardly enjoyed.Lamang tyan lang talaga. haha!
Again, my advice is that if you have another choice then go somewhere else. ^^

STK (Sugba Tula Kilaw) Foodhouse Tagbilaran
is located at Ma.Clara St. Cor. Graham Ave Cogon Dist.
Tagbilaran City Bohol.


This is part of a series of blog entries on Bohol related to my latest visit.
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