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WHAT TO EAT IN NANJING: Steamed Vegetable Ball, Fried Chinese Bolt, Deep Fried Candy Style Dumpling

Remember those old Chinese Kung Fu movies where the protagonist enter a traditional restaurant and all the staff seem to move hastily just to find a table for him then everybody cheers to welcome the guest only to be attacked by the antagonist right after his/her tea is served? Less the gang fight, that was exactly the scene at the restaurant we first went to in Nanjing China which is just across the bridge from our hostel.

Inside a restaurant in Nanjing China

The place was suggested to us by the hostel staff when I asked of a good place to have lunch. True enough, it is a good place with nice interior that is very Chinese. Pardon me though if I don't know the name of the place in English because I cannot find any translation anywhere in the shop or at the menu. Good thing their food offerings have English descriptions so we were not pointing randomly at the food hoping they are pleasant enough for our palate.



They have this separate menu for their spring offering and that's where we picked most of our orders.
We started with something rather simple but popular----Nanjing soup noodles. ^^

Nanjing soup noodles --12 RMB
Deep Fried Candy Style Dumpling with bean-curd and preserved egg inside --20 RMB 
Steamed Vegetable Ball --15 RMB 
Fried Chinese Bolt with Preserved Meat --36 RMB 
TOTAL: 83 RMB  (591 pesos)

Nanjing Soup Noodles
Ordinary tasting noodle dish but quite filling and who doesn't want to experience a local favorite anyway.^^
Nanjing soup noodles --12 RMB

Deep Fried Candy Style Dumpling
Nice crunchy outside and soft in the inside. It tastes rather plain but tasty when dipped in sauce. The candy style makes it even more appealing.
Deep Fried Candy Style Dumpling 
(with bean-curd and preserved egg inside) --20 RMB 

Steamed Vegetable Ball
Soft and a pleasure to chew. 
Steamed Vegetable Ball --15 RMB 

Fried Chinese Bolt with Preserved Meat
This one I find a bit expensive for a vegetable dish. I guess it is the preserved meat in it that makes it pricey. I don't know anything about preserved meat except that there is a generous amount of small chunks here and you have to eat the meat with the vegetable because it is a bit salty if eaten alone. Nice one though. I liked it. Pinapak lang namin. ^^
Fried Chinese Bolt with Preserved Meat --36 RMB 
We enjoyed the variety of the dishes we tried and the overall ambiance of the restaurant. Lakas maka-Chinese restaurant and the atmosphere is somewhat festive with all the customers passionate about their food. This is also when you feel good hospitality among attendants. It was a nice experience.A good way to start with our whole day do-it-yourself tour of the city.

Nanjing Massacre Memorial
Xuanwu Lake
Sun Yatsen Mausoleum (Zhongshan Ling)
Nanjing Ming Tombs
Nanjing City Wall
Confucian Temple Area (Fuzi Miao)
and more coming next!!!!!

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