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#NANJING: Fuzimiao International Youth Hostel

Regardless of what time we arrive at our destination, my wife and I have the habit of going straight to our acccommodation sonas to rest and recharge and we ready for the day ahead. We arrived at Nanjing train station at around 3:30am so public buses or subway were out of the options to get to the city.

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Nanjing Train station felt like completely different from the one in Shanghai. Here, you can see people scattered on the floors at the station lobby with their stuff scattered around them. It gives a provincial feel to the place where people are free to do what they want. We were also surprised that other than official taxi service there arr many agents inside the station who will offer ride to the city at pre-arranged value. A lady immediately approached us and offered RMB 100 to our destination. I thought that's too expensive so I bargained for 90 Yuan. Tumawad pa talaga ako.
Fuzimiao International Youth Hostel Nanjing City China

Well, I thought downtown is far. Found out later that it usually takes 50 RMB from the station to our hostel. Sigh.

Once the price was agreed. We were directed to a private car parked outside the train station. I felt a bit hesitant to get in at first because it could be a scam or something. I then realized that the driver is actually the owner of the car probably working nearby and on his way back to the city so he was to take passengers with him for extra income.

 My wife and I occupied the back seat. A few minutes later another man boarded the car. So we had to share the ride with another passenger who was probably charged the same amount as we were. Tubong lugaw si kuya. I just stayed quiet and didn't complain. I felt more safe with another person in the car although a stranger.
Our reservation as for the next day but we arrived at around 4 am. I was ready to pay for an extra room but they were fully booked. The one in charge of the front desk was really nice though he told us we can find a couch and sleep for the night. There is no shortage of couches at the common area so we easily found comfortable spots to rest. I don't usually sleep in couches but it felt so homey here I dosed off immediately after drinking a bottle of beer by the riverside veranda.


This is one feature of the hostel that i really love. The veranda by the riverside. A wooden platform with wooden chairs and tables separated by floor to ceiling glass wall. With the cool Nanjing weather on May, the place is perfect for some down time. Muni-muni moments or simpleng chill chill lang, 

Fuzimiao International Youth Hostel is always packed with guests mostly young Chinese backpackers. I remember other than me and my wife, I only noticed two other foreigners (Cuacasians) during our entire stay.

Temple Area (Fuzi Miao)

One key aspect of its location is that almost next to the gate to Confucius Temple which is a famous spot not just because of the temple but also because of the shops ( souvenir and food) housed in traditional Chinese architecture. This is the Nanjing equivalent of Yuyuan Market in Shanghai. It is also the spot where you can take the famous river boat tour.

Facilities: laundry,wifi, bar,coffee ,music,pool table,board game,reading, luggage storage,travel information and so on.

Since the hostel is housed in an old buidling, the place is rather fragile. The interior is rustic and I even noticed leaks when it rained at night so staff had to place basins to catch the drip. But this state makes the place appealing to me as it feels like you can move around without being too cautious of breaking something pricey. The wooden interior makes for a homey feel. Quaint? Yeah, attractively old-fashioned.

I have to mention about the staff because I find them relaxed and friendly. Young people man the place so they are more warm and you can sense that they enjoy what they are doing, the kind of warmth that I didin't feel in our hostel in Shanghai. 

Asking for directions is easy as the staff could speak English pretty ok. I remember on check out we were waiting for a cab across the street and one of the staff was on his way back to the hostel from an errand. He took the time to suggest to us that we walk to the next intersection so as to get a cab easier. Such is a sincere display of hospitality.
We stayed in a 8-pax mixed dormitory room and I paid only CNY 100 or equivalent to 773 pesos.

We shared the room with young Chinese travellers mostly university students. Got to talk to somebody from Southern China who has been on the road for a few days. It was also his first time in Nanjing. Unfortunate for him though because he lost his dslr camera the night before we came. He slept with his camera beside him to wake up without it. A stark reminder that dormitory rooms are not very safe. He should have not been complacent and placed his valuables inside his locker as each guest is given a locker big enough to keep medium-sized backpacks.

The bed is comfortable. Me and my wife fit ourselves in one bed as we always do in dormitory rooms. This one in Fuzimiao International Youth Hostel is located at the ground floor and immediately outside the room is a cool common area with a sofa and even a pool table next to the bath. I like this wide common area and the ambiance it has.


One thing you will not like about the hostel is that it is a little off the main street where city buses ply. The nearest train station is not also near. It takes around 15 minutes by foot so that's quite an effort going back and forth. We used the subway extensively during our stay in Nanjing and we even lost our way back to the hostel twice. Quite confusing even in my case who pride himself at being mindful with directions.

chillin out at night over Nanjing Beer


Come from Nanjing trainstation :Take No.44 in east square to Fuzimiao Station.Then walk back about 5 minutes.You can find hostel is nearby the Pingjiang bridge .

Take metro from train station to Sanshanjie Stationt, exit from No.3,then turn ringht ,then walk for 15 Min or take a taxi.


Fuzimiao International Youth Hostel
 is  next to Pingjiangfu Bridge) Qinhuai river

Among the three hostels we stayed in in Shanghai, Nanjing and Beijing, Fuzimiao is by far our favorite. Might be a little off in location in relation to public transport and some might complain that it is not the well kept because of the old building housing it but the ambiance, the friendly staff makes up for all of that. The fact that it is located next to the river and the veranda facing the river is a big turn on for me too. We felt relaxed during our stay.

One of the few places where I could stay for days and still feel at home .Fuzimiao International Youth Hostel made me love Nanjing more (me and my wife like Nanjing more than Beijing and Shanghai) because it felt like "home" here.

The rest of my

Fuzimiao International Youth Hostel 
is located at No.68-3 Pingjiafu Road Qin Huai Nanjing China 
Phone: +862586624133


  1. Parang bet ko yung ambiance ng hostel na yan hehe :D

  2. hello, just want you to know that your blogpost is so helpful! i'll be visiting Shanghai on the 30th and i am getting a lot of tips with your blog. Thanks so much pusangkalye!

  3. enjoy Shanghai Lil!! And be sure not to miss Nanjing. Between Shanghai, Nanjing and Beijing, Nanjing was our favorite ^^


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