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HOTEL SOGO Q.Ave's Regency Rooms

The first time I tried Hotel Sogo was last year and I wrote about it here. I came to appreciate the place because of its affordability to think that their branches are strategically located and the quality is not as bad as I thought. I still have a few misconceptions and stereotypes of the place but I am beginning to like it more especially after staying at a Regency Room in Hotel Sogo Q. Ave branch.

HOTEL SOGO Q.Ave's Regency Room

Hotel Sogo Quezon Avenue is located just across the street from Fisher Mall so you cannot miss it. It is still in a strategic location but in a part of the Metro which I find less crowded so I picked this branch.

The lobby is clean and there are kiosks for guests waiting for check-in, very typical for all Hotel Sogo branches.
I noticed that receptionists at the front desk are quite stiff and they seem to be very focused at work to the point that they don't smile at customers anymore but at least they are quick and efficient. I was in my room in no time.
What I like about the place is that they have 12-hour and 24-hour options at pag sinabing 12 hours, 12 hours talaga unlike in standard hotels wherein 2pm ang checkin pero kailangan mo nang mag check out ng 12 noon the next day. Yung iba as early as 11am pa. There is only a slight difference in rates though so a 24-hour stay is more practical.

I don't know if this branch is relatively new compared to other branches but I find it relatively cleaner as well. Well kept, well maintained.

My room was located at the 6th floor and I was surprised because it is spacious. King size bed although don't expect the mattress to be even three stars. This is a budget hotel remember.

Things that I like about the room other than it is spacious.

1. Remote control fixed --at least dina hanap nang hanap. 
2. Hair dryer--very handy. I can't sleep at night after shower unless my hair is completely dry. 
3. Built in safe --para safe ang mga valuables. 
4. Spacious closet --as if ang dami kong bagahe.lols 
5. Cable tv--with special channels (you will know.lols) 

6. Massage at 200 pesos. What?! I didn't avail of this but next time.hehe 
7. Small dining set --inside the room. 
8. Affordable set meal--para di na kailangan dine out. 
9. Single overhead control of all switches including restroom lights --para di na tayo nang tayo.^^ 
10. Bath Tub! --yes, the first Hotel Sogo room type I tried with a bath tub! Nice

It was a short ang pleasant stay at Hotel Sogo Q. Ave. I thought the room is newly renovated but this one at 602 I heard is still the old style. Not bad ha. I am curious how the newly renovated Regency rooms look like. But I think I am gonna try Royale Room next time. ^^



  1. Mukhang maganda nga rin sa Hotel Sogo :) Kung anu-ano kasi naiisip ko kapag naririnig ang "Sogo"... ang mga tsismosang kapitbahay kasi eh lols.

    Ano yung mga "special channels" sa cable tv? :)

  2. Hahahahahah. magugustuhan mo un sir. xD

  3. mga premium rooms palang natry namin sa Sogo last 2012 but this week try namin yung regency room with our 2 kids na.


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