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Food Review: BAD BOY BELLY Boneless Cebu Lechon

When we tried Peking Duck in Beijing last year I instantly realized the similarity of the superstar dish to our famous lechon in the Philippines. Mind you, if you search "attractions in Beijing" on Tripadvisor, it's not the Great Wall that comes out at #1. It's the mighty Peking Duck. And I thought, if people go crazy over this dish and they are willing to pay at least 2,000 pesos for a small size duck, we can easily turn our lechon into a global sensation. The taste is there. We just have to promote it extensively. Logistics too. It is after all easier to transport a duck than a whole pig.

And Cebu has the dominance when it comes to lechon. They have a couple of well known restaurants/brands there --- Rico's, Zubuchon, CNT, Ayer and Chonas. Manila on the other hand has Lydia's, Mila's and Aling Loring to name a few.

The thing about lechon is that the whole pig is roasted, that includes the bones. But we Filipinos love anything boneless. Boneless bangus, boneless chicken, even boneless back ribs. And so there is a new craze in Cebu and that is boneless lechon. A few years back, a group of yuppies from Manila tried it for the first time and thought about bringing it to the Metro thus Badboy Belly Boneless Cebu Lechon. 

Why Boneless Cebu Lechon by 
Bad Boy Belly ?
  • Taste the spices and the marinade infused from the crispy skin to the tender meat of the lechon
  • Waste no gram and get to enjoy tasty lechon cebu to the fullest without the unedible bones
  • The sheer size of 1 slab makes it perfect for sharing with up to 35 people for dinner, parties, and other gatherings
  • Strict sanitary standards are always applied when meals are prepared and only fresh ingredients are used
  • Now in 4 locations!

We were at Fisher Mall in Quezon Avenue the other week and we happen to notice their kiosk located at the food courd. We were curious to try it out. They usually sell in what they call slabs, 1 slab is perfect for sharing with friends, family, or colleagues for dinner, parties, and other gatherings. It is good for up to 35 people. 1 slab costs around 3,000 php but one can order for dine in or take out small servings. 1 kilo for example is around 795.00 php, and 1/2 kilo is at around 398.00 php. They also offer value meals with rice. 
We tried one worth 95 pesos without drinks.

This what my friend had to say about the meal;

Bad Boy Belly Boneless Cebu Lechon gives a different take on the traditional Filipino cuisine favorite: lechon. The slabs of lechon meat and skin wrapped together with seasoning and garnishing inside. On first bite you would instantly taste these ingredients which include lemon grass. This gives this boneless lechon a distinct taste because you can eat it on its own (without sauce) given that it is tasty in every bite.
Instead of the traditional sauce, Bad Boy Belly Cebu Boneless Lechon is served with a special vinegar from Cebu. In other branches, you can request for the original lechon sauce although not in Fisher Mall due to mall policy. Although not the conventional lechon we know of, the uniqueness of the lechon makes it a stand out and could be easily loved by the masses.

Personally, with only rice and small amount of lechon, I.thought the meal we had looked sorry. Di nakakagana. But on first bite, ayun na, I suddenly felt the gusto to savor it.The meat is tender and tasty. Matipid syang kainin and the skin, crunchy. Sarap! And I also thought the lechon will not be enough with the rice but it was more than enough. That's what happens when you have such a savory dish that even small bite will fill all your taste buds with flavor.

We all know that lechon is expensive, and boneless lechon at that. It's nice to know that Bad Boy Belly offers value meals for those who want a sample of it.
BAD BOY BELLY Boneless Cebu Lechon Fisher Mall

Badboy Belly Boneless Cebu Lechon 

FISHER MALL: Food Hall Fisher Mall Quezon Ave, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Tel. 0906-2206840, 0943-3799429, (02) 218-7851
St. LUKES QC: 2/F Cafeteria Main Bldg.
Tel: 0917 848 8403
SM- CALAMBA: 2/F Food Court SM Calamba Laguna
Tel: 0915 452 2077

Other than dine-in and take out, Bad Boy Belly Boneless Cebu Lechon also caters to corporate events as well as birthday parties, debut, weddings and other gatherings.
For inquires, call or text: 0917 848 8403. Look for Ms Clang.

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