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BANWA ART CAFE: the Best Eggplant Salad, the Creamiest Viggie Omelet and more!

From one art cafe to another. Looked like my latest trip in Puerto Princesa was bound to be a gastronomic discovery and at the same time an appreciation for the arts.

Sure, I have already wrote a detailed blog on BANWA PENSION HOUSE Puerto Princesa and the place is really homey you wouldn't feel like leaving. But another reason why I really like this place is because of the food.

BANWA ART CAFE --at Banwa Pension House definitely deserves a separate post.

Mango pancake at Banwa Art Cafe

I stayed at Banwa Pension House for two nights. I came too early on the 1st day (for check-in) so I decided to eat breakfast somewhere. Read: GYPSY'S LAIR ART CAFE Puerto Princesa: #PinThai (Pinoy Pad Thai) and Green Curry. I remember telling the lady at the front desk I will just return in time for check in because there is this restaurant I want to try. Noticed a slight change in her facial expression. On my return, I stayed at the Cafe for a few minutes while they were fixing my ed. That was when I noticed the menu on the big green board. Sa menu palang nanakam nako. I thought I wanna try a lot of those listed there. Learned later on that Banwa Art Cafe is famous for its food. Kaya pala. That explains the lady's facial expression earlier that day. Perhaps she was wondering why I had to go somewhere else when there is a lot to try here. ^^

MY FAVORITES: (Must-try's)

Spaghetti-mango Eggplant Pasta -150php
I had this for dinner and I was very satisfied. I never imagined eggplant to compliment a creamy pasta this good. And the mango was a good compliment.

Mango pancake - 130php
This is one large pancake. If you include it as an addition to your meal then you might have difficulty finishing it as I did. Nakakabusok subra. Ang laki kasi.
Mega Viggie Omelet 
w/ instant Coffee  --160php
One of the signature dishes of Banwa Art Cafe. Super thick ans stuffed with tomatoes, red and green bell peppers, sliced mushroom, Spanish onions and cheese. Served with slices of wholemeal toast, fresh butter and your choice of drink. Creamy creamy! ^^

You cannot also disregard their Filipino breakfast set and chicken curry although I thouht the chicken curry is really nice but I find it a bit pricey at 210. I mean it would have been okay but I noticed a lot of potato in it so I was a bit disappointed. In terms of taste though, curry na curry. Perfect!

Chicken Curry --210 php

Filipino Breakfast 
w/ instant coffee ---150php
DSC_2422 DSC_2247 

Banwa Art Cafe is not only about ambiance, it also offers food you will crave for. No wonder you wouldn't be looking for any place else to stay when you are at Banwa Pension House. ^^

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>>BANWA PENSION HOUSE Puerto Princesa: a place where you wouldn't feel like leaving.
>>GYPSY'S LAIR ART CAFE Puerto Princesa: #PinThai (Pinoy Pad Thai) and Green Curry.

is located at:
Liwanag Street, Puerto Princessa
City, Palawan Island, 5300, Philippines
Call: Local 048 434 8963 Internationally: 0063 48 434 8963


  1. Sir thank you for this review. We surely are glad to know that you have enjoyed your stay at #Banwa Art Cafe. It is so good to know that we have something in common to share, the appreciation for the food and arts and Banwa itself. I was able to be part of Banwa's people and to share with you, we had a lot of fun while working in this place. But we are strucked by the sad news that happened to Banwa last year and me and my friends felt bad for losing Banwa. But we still look forward to seeing it again. Because nothing can be compared to those kind of experience share with different people, diversed cultures and that is only in Banwa. It will always be our fave place to chill at.


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