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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

TINIPAK RIVER Camping Guide #Daraitan #Tanay #Rizal

Summer is in full swing and it's very frustrating to see Facebook feeds of your friends on the beach in skimpy bikinis or swimming trunks while you are stuck at home wishing you could also hashtag #kissedbythesun but you can't because you failed to book any flights. Hashtag #nganga 

But before you throw your tablet on the wall out of frustration, know that you can still have that summer getaway without the need to fly. Sure, many bloggers have written about beaches around Metro Manila. Google mo lang. Also, kung gipit naman talaga sa oras or budget, there are also a few spots where you can camp para masabi naman na dika #summerbokya.hahahahaha.

Tinipak River in Tanay Rizal is one good example. Hope this travel Guide will be of help.

Location: Tanay Rizal approx travel time from MNL : 3.5 hours (incl. short hike)
Group Size: 2 pax or more ( the more the merrier and cheaper)
Approx Budget: 1,000 php/ pax (group of 2 and above)

Tinipak River Daraitan Tanay Rizal


How To Get To Daraitan 

-- Ride Fx in front of Starmall in Shaw.
-- 1.5 hours to Tanay town. Fare, 120 pesos.
-- Grab a tricycle in Tanay town to Daraitan. 500 pesos 1-way. 1.5 hours
-- 30 minute hike to and along the liver to your desired camp site.

The ride from Tanay town proper to Daraitan Tanay is quite long because,
The steep climb from town to Sampaloc.
The after Sampaloc, 70% of the road is rough, as in rough.


Faster and a little Cheaper 

>>Take the jeep from Tanay Public Market to Sampaloc. Fare- 28 pesos.
( That will make travel a bit faster kasi nga paakyat, hirap ang tricycle, lalo pag puno kayo.)

>>From the main intersection in Sampaloc, walk right to the road which leads to Camp Capinpin. Just ask locals, they know. The same road leading to Real Quezon.

>>A few meters from the intersection is a Shell gasoline station. That’s where Daraitan-based tricycles are parked. 1 tricycle is good for 200 pesos. 1-way. Max capacity 3 pax, as compared when you hire a Sampaloc-based tricycle because they will charge you 300 or 400 pesos.

The one we contacted even wanted to take us only up to the bridge in Daraitan which is around 2 kms to go to the Barangay Hall. The reason is because non-residents of Daraitan get charged for crossing the bridge.

Bridge Rates 
as follows:
tricycles -25 php
4-wheels-50 php
Per Person ( no vehicle) -5 php

Since it was already dark when we came, I asked our tricycle driver to take us straight to the Brgy. Hall. We paid for the bridge toll instead.


Tour Guide Rates + Fees

Environmental Fee –20
Tour Guide Fee for Day Hike --500
Tour Guide Fee for overnight – 1,250
Commercial Photo Shoot
( Weddings, Prenup, Hobbyists w/ models) –100
 Take Note:  10 visitors = 1 tour guide

Hike Difficulty -moderate
The hike has two parts.
1. Easy 3-minute walk from Brgy Hall to the bank of the river.
2. A 30-minute hike along the river, sometimes crossing it.

Our Experience:
We started hiking 7:00pm so it was already dark and therefore didn't notice the view except for the rocks we were stepping at. Once at the river, the hike could get a bit challenging. One has to be in proper hiking footwear and be mindful of your steps as you have to hike up and down rocks that are pointy at times. I remember two occasions when we had to cross the river but most of the hike, the route was along its rocky banks. There are a lot of tree branches too that one has to be careful at. I remember hitting my legs on a cut branch and I had a small cut. The rocks along the river are white so it is easy to figure out where to step at. Even so, one has to be careful if where you are stepping at is stable or not because some are loose.

I think you will enjoy it more if you arrive during daytime. Here is the view that will greet you if you hike during the day.


Our Guide
Our guide was a guy in his mid 20's, with a strong build. I didn't like him at first because he seemed bitchy. Well, that's because he was next in line but we almost refused him because he didn't want to agree to our rate of 750 pesos for a night trek+ overnight camping which I had an agreement with the head guide via text. It was only until I personally talked to the head guide at brgy hall that he agreed to take us instead of the newly assigned guide. He was not caring.


Being Watched All The Time
It was not until we finished having dinner together that I got to be a bit comfortable with him. He loves telling stories and best of all he doesn't have any vices. Not even drinking or smoking. Guides in Tinipak river are prohibited from drinking so as they can look after the guests all the time. Although that is also one thing I didn't like. I know that swimming in the river especially at night is a bit risky but I felt like a small kid being watch 24/7 and being reminded what to do and not to do. It felt restricted so I was conscious the whole time. I suddenly dreamed of being somewhere else camping and being carefree.

The Camp Site(s)
Overall, we hiked around 2 kilometers of the riverside and noticed many spots along its banks where one can camp. I suggest you go deeper though to the area near the cave. Ask your guide of this and they know. That's the spot where rock formations become more prominent and there are a couple of nice spots to camp. We set up tents next to a temporary wooden bridge set up by locals that connects the two sides of the river to the cave. Here, the flow of water is more rapid but there are sandy sections suitable for camping. There is also an elevated level if you would like to feel safer away from the water.

Take Note: Crossing the temporary bridge to the cave you have to  pay 5 pesos per pax.^^
The Store
Another good thing about this area other than it could accommodate many campers is that there is a store here. Cool. One can buy breakfast in the store and other snacks. Bonfires are generally prohibited by guides so cooking and even boiling water is an effort. I wanted coffee to warm my stomach in the morning so I asked our guide to buy coffee for us for only 10 pesos. Coffee plus the BigMc I bought in town for breakfast in a place like this? Heaven!

Overnight Camping
We finally got settled at around 8pm and had a quick dinner. The one we had were cooked food we bought at the public market in Tanay town. Just enough for us and our guide. Our guide said to us that we were his 2nd guests for the day and because of that he was not able to prepare his food. It was a good time to bond though. We had a quick dip by the river afterwards, just quick because the water was a bit cold. Our guide was watchful the whole time reminding us where not to go as the water current going down the stream was a bit strong and the place was dark. There were other campers around but we hardly notice them because of the rocky terrain. The flicker of light coming from their tents was reassuring that at least we were not alone.

Had a quick drinking session as well and we were off to our tents to call it a night. Our guide didn't get into his tent until we were inside ours. The sound of the river flowing nearby was music to my ears. I had a sound sleep and woke up to a very good view the next day. That was when I finally got to appreciate the rock formations around us. With the sun shining, the white rocks were glowing even more with the sun. Lovely, peaceful view.

I woke up with this view...


With a budget of 1,000 pesos or even less, travel time of less than four hours and only the weekend needed of an overnight camping, Tinipak River in Daraitan Tanay Rizal is a good alternative for an out of town. A nature trip that is out of the ordinary.

My Ten Cents:
I was somewhat annoyed about this collection that people impose on visitors. Lakas maka-expressway ang peg when in fact it was just a wooden bridge. But I came to realize that people here hardly get support from the government that they take every opportunity they get just to earn revenue. This is a similar case when you hike along the river. A certain section of Tinipak River is being claimed by another barangay so they impose paying a small amount when you walk that side of the river. Our guide had to lead us across the river to the other side which is the more challenging route so as not to pay the damage.

Again, it was already night time and I wanted to get to the camp site the soonest so I told our guide that we will just pay for the minimal fee but he refused or else he will be suspended by the tour guide association he works with. For them, it’s not about how much but the principle. Letting their guests pay is tantamount to agreeing to the claim of the other group. Tsk tsk. Anyways, bygones.


Contact Person:
Head of Daraitan Tour Guide Association
Kuya Willy -- 0906 965 3470



  2. Hi! Did you bring your tent or you rented it there? How much if rented? Thanks a lot

  3. Is there a place where we can park a car!? What the fardest we can park then just ride akong tricycle!? Or do you suggest just commuting!!

  4. Do you suggest commuting only to get there!? What the farthest place to park a car!?

    1. Nope. Bringing your own car is very much possible. At mas convenient nga eh. You can park it near or around Barangay Hall of Daraitan. Kumausap kanalang magbantay while you are at river overnight camping ^^

    2. Oh wow! At long last, I have finally taken a river camping trip.http://myfamilytent.com

  5. Oh wow! At long last, I have finally taken a river camping trip.http://myfamilytent.com

  6. Hi! When is the best month to visit mt daraitan and tinipak river? What month did u go? Thank you!

  7. This is my first time visit here. From the tons of comments on your articles.I guess I am not only one having all the enjoyment right here!

  8. This place is awesome , why you don't tell me before about this place. I love to got there with my Best Family Tent

  9. Hey i want to reach this camping site as soon as possible....let make a plant....awesomeeeeeeee

  10. Wow! That looks so fresh and natural. I will come here if i have chance, river camping is totally interesting. Thanks for sharing these tips

  11. hi! just wanna know if you paid some extra money for your consumed time in this place???

  12. the camping guide was excellent . I enjoyed it. thanks for this informative post.

  13. yung 10 visitors per 1 tour guide, ganon din po ba pag nag Day hike sa MT. Daraitan?

  14. On your next visit, why not drop by Pili Paninap Farm (facebook.com/paninapfarms; paninapfarms@gmail.com), along Marking Road, before Tinipak river)? We're now open as campsite/events place.


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