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Bakih Noodles and Hot Fresh Tea at BO TAN Bubble Tea and Cafe Makati

We discovered this place during our staycation at Red Planed Hotel Amorsolo. I like Red Planet Amorsolo because it is only a few minutes stroll to the popular shopping and dining place that is Greenbelt but the challenge of staying here is the lack of quality dining options. On a weeknight, there is a great chance of ending up in a fast food chain or burger outlet. Good thing right across the hotel is West of Ayala Condominium, underground that is BO TAN Bubble Tea and Cafe.

The first impression I got when we got here is "are we in the Philippines?". Be transported in a China or Taiwan-like atmosphere, not so much because of the interior but because of the crowd. We were the only locals here on our first visit. Maybe other were also Filipinos but everybody seemed Chinese-looking.
I easily noticed the menu boars. Mostly milk tea and with Chinese characters on the writing. The menu is nice, not only in the content but on the paper used and picture descriptions. 

We wanted to try the picture at the front page of the menu during our first visit but was unfortunately not available. We tried their milk tea instead and while I saw nothing to wow for, it was above the ordinary.

The 2nd time, we tried to order dishes,

Bakih Noodles --180.00php 
Kung Pao Chicken --220.00php 
Hot Fresh Fruit Tea --150.00php.

I am no fan of Chinese noodles because for me they lack the kick of spices. But this one is quite good. The Kung Pao chicken is also nice.
The favorite is Hot Fresh Tea , a concoction of tea with fresh fruit slices. Drinking it felt like just having a relaxing spa. It's one thing I cannot forget. There are other bestsellers in the list but we can only tried as much. Would love to go back one time to try other dishes.

PS: This is not a sponsored post. ^^

BoTan Bubble Tea and Cafe  
Address: Makati Basement 1, West of Ayala Condominium,
252 Sen. Gil J. Puyat Ave, Makati, Metro Manila
Phone: 0917 629 0000
Open Daily· 9AM–11PM