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Not Impressed with BASDACU BEACH in Moalboal

It is interesting how people on social media can make a place look so glamorous and beautiful. Basdacu Beach in Moalboal Western Cebu Province is one classic example. This was not our main destination having chosen Kawasan Falls as our choice for an overnight stay in Badian but we thought of giving the beach a quick check since we were already in the area. I remember seeing a drone shot of Basdacu Beach on Instagram and it made me so excited to see it in person. It actually gave me a hard time thinking whether to stay overnight there or in Kawasan. The beach wasn't disappointing for sure but it looks far more beautiful in pictures than in person. A so so beach. I was not impressed at all.

Basdacu Beach Moalboal Cebu
 BASDACU BEACH in Moalboal

Perhaps because I have seen a lot of exceptional beaches in the Philippines? But factoring in only the merits of Basdacu beach, I am not kidding when I say it look photogenic but that is almost all. We didn't swim. That I admit. But there is a difference between a beach that you feel like just looking at or strolling and a beach which excites you to take a plunge. Basdacu beach sure is lovely but not inviting enough for me to strip my clothes for a quick dip. The sand is white but not as fine as I thought. The beachfront is wide in one section but narrow in most areas.


The accommodations quite disappointing and when you check rates online you might not help feeling it is a rip-off. The nipa huts along the main beach are a welcome sight and I noticed they were mostly occupied that Saturday after during our visit but that is all. I noticed that the crowd is mostly locals with a mix of white tourists. You can notice people drinking and partying even while the sun was still up which gives the place a lively feel to it. Sunbathing is popular, or simply drinking by the beach and enjoying the view. Negros Island on the other side feels so near and the mountainous terrain of Negros makes for a lovely view. Sunset here is very popular, thanks to the sand, sea, island-on-the other-side view combination.

Back to the photogenic aspect, I have proven it myself. I was carrying a dslr and snapped a few photos here and there and having this habit of checking my screen after every shot, I was convinced looking at the real view and and at my camera screen and back that the beach has a good register even if it looks so so in person.

Moalboal is part of the Municipality of Badian and if you are going to search for "top attractions in Moalboal/Badian" , you will notice that Kawasan Falls is at #1 and Basdacu Beach is only at #5. I knew that all along, I just feel a little disappointed because the pictures of this beach are really ones to die for, or so it seems. Well, if you are after a quick fix then Basdacu Beach could well be not bad especially if you are in a group. Imagine drinking by the beach and that is already fun in itself. So if you want a more festive spot then the beach it is, but if you want a more quiet setting the stay
overnight in Kawasan.


I heard of another popular attraction in the area, that beaing Pescador Island which is visible from Basdacu. It is well know for diving and even snorkeling. Have you heard of sardine run? Pescador Island is the place if you want to experience swimming with a school of swarming sardines. Could be awesome.


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