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NUAT THAI BANAWE: Full Body Scrub + Aromatheraphy Massage Pampering

Space, it's one important element that many business establishments fail to look closely at specially among spas and massage centers. It is essential because space translates to comfort --both physical and psychological. In a spa for example, ample space means more room to breath.

That on top of good service and location is something about Nuat Thai Banawe where I tried the following services two weeks ago.

1. Full body scrub 
2. Aromatheraphy massage
3. Foot reflexology

Nuat Thai Banawe 

Comfortable Waiting Area
Putting up a spacious and comfortable waiting area is a sign of commitment to the utmost comfort of customers especially if one is waiting for the service to start.

Other than their signature massage services like Thai, twin, swedish, hot oil and hot stone massage, they have affordable packages coupled with full body scrub. And they are affordable given the quality of space and services. One can have 1 hr Thai massage for example for as low as 250 pesos and 2-hour Body Scrub + thai body massage package for as low as 750 pesos. That's what I call value. All in a decent and classy place.

Reasonable Prices

Body Scrub + twin massage (2 hrs) - 1,100
Body Scrub + swedish massage (2hrs)- 850
Body Scrub + thai massage (2hrs) - 750
Body Scrub + thai body massage w/ oil (2hrs) - 800
Body Scrub + aromathetaphy (2.5hrs) - 1,000
Body Scrub + hot oil massage (2.5hrs) - 1,000
Body Scrub + head, back and shoulder massage (2hrs) - 750
Body Scrub + hot stone massage (2.5hrs) -1,250

Classy Interior

Before I talk about the experience, allow me to go back to the interiors again. Now this is very important to me because it means utmost comfort. The mood inside is rather peaceful, relaxing mellow music played all over the place, muted lights, fresh smell. The facilities are good. And I am not just referring to the massage bed here. The restroom is well kept, the shower room spotless and the wash area beautifully designed.  Lakas maka-mayaman pero affordable.

Yes, there is a shower room should you prefer to clean up before the massage. You just have to add 50 pesos on top of your services but there is no need to add if you avail of body scrub because you really need to clean yourself after the scrub and it is already part of the package.

Body Scrub + aromathetaphy 
(2.5hrs) - 1,000

I was lead to the wash area located at the corner by my masseur to clean my feet before we started with the body scrub.

The 1-hour body massage that followed was pleasant. My therapist suggested that we use almond milk scrub instead of Moroccan Salt because I have sensitive skin. Moroccan salt is good for removing dead skin so as Almond milk but the latter have finer beads so it is perfect for those who have sensitive skin as I do. (As if ang ganda ng kutis ko.haha). It also has moisturizing effect so that was what I chose. I have tried Moroccan Salt before and medyo masakit nga kung dika sanay.

FOOT MASSAGE -30 minutes
150 pesos
I felt clean and energized after the scrub and after washing off in the shower I was set for a 30-minute foot massage. This is an additional service that I added on the package of my choice because I also wanted more attention to my pressure points on my feet. The feet after all is the most neglected part of our body. Nakakakiliti pero masarap. This was a good transition to my favorite part --full body massage.

The full body massage massage (Aromatheraphy) was a combination of Thai and Swedish style. I am both familiar with the two because I frequent massage shops but this Swedish-Thai combination at Nuat Thai was a good one.

 My masseur was able to hit the parts of my body that needed strong pressure and at the same time go medium pressure on other areas. As I always say in my massage reviews. you can tell if your masseur is good if he is sensitive on what spots need proper pressure and in his/her ability to combine both soft and hard pressure all throughout the massage session. Di na pwedeng yung puro lakas lang. Di na relaxing yun na hagod lang nang hagod. I was very satisfied with my masseur. I was actually a bit worried because I chose the same therapists for all the services I availed. Imagine 3 hours all in all so I was apprehensive during the massage if he can sustain the strong pressure I demanded during the massage knowing that he could be tired but he did deliver the kind of pressure I wanted. ^^

I would like to mention that i like the way they integrated the use of hot pads during the massage- one at the neck area and two at the lower back. Very relaxing. Also noticed the use of herbal ball (picture #10 above) which is also heated. Inside this compress are real herbal leaves giving it peculiar smell which I find soothing to the senses. These are herbal leaves na galing pa talaga sa Thailand so appreciate ko talaga. Of course it will not be called aromatheraphy without the aromatic oil that you can smell all over the room for utmost relaxing feel.



If you are coming from Q. Ave, Nuat Thai is located at the end of Banawe Street before C-3. Look for #238 Banawe Community Mall on the right side and you are there. From the street you can easily see Nuat Thai at the 2nd floor.

Coming from C-3, one can easily notice the community mall at the corner of Banawe Street.
on this franchise

Libis Branch 
90 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Q.C. (Across shopwise)
Phone # 4775004

Pioneer Branch 
56 M-58 Madison St. Mandaluyong City 
Phone #5848139 

Examiner Branch  (Examiner cor. Times St, QC) Soon to open

I am very particular with massage services because I need regular massage due to the nature of  my work. I have tried so many massage shops in and outside Metro Manila and I know which ones are good or bad. This was my second time to try Nuat Thai and the satisfaction I got was consistent with the first experience in Libis Branch. There are many outlets of this brand and I think many of those who have tried Nuat Thai agree with me that their services are indeed satisfactory. I just would like to emphasize that this particular franchise (Libis, Banawe, Pioneer) is satisfactory because on top of well trained masseurs and professional handling of customers, the owners put value on space which customers deserve so as not to feel cramped in small areas just to get the affordable pampering they need. Given the quality of massage, good facilities and interior, their packages are indeed affordable. Dika mapapahiyang i-recommend sa mga friends mo.^^

Nuat Thai Banawe Branch 
is located at: 238 Banawe St QC (near king chef restaurant) 
Phone #: 0942-8286828
Open: 12nn-2am Daily

Instagram: nuat_libis_pioneer_banawe 
Facebook: nuat thai libis 
Twitter: @NuatThaiLIBIS

NUAT THAI LIBIS: Massage I would recommend in its price category