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GYPSY'S LAIR ART CAFE Puerto Princesa: #PinThai (Pinoy Pad Thai) and Green Curry

So the original plan of flying to Puerto Princesa as a set-off point for Port Barton and San Vicente ended with me not going to my main destination and just stay in the city. It was a last-minute decision while on board my AirAsiaPh flight that day because I realized I have only the weekend plus Monday to explore the central wilderness of Palawan and I was worried I might miss my flight back to Manila.
Green Curry at GYPSY'S LAIR Puerto Princesa

Turns out that transportation to San Vicente Palawan (with the longest beach in the Philippines) is quite a challenge. Port Barton, the town where I reserved a room has only one bus trip from Puerto Princesa. How is that? The tour guide who I talked to said it is easier to go to El Nido than Port Barton when in fact the latter is in between PPS and el Nido. Geographically at least, but not in access.

And so I was taken aback, what to do in Puerto Princesa? I have been there couple of time and I felt that the city doesn't have something new of significance to enjoy.

Gladly, I booked in a nice Pension House they call Banwa. The place itself is nice I could just stick around just sipping beer and drinking my blues away the whole weekend at their Cafe.

The place inspired me to discover new places in PPS especially restaurants and Tripadvisor was also there to help me out.One the top searches was Gypsy's Lair so I thought of checking it out.

I was at the restaurant early. 9am? So it just opened and I was the only customer. It gave me enough room to go around and take photos of the interior while they were preparing the order I placed.

Currently  #6 on top restaurants in Puerto Princesa City on Tripadvisor. One of the main reasons why I considered this place.
Gypsy's Lair is next to its Art Cafe wing which gives you a sense of the beautiful interior of both the cafe and the restaurant. As long as their food don't suck, interiors really has a big effect on my appetite.
Classy at lakas maka-sosyal ng restaurant na to.
Live acoustic music on Tuesdays and Saturday? And what about Palm Reading on Fridays, Saturdays and Sunday? Free WIFI too! ^^ 
The menu is full of offerings you won't normally find in a typical restaurant. If I were a resident of the city. I will frequent this place until I try all the unique dishes they have to offer.

Since it was early in the morning, I preferred eating at the al-fresco section of the restaurant.

I ordered PinThai, Green Curry, rice and Calamansi Spirit.I remember ordering Ice Biko too --pie a la mode Pinoy style. That is, sticky rice cake topped with home-made ice cream but the waiter failed to place it.. I was already full when I remembered so I didn't push for it anymore. PinThai palang nakakabusog na eh nag rice pako.

Pin Thai (Pinoy Pad Thai)
Pin Thai (Pinoy Pad Thai) is genius! Why not diba? Here, they use flat noodles and they put a lot of cream to it. So it kinda tastes like carbonara, at least little resemblance but more identical to Pad Thai indeed.

Pad Thai of course is a stir-fried noodle dish Thai Style commonly served as a street food and at casual local eateries in Thailand.

Green Curry was my favorite!

They have a variety of green curry --chicken, pirk, goat -- but seafood is one of the most popular. And I looooove seafood so that's what I ordered.

Take note: since this is curry, expect it to be spicy. You can specify preference though whether to go all out with the spice or not. Mine was just the perfect for my liking. Creamy curry taste with vegetables in it. I find it a bit small in serving size for the amount of 200php (good for 1 pax lang talaga) but the taste is to celebrate for.

Seafood Curry --200php ,
Pin Thai (Pinoy PadThai) --135php 
Calamansi Spirit --60php. Rice (1cup but cut into two and molded in heart shape) --20php. 
Plus 10% service charge 
I noticed that their food is a bit expensive. Well, not too expensive but bordering on that level because they have small servings. I was very satisfied with my orders though. I will definitely try this place again when I come back in PPS. As I said, there are a lot of interesting offerings on their menu. 

Their cakes and pastries also look inviting. Too bad I was already too full that day. Those will have to wait on another visit.^^

I flew in Puerto Princesa City via AirAsia and you too can experience this city and its gastronomic offering as AirAsiaPh flies 4x daily to Puerto Princesa from NAIA Terminal 4.
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BANWA PENSION HOUSE Puerto Princesa: a place where you wouldn't feel like leaving.

Look for my review on Banwa Art Cafe Next. ^^

GYPSY'S LAIR and Gypsy's Art Cafe
are located at:
Unit 20 Mercado de San Miguel | 
National Highway, Puerto Princesa, Palawan 


  1. Ang genius ng Pin Thai..pero pag carbonara with a twist lang siya, parang ayaw kong e.try. Mas magada if they make it more Pinoy like Pansit Habhab-Pad Thai twist.


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