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CAPTAIN YOUTH HOSTEL Shanghai: A Pretty Decent Place that Lacks Warmth

We arrived in downtown Shanghai at around 2am after that very expensive taxi ride which costs us 261 RMB or roughly 1,800++ pesos. We were taken straight to #37 Fuzhou Road, where CAPTAIN HOSTEL is located. This served as our accommodation for two nights in the city.

Sitting in the prestigious Lujiazui financial area, Shanghai Captain International Youth Hostel (Zhang Yang Branch) enjoys convenient access. It takes only 5 minutes to reach the other side of the Huangpu River which means it is literally a few blocks away from The Bund. It is housed in an art-deco style building constructed in the 1920s. It is famous for back-packers from all over the world ---mix of both locals and foreign travelers. We were the only Filipinos during the length of our stay.

The building may be old but well maintained. Airconditioning is functioning perfectly well although it was not very much necessary at the lobby since it was Spring when we came and temperature was at around 16 degrees Celsius at night during our stay. 

The lobby is I may say has a distinct appeal, thanks to the shelves on both sides of the wall containing hundreds of postcards which makes the place quite unique indeed. Learned later on that these are 'mail-to future" postcards left by guests to be sent to a particular person or destination on a preferred date by the writer.


Other than the lobby though, other sections seem to be less maintained specially the small bar at the far end of the reception desk leading to the restrooms. I saw a supposedly computer area near the bar but there is only one computer sitting idly there and it isn't even working. Bikes for rent dominate the space instead.

Well, they have wifi which is quite okay at the lobby but not in the rooms. My room is literally next to the lobby but internet access from there was almost impossible. Had to go to the lobby each time I have to google something. If you are into social media like Facebook and Twitter, forget it. Internet censorship in China means you cannot access those site. I felt deprived the whole time I was in China. Couldn't even check in to tell friends where I am. haha

I stayed in a dormitory room for 6 pax. Male only. The room is pretty decent for the price of 70 RMB per night which is only around 490 pesos.

As for the wooden bunk beds , they creak every time you move and I find the spring mattress a bit stressing on the back. I like the lockers, big and safe because it is made of metal and the locks are electronic. Quite noisy though especially if everybody is already sleeping. There is a big desk inside the room and the place is well ventilated. There is also a hot pot should you want coffee. It would have been lovely if there are individual lights in every ed so as you don't have to light the main bulb each time you get in. Towels by the way is not included for dormitory guests so better bring one. Overall, it was okay.

My wife stayed at the 4th floor on the same type of accommodation exclusively for females.


I also have a little issue with the toilets and the shower rooms. They are located at the far end of the building so it was quite annoying each time you need to use the facilities.Not very well maintained but quite clean for an old building like this. 


CAPTAIN YOUTH HOSTEL Shanghai lacks warmth. I didn't feel the friendly environment I experienced in other hostels. Here, it was almost like strict business at all times. The lobby is like a dead spot where not so much socialization goes on and the receptionists seem to have that stiff mood all the time. Maybe it's very Shanghai where people are too busy they don't even have time to smile.

CAPTAIN YOUTH HOSTEL Shanghai is next to a bank so it was really handy to exchange RNB the moment the branch opened in the morning. Since it is in an old district, I was expecting that restaurants catering to budget travelers abound but that was not the case. Food in this area is not readily available like that in Bangkok so we mostly ended up in a Family Mart nearby for quick meals.

and other tourist attractions
One thing I really like about this place is that its proximity to the famous Shanghai Bund. Go out the door and you can actually see the bund from here. It is also more or less 10 minutes by food to Nanjing Road which is famous for shopping and where the neared  subway station is located --East Nanjing Road. From there, you can get to many other enarby attractions like the People Park and a few good museums.

If you don't wanna take the taxi, get to the nearest subway station Nanjing East Rd and walk from there by following >>>this map.


The place is decent and who can complain for this space for less than 500 pesos ($11) per night. Its proximity to The Bund is also also a plus factor. If you are to take the subway heavily though (as we did) walking back and forth for approximately 10 minutes to the nearest station day after day could be a headache. Overall, it was okay with me but if there's one thing I am very particular about CAPTAIN YOUTH HOSTEL Shanghai lacks warmth. I didn't feel the friendly environment I experienced in other hostels. Here, it was almost like strict business at all times. The lobby is like a dead spot where not so much socialization goes on and the receptionists seem to have that stiff mood all the time. Maybe it's a Shanghai thing where people are too busy they don't even have time to care so much even if it is their business to do so. Yeah, it is a pretty decent place overall but indeed lacks warmth.

We flew in Shanghai via
AirAsia Zest which flies daily to Pudong International Airport.

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More on Shanghai and our China trip in my next posts.
Happy travels!!!!!


37 Fuzhou Road, 福州路37号,近四川中路. Shanghai China
Say it in Chinese: "foo joh loo sahn shuh chee how".
+86 21 6323 5053


  1. Hi Anton! That's really inexpensive considering you were in Shanghai. Anyway, how can we book this hostel online? Do they accept reservations? Do you have other recommendations? Thanks thanks Joe

  2. Hello Joe--yeah I think that's really cheap given that this is Shanghai. So no complaints about the place itself. I booked via ---go try it. Cheers!

  3. I'm staying here as well. Hehe is this far from their train station? Hehe

  4. (y) saved this one. place looks good koya. :) haha yehey! im here again

  5. That looks like a really good place. I stayed at some of these in different countries but it is hard to find one that looks like that.

  6. Would you recommend this place for a longer term of stay like let's say 1++ month? I'm going to be studying in Shanghai this summer and I'm looking for a decent yet affordable accommodation since we have to find one ourselves. Were there a lot of younger travelers?


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