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PALO ALTO Bed& Breakfast: "Close to Nature, Close to My Heart" #PaloAltoPalawan

Palo Alto

Life has a gentle way of telling us "hey, take it easy on yourself". Learning about this place came at a time when I needed to "feel good about myself again". My current personal troubles have been weighing hard on my emotional state that a simple 'ice cream treat' could already feel like cloud 9. What more if you get the chance to pack your bag and visit one of your favorite cities and get to stay at a resort like Palo Alto Bed and Breakfast inPuerto Princesa Palawan.

Ah! Despite all the shams and drudgery, life is still beautiful indeed.
And this came weeks after I was heartbroken learning that my favorite Inn in PPS, Banwa Pension House, was destroyed by fire. I really thought there is one less reason to be back until I came across this place.

Palo Alto is a bit off the city center but the commute back and forth downtown is worth it, sooooo worth it. Visit their website and the photos there will make you visualize a relaxing weekend retreat. I drooled over the photos there and I was suddenly imagining my vacation. Seeing it in person is another level. I call it "feel-good-place"-----A silent sanctuary in a city.

About Palo Alto
Palo Alto Bed & Breakfast was conceptualized to provide affordable lodging in Palawan where people can relax and commune with nature.

Construction started in April 2010 and was completed in March 2011. Using wooden poles called Acacia mangium, a specie originally from Australia, they sourced this out from sustainable plantations in the mountains of Palawan. It took 5,000 poles and 100,000 man hours to complete the Bed & Breakfast. Eco-friendly, relaxing. That's Palo Alto.
The Lobby
Palo Alto Bed and Breakfast is divided by a small inner street into two sections. One being the pool area and the other with the restaurant and majority of the rooms are located. The two are consistent with the in-garden feel of the place but the section without the pool is the section which I find more homey and peaceful. It is because of an open lawn in the middle surrounded by lush vegetation.

This section is also where the lobby and reception area is located. The only area where you will be requested to remove your footwear because you can get up a few small stairs leading to the lobby. The shiny wooden floor, the warm and intimate lighting of the reception area, the cooling effect of the wooden structure in the lobby and the warm hospitality of the staff will instantly make you like this place. This is the kind of ambiance that you will surely appreciate if you are a city person looking for an authentic country feel.
The lobby is also where wifi signal is strongest so it is a favorite spot for guests to hang out and connect to their friends via social media.

From here you can make sense of how serene the place is.Then there's the comfortable sofa where you can just chill. Sa lobby palang relaxed nako and gusto ko nang mag nap.
There are six (6) room types at Palo Alto Bed and Breakfast.


Superior Room (where we stayed) is good for 2 Adults. This room can accommodate up to 4 persons subject to Php750 per person per night. The rate is normally 3,500 Php which includes round trip airport transfers, welcome drinks, free shuttle drop off downtown, daily breakfast.

Our room has a queen-size bed with a net accent on the headboard area. Lakas maka-honeymoon ng concept. hahaha. Seriously, the room is interiored consistent to the nature-feel of Palo Alto. There is even a bamboo fixture inside where one can hang clothes and towels. Cable tv on one side and two small tables on both sides of the bed. The intimate lighting adds to the simplicity of the room.

The restroom is also spacious and water pressure is consistent, hot and cold shower working perfectly. I was happy with our room except that I hoped to see a foyer or dresser near the bed. I remember our bags and things scattered on the chair and floor because the foyer holding the cable tv was in the far off corner that it's a bit inconvenient walking there each time you need something. ^^

I was lucky to have allowed to peek into another room, the twin deluxe. Unfortunately, other rooms were fully occupied including the double deluxe room, deluxe family loft and deluxe pool room.

Twin Deluxe Rooms are good for two persons and can hold a maximum of three. Based on twin sharing (2 single beds), these rooms are fully air-conditioned, come with LCD Cable TV, have hot & cold water and enjoy wi-fi access.
What are people on Tripadvisor 
saying about Palo Alto:

Very nice hotel”
Reviewed August 20, 2014
This place was very beautiful, and in a quiet location. We got picked up by the hotel driver and it's a gorgeous place. Lots of wood and very natural and relaxing.  ---LadyKitten Milan, Italy

“Great staying - Relaxing spot”
Reviewed October 15, 2014
"Relaxing, wonderful staff, amazing nature around and inside the location. Transportation arranged by the B&B for the nite and airport pick-up. Tourist visit around the area also very nice and safe. Room quiet simple and essential".--- Nicolò M Hong Kong
Reviewed May 11, 2014 via mobile
""Two nights at Palo Alto was not enough. Their attention to detail was amazing! The front desk staff was very helpful with dinner reservations, laundry requests and scheduling pool side massages. The complimentary breakfast was a nice touch and we enjoyed having drinks and desert as well one night. Thanks for a great stay!" --BHH138 Wilmington, North Carolina

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Quick Note: There is a small souvenir shop at the lobby where you can buy native products for memento.

I was excited to spend time at the pool but we were not able to do that on our first day because we went out at night to try a restaurant downtown and the pool was already closed when we got back. We finally did hanged out here in the afternoon of the second day after our tour of the Underground River.

We stayed here late afternoon until it went dark and the pool was lighted in a romantic somber. After few minutes in the water, we found ourselves sipping beer by the poolside while chatting about the wonderful tour that day including the lunch in the private beach.

We finally realized it was past dinner time so we contacted a tricycle to take us downtown for some nice Vietnamese noodles.
Free Shuttle Drop Off Downtown
Other than the free round trip airport transfers, Palo Alto provides free drop off to and from downtown. The shuttle leaves Palo Alto 6:00pm with return shuttle pickup in front of ABCD convenience store along Rizal Ave. This means you have 3 hours to go around town or try a restaurant for dinner. There are a lot of food options in Puerto Princesa and we tried White Fence Cafe on our first night and Bona's Chao Long on the 2nd night, both downtown. Going back to Palo Alto at night is like going back to your nest where you can retreat for a peaceful sleep.

Convention and Events Center
Palo Alto is popular for events with the convention hall located next to the pool. An event took place the day before I checked the place thus the photo below with housekeeping still ongoing. Just thought of including it here so as you have an idea of the size of the place.

Do contact Palo Alto Palawan Office for your
convention needs:
LANDLINE: +63 (48) 434-2159
MOBILE: +63 (917) 595-2725

the events center next to the pool


The Pool Section is where De Luxe Family Rooms and Deluxe Pool Rooms are situated. These rooms were fully occupied during our stay so I wasn't able to take a peek but I reckon it must be really nice staying in one of them given the pool view.

Deluxe Pool Room is spacious and perfect for families or barkadas. It can hold a minimum of 6 persons and a maximum of 8! This room comes with a 1 Queen size bed, a double bed and a sofa bed. Friends and families can share this space comfortably. Each room comes with hot & cold shower, a personal refrigerator, LCD cable TV, security vault and a patio.The room also overlooks our brand new swimming pool.

Deluxe Family Rooms are spacious and perfect for families or barkadas. It can hold a minimum of 4 persons and a maximum of 6! This loft type room comes with a Queen size bed downstairs and a double bed upstairs. Friends and families can share this space comfortably.Each room comes with hot & cold shower, a personal refrigerator, LCD cable TV, wi-fi access, security vault and a patio.
Hearty Breakfast
The restaurant only caters to in-house guests. This is good because it means you don't have to put up with outside clients when dining here. What I mean is, you can just go eat your breakfast with your pajamas on and not worry about being too casual. You will be asked to tick your set meal of choice on a piece of paper given out in the afternoon or upon check-in and you can give this to the front desk before 6pm. The set meals range from the simple American or Continental breakfast to locals favorites like tapa, bangus or danggit. Presentation is good and the food tasty. One downfall of the restaurant being exclusive to in-house guests though is that they don't have a lot of special dishes on the menu. You have to go downtown if you are craving for something out of the ordinary.
P1230722-1 (2)

Squirrel Spotting
The other section of Palo Alto without the pool has a viewing deck above the 2nd floor. You can go up wooden stairs from the restaurant. There are chairs and tables in the view deck where one can hang out and enjoy the serenity of the place. There is also a telescope here for squirrel watching and bird spotting. The sign says 6:00-7:00 am is the ideal time for this. Unfortunately wasn't able to wake up early to experience this but I really appreciate this section.

Underground River Tour 
+ Lunch at a Private Beach

The office next to the lobby area serves dual purpose, for accommodating in-house guest as well as for tour arrangements. They can easily arrange a tour suited for your needs with the popular ones being Underground River of course and Honda Bay.

I thought about trying Honda Bay again since I have already been to the Underground River twice but they already arranged the PPUR Tour for us. What made me excited though is that instead of having lunch somewhere in Sabang Beach, we were arranged for a private lunch at a private beach owned by Palo Alto! Nice!

Sabang Beach , set off point to Puerto Princesa Underground River (PPUR). 
Here, we boarded a boat all for ourselves!

In one of my posts, I remarked  " I have been here three times. The first experience was "wow" for me. The 2nd time was more of a routine, seen this, seen that. The 3rd time, I thought "nakakasuka na" but surprisingly, I enjoyed it! That was two weeks ago and tourist arrivals in PPS is just starting to pick up and we came early in the morning so we got to enjoy the stillness inside the cave. Less the noise, I got to appreciate the place again."
P1230729-1 (2)
P1230897-1 (2)

Lunch at Palo Alto's 

Private Beach
This came as a surprise. I didn't know that Palo Alto also owns a private beach a few minutes away after Underground River. We came here via a private boat with our own tour guide for lunch instead of the usual buffet meal in one of the resorts along Sabang. This beach is situated in a cove so there is no other way to get here by boat. The property is still undeveloped so there are no accommodations here yet. When we came, the team from Palo Alto has already setup a temporary tent and has already prepared the meal for us. Crab in green curry, adobong pusit, pinakbet, grilled tuna, liempo and fresh fruits among others. All these delicious food amidst the beautiful backdrop --- clear water, white sand, blue skies and the mountains. What a sight, what a sumptuous meal.

I will write a separate post for PPUR Tour + Lunch at Private next.
P1230959-1 (2)
20141116_121115-1 (2)

I am very glad we stayed three days two nights at Palo Alto Puerto Princesa because one night would have been too short to enjoy the place. With the emergence of many new accommodations in the city, finding your ideal spot could also get tricky. For the close-to-nature feel, which is not just a claim, and the serenity it entails, the authentic country-feel, the warmth of the staff (including the shuttle service drivers), the cozy lobby, the wonderful pool, the comfortable room, the memorable tour, I can easily say that Palo Alto Bed and Breakfast is by far my favorite accommodation in Puerto Princesa. Indeed, "Close to Nature, Close to My Heart".

We flew to Puerto Princesa Palawan via AirAsiaZest
which flies 4x daily to the city.
Be sure not to miss on their promo fares
by logging in to .


DISCLOSURE: Our 2-nights stay at Palo Alto Bed and Breakfast including the tours were sponsored by Palo Alto. I do accept sponsored reviews on the agreement that I will be allowed to be honest with my views based on the actual experience.

Kawayan St. Libis Road Puerto Princesa Palawan
+63 (2) 850-1142 ( Manila Office)
+63 (48) 434-2159 (Puerto Princesa Office)
MOBILE: +63 (917) 800-8117


  1. Gaano kalayo sa Puerto Princesa Airport?

    1. Palo Alto is only 15-20 minutes away from the airport. Free shuttle transfer. ^^


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