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#Tangram SILENT DISCO at Malasimbo Festival 2015 @Tangram_ph

Silent disco. Really? Yes. But wait, by silent I don't mean people imagining music and dancing with only that in their head. That's crazy. By silent I mean you can play your favorite songs and party and still not bother other people. The trick, Silent Events Headphones.

And thanks to Tangram Silent Events Headphones that is now possible in the Philippines. .The concept of partying is about to become even more hip and funky and silent. Silent is the new load!

So how does it work?
All you need are enough pairs of wireless headphones for all attendees and a transmitter to stream your audio. The system is user-friendly and can be operated by anyone. Any kind of audio player such as iPods, laptops, DJ mixers or smart phones can easily be connected to the transmitter.

Music source >>> transmitter >>> headphones>>>party!  Simple.

 Silent Disco at Malasimbo 2015 via #TangramPH

Imagine clubbing.
You enter the hall full of people dancing and jumping to the beat with all the party lights and a dj mixing on the stage but you don't hear any music playing. Instead, people wearing headsets. How cool is that! That is definitely a twist to the normal clubbing experience.

Imagine a beach wedding 
The priest talking in front and each guests including the bride and groom wearing headphones. Parents crying, friends with glow in their face inspired by the love story unfolding in front of them, then the sudden clap and cheering. They are all hearing the same thing, messages coming from the priest and the couple. Everybody will be attentive. A beach wedding with everybody being attentive. An intimate life event with a twist.
a business meeting 
where only the ones involved in the meeting can hear the discussion. Perfect if some sensitive topics are on the agenda.

a tour inside a noisy factory 
It will most likely be difficult for the business clients to understand the host while going around the production floor. That makes business a lot easier.

a private party at home 
Your favorite EDM playing loudly but no noisy sound to bother the next to you. Now that's how you have a good time and still be respectful of your neighbors.

With Tangram Silent Events Headphones, the possibilities are endless.


Now imagine 150 of these headphones available at Malasimbo Festival 2015, much to the delight of the people in the event. They got to sample silent disco for free. Two djs played their music so the crowd had the choice to shift between two frequencies.

Silent Disco at Malasimbo Festival 2015
To those who were passing by and were not wearing headphone though, they seemed confused at what people inside the venue were doing-- dancing and chanting but to no music. At first, one might think these people look crazy until you realize that you are the one who is out-of-place.

Spotted in the event were famous tv personalty/host Raymond Guttierez and his friends. He seemed to have enjoyed it so much he was there for two consecutive nights. And he stayed for the most part of the disco. 
Raymond Guttierez at Silent Disco Event 
in Malasimbo 2015

I enjoyed the experience too especially because two djs seemed to battle it to throw the better mix as people could shift frequency using their Tangram headphones. It was a battle of blue and green lights at the venue. Me and my blogger friends had to occasionally tap on each other to shift on the same color code so as to hear the same music. I am the typical type of party goer who is into pop dance music so I hoped to hear more of Rihanna or Beyonce songs but I appreciate the funky mix as well.

This Silent Disco is gonna be the next cool thing in clubbing and even in some small groups and private events.

For more information, 
visit Tangram's website:
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Call/SMS: (02) 897 6717, 09178198171


  1. Looks very cool from the pictures and they seem to be having fun! I have to try this myself soon! :)



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