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Staycation: MARRIOTT MANILA and the Best Indoor Sauna Facility

Exactly one month from our first Hotel Staycation at Dusit Thani Manila, me and my wife couldn't help but to do it again. There are so many hotels to choose from but we want to try the best so we chose MARRIOTT MANILA for our hotel staycation #2 for 2012.

MARRIOTT MANILA is "the" new kid on the block.It's a new addition to the growing list of five-star hotels to cement their presence in the Philippines. It is located in Newport City just opposite NAIA-3 which gives it a very big advantage on location especially because it caters mostly to business clients who are loyal to the Marriott brand.Not only that it is just across the street from the new airport terminal, it is also at the heart Resorts World Manila which is the Metro's world-class casino entertainment complex destination.

When you think of a hotel to stay, it is also important that you consider the things that you can do around it.It is this reason that we chose Marriott Manila for our second staycation.
staycation 2 MARRIOTT MANILA
Since Marriott Manila is relatively new, expect the best in facilities and the chick interior.I have issues with the stairs at the lobby as I thought it obstruct a supposed grand entrance but overall, the lobby is still classy and hip.Marriott Manila came to lengths to decorate the hotel to create the right impression.Ready your eyes to the beautiful interiors of Marriott Manila!
Marriott Hotel Manila
The hallways are dominated by yellow hues.I find that pleasing to the eyes as well as it gives a fresh,clean feeling every time.The hallways are adorned by paintings consistent to the motif.Even the rooms are yellow-ish.Very unique of Marriott Manila.

We stayed in a deluxe room which fits a newlywed couple like us (is 2 years newlywed?haha) Feels like honeymoon the nth time.:)Everything you need for is inside, a mini bar, a cable tv, an office desk Best of all, I finally found a bed and pillows that could rival the softness and comfort of that of Thunderbird Resort. Plus with an airconditioning system which you can set up to 10 degrees Celsius, brace for a restful night sleep.
See more photos of our room here:

Be careful not to be tempted by the comfort of your room though, there's a lot to explore in this hotel.
We always check the pool during the first day so that we could decide when to take a dip or have a breath of fresh it is an added attraction to any hotel.It is important to check on what time it closes so that you can schedule ahead of time should you want to go for a swim.In the case of Marriott Manila, the pool opens 8am and closes 8pm.Hotel pools add elegance and prestige to any accommodation and hotel of course try to outdo themselves on this aspect.Pagandahan ng location at view. 

The poolside of Marriott Manila is located on the 2nd floor along with the Fitness Club and Quan Spa with its SAUNA/ Hot pool extension near the poolside which I will discuss below.
It was rainy during our stay and there was a thunderstorm on the night we checked in. Swimming na swimming nako that time but the staff decided to close the pool and not allowed us to dip due to the danger of lighting. Good thing we decided the Sauna extension of QUAN SPA. That's where we spend a few hours relaxing in the hot pool and dry sauna. We came back the next morning for a dip at the pool and again to the sauna. Sarap!!!

The poolside bar is also open until 8pm daily. You can order drinks and cocktails here while you enjoy the backdrop of the skyline of Makati ng Bonifacio Global City and the splendid view of the 18-hole Villamor Golf Course.


If you are a gym buff or should you want to burn extra calories you gained during your stay (Blame it on Mcafe. :) The gym is open 24hours.It is also located on the 2nd floor. The place is not that spacious but I was surprised at the machines they have.Most of which I have never seen until that day.

(Quan Spa)
This is one of our best spot in the hotel.My wife and I love going to the sauna and we have masage on a monthly basis so imagine how big our eyes opened when we learned that hotel guests have unlimited access to it. It's also located on the 2nd floor with access from the pool or from the inside.It's clean and not crowded. Aside from another guest who stayed for  less than an hour, I was alone throughout my moment to relax.That's the reason why I was able to take tons of photos inside despite it being prohibited. 

you can check my full article on QUAN SPA Sauna extension here

We spent a few hours here on our first night and again on the next day.My wife even remarked that she can stay inside their sauna forever. :) Marriott Manila took my heart long time ago when I experiences Mcafe but I fell in love with the place twice more due to this facility THE BEST INDOOR SAUNA FACILITY to date!!!
QUAN_SPA_sauna area1
QUAN_SPA_sauna area_

Me and my wife frequent Mcafe mostly due to invites from Marriott Manila during their campaign launches and have blogged extensively on their delicacies. The best International Cuisine selection to date. Need I say more?

Please read my entries on MCafe here: 

This is where had our breakfast which is complimentary for hotel guests.I also invited my friend Marvin to join us coz we were scheduled to watcjed a movie upon check out, para dere-deretso na :)

Location, location,location.

That's one of the greatest asset of this hotel.Marriott Manila is part of the  world-class casino entertainment complex known as RESORTS WORLD MANILA where the trendiest happening in town happen. Parang pyesta dito lagi. They have all that you need. Gaming, movies, clubbing, dining, theater plays, they have it.

Hunger games what showing that week so we wanted to see it. After we checked out, we went straight to Newport Cinemas.The SOUND OF MUSIC was still playing at Newport Performing Arts theater that time but we didn't have much to spare. There's more to try next time.

Marriott Manila has all it takes to entice you to stay. The room in itself is tempting you might not want to go out but the facilities and amenities are not to be missed.Should you want more twist, Resorts World Manila is just a few steps away for an experience you would not forget for a long time.

Our overnight stay at Marriott Manila was our 2nd hotel staycation this year and the experience has been a pleasurable one.Equally great to our first staycation but I am happy it felt like a completely unique experience at the same time.Great food, nice pool, posh interiors, one of the softest and most comfortable food, the best indoor sauna facility are just a few of the things I love about the place.

Hope to come back soon!!!!!



  1. Gorgeous photos! There's a macdonald's in Resort World Manila? Dind't realise that on previous trips....

    Now you do tempt me to stay in this... one day haha!

  2. sarap ng staycation nyo ah..
    ganda ng place...
    masarap mag-stay jan ngayong vacation! hehehehe!!!

  3. Stunning! Hope i could stay there when i come home!

  4. indoor pool!!!! ftw!!!!

    pati yung outside pool!!! pool palang, panalo na!

  5. nice, this is good news.. ganda naman cia... parang nasira dun sa pag lazying.. noynoying?? lols

  6. so san na kayo on the following month? hehe..Lucky you, u able to used Sauna. Wanna try the luxury of this hotel, how much kaya?thanks

  7. nakiki wifi lng ako jan sa lobby nila after mag party sa repuliq. haha! mukhang masarap din maligu jan sa pool nila.. :) bet q yung pool. effect lng. ;)

  8. I stayed at the Marriott too last month (and met Dom, Chyng, Nina & Fedz at the cafe). Great bed they have, I slept so well I was scared I might not catch my flight haha!

  9. wala po ba kayong negative comments? hoho. we're doin a case study. ^_^

  10. hmmmmm---the expereince was pleasant kasi. Unless the service sucks I don't complain.I do staycations to relax and enjoy myself so I don't really mind small glitches kung meron ma. cheers!! :)


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