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KAWASAN FALLS Badian Cebu: Not the Most Majestic Falls you can Find but its Clear Water will Leave you in Awe

First it was the confusion between staying overnight by the beach (Moalboal) or by the waterfalls, the latter won the day. Then came the question which waterfalls, Kawasan in Badian or Da-o Falls in Samboan. The former was the final choice.

It was difficult to decide at first while researching because while many blog posts refer to Kawasan Falls as a favorite, Instagram posts of Da-o Falls enticed me. I find it more unique in terms of the falls formation. Good thing I asked several IGers based in Cebu and all five (5) of them suggested Kawasan over Dau.
I will tell you later why. First, the experience. So we came all the way from Cebu City on the 2nd day of our trip and went straight to Moalboal to meet a friend who now works in Cebu-Dumaguete area. It was already afternoon when we arrived to heavier than normal traffic along the way. We dropped by Basdacu beach for a few minutes to give it check. It was already made easily accessible thanks to a new road and we were there in a few minutes. First impression, as I mentioned in my previous blog post, it's so-so beach. Nothing to wow for so we only strolled for a few minutes, snapped a few shots, appreciated the sun already low in the horizon in the backdrop of Negros Island and left.
It was another 20-minute ride to Kawasan via private car. We left the vehicle in a church premises which marks the set-off point to hike for Kawasan. Overnight parking was at around 80 pesos. It was an easy stroll from the church to Kawasan falls mostly flat and following a small dirt road which skirts along a small rivers which empties in the sea. I was surprised at how easy it is to get to the falls. And at first I thought easy means lazy and therefore not remote so I wasn't expecting much for this part of the trip.
One online blog with the comment which goes something like " in pictures you see the beautiful waterfalls but in reality there are concrete establishments next to it and it gets too crowded during the day" didn't help at all. At least it made me lower my expectation. But I love the easy stroll, 15 minutes approximately, and the nature feel.

Yes, despite nearness to main road and despite the road access, they were able to keep the natural feel of the place. Trees are lush, coconuts dot certain areas, it is quiet that one can hear even the sound of insects in the late afternoon, the air was cool thanks to the shade from trees and partly because it was already late when we found our way to the falls. We noticed many visitors already finding their way back , some by foot, some by habal-habal which you can rent for 30 pesos per head max 3 pax load. It was almost dark when we got to the falls.

We checked in straight to our accommodation --Willy's Place Kawasan Falls, 09173256061. We paid 2,500 for 3 pax. Haggle. At first they offered us 3,500 and I demanded a lower price, if 2,500 is lower that is. Similar rate you get even in Moalboal though so you don't have much choice.
And good thing about staying in an accommodation next to the waterfalls is the sound of the cascading water, music to the ears. Plus you get to see and interact with the falls anytime you want. My friends even went for a dip that night. I didn't because I find the water cold. Even at night, the water looks really clear. It glows even under minimal light.
The Inn has a restaurant and one can order until 7:00pm. We were glad ee made it before they closed. Food was a little pricey for the quality.

It was such a pity for us that we were here late and had no other choice but to opt for the food from the one and onky restaurant next to the falls. Their food is pricey. We ordered tinola for example with the only option being whole order of native chicken. We were starving and so excited to eat. In this taste, any food will most probably taste well but the tinola was a disappointment. The chicken was so makunat we felt like eating bad steak and the broth tasted as plain as water. I attempted to ask for patis in the kitchen only to find out that patis is not popular in Cebu. We had no choice but to finish the whole dish. Lamang tyan rin. Also, for well felt robbed 350 pesos for this tasteless meal. The additional order, buttered shrimp saved the day. But still expensive at 250 pesos for this simple dish. If you come early, another option is to bring your own food.
In our case, we started the day early and hiked up the 2nd and 3rd waterfalls upstream. The lowest waterfalls is still the largest and most appealing but the 2nd falls and surrounds is a nature-walk-with-a-good-view experience and the 3rd falls above it has three cascades and wide pool.

Reasons Why Kawasan is the darling among waterfalls in Cebu
1. Easy access and hike 
2. Availability of accommodation and other facilities on site 
3. Well defined falls 
4. Very clear water 
5. Two more falls upstream
6. Still well-maintained natural surrounding despite availability of basic comforts 
7. Availability of food outlets 8. The last stage of the popular Canyoneering.

Not the Most Majestic Falls you can Find its Clear Water will Leave you in Awe. It's really clear and inviting. Gaganahan ka talagang mag swimming. 



  1. Wow! The water is so clear. And the falls look amazing! Thanks for sharing your trip!

  2. Kawasan Falls is just so awesome! You can book with us at Cebu Tours

  3. When I was in Thailand, Chiang Mai, I don't want to walk a lot, coz it will be to slow for me. I wanted to see more beautiful places as it was possible. In order not to walk, I rented motorcycles, here at low price I've got two, for me and my friend. We even went to the wild forest, but not so far, because of my friend, he was afraid of mosquitoes, lol.


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