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Idiot's Guide to TANGRAM Silent Events Headphones

I have to admit, I wasn't instantly convinced about this product. TANGRAM Silent Events Headphones what? If you could look into the progression of my thoughts, it went from --- "what the hell is a silent events headphone" to "oh! It looks interesting, let's give it a try" to "nah! I am not so impressed" to "ok, let's give it another go" to "I am starting to love this" to "now I am convinced!" to "My readers have to know about this Tangram Silent Events Headphones!".

I am lucky I was invited to Malasimbo 2015 to have a first hand experience of how the thing works.
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TANGRAM Silent Events Headphones

The Headphones
Tangram Rave – Silent Events Headphones

-Available in 2 or 3 channels / Open wireless RF stereo headphone system
- LED illumination to indicate channel selection
- Foldable design for easy storage
- Slide switch for channels selection
- Personal volume control on each headphone
- Soft ear pad muffs for comfort
- Wireless reception through walls and ceilings
- Volume and independent channel selector conveniently located on the headphone
- Built-in rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery(included)


System -UHF/RF // Modulation -FM // Mode -stereo // Channel option -2 or 3 channels // Signal-to-noise ratio ->75dB // THD <1 br=""> // Speaker -40mm mylar // Frequency response- 30~20000Hz // Channel separatio- >35dB // Operation time -8 to 10 hours fully charged // Power supply- Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery (500mAh).

What I Like About the Headphone It is fashionable, not too bulky and not too small. The soft cushion is comfortable. Long event, nothing to worry. The illumination doesn't only add more hip into it, it serves as signal for the frequency you are tuned in. So if you are broadcasting in two or three channels, you can easily shift frequency and one can simply hand gesture to friends what channel you are into. Long battery life too. Sound fidelity is good. Reminder, you have to remember that in any headset "garbage in, garbage out" is the rule, meaning, the quality of audio that you get depends on the quality of audio you broadcast. One can also listen with one ear if you feel like talking to your friend while enjoying the party because the place will not be too loud for a good conversation, only those with headphones will hear the music. That's why it's called silent disco.

Tangram Transmitter connected to an iPhone

The Transmitter
- Wireless stereo transmitter
- 2 channels for two audio sources
- Special design for party and event use
- Two antennas
- Effective range: Up to 130 meters(390 feet)


System -UHF/RF // Modulation -FM // Mode -stereo // Channel option -2 channels // Signal-to-noise ration >75dB // THD <1 -up="" 12v="" 130="" br="" dc="" feet="" ffective="" meters="" nbsp="" ower="" range="" supply="" to="">

What I Like about the Transmitter:You can opt for a single frequency or a multiple frequency transmitter. I suggest you go for the latter because it provides more flexibility. It is powerful that signal could be picked by the headset up to 130 meters in an open area. It is small and light weight so you can easily pack and bring it somewhere. As of the moment, it functions on indirect current but they are working on a rechargeable version. The transmitter can easily be plugged with different gadgets may it be your computer, tablet or smartphone. Download your favorite songs, make a playlist, connect your gadget and you are ready to party!

Tangram Silent Disco at Malasimbo 2015

The Experience:
Read: #Tangram SILENT DISCO at Malasimbo Festival 2015 @Tangram_ph

I am the not-so-easy-to-be-convinced type so I am happy I was able to experience this system in Malasimbo Festival---a controlled yet natural setup. There, Tangram was present for two nights and people really enjoyed the unique experience. I did too. Two djs battled it out to win the crowd. People were switching between two frequencies to suit their taste. I find it really quirky in a nice way. It's time clubbing in the Philippines get a new twist. Indeed, silent is a new loud.

For More Information:
Viber: 09178198171
Call/SMS: 02) 897 6717 / 09178198171
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