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10 Reasons Why LULJETTA'S HANGING GARDENS AND SPA Could Be Your Ultimate Romantic Summer Spa and Wellness Destination

We may be off to a slow start but there is no mistaking that summer is finally here.  Everybody's restless for a summer escape.  While that also means Valentines is be over, the long summer in the Philippines offers a great opportunity to deepen your bond with your romantic partners, even friends and families. And there is a place you can achieve this less than one hour from Manila. Set in the mountain resort of Antipolo with a commanding view of Laguna De Bay and Metro Manila is Luljetta's Hanging Gardens and Spa.

Here are 10 Reasons Why LULJETTAS HANGING GARDENS AND SPA could be your "Ultimate Romantic Summer Wellness and Spa Destination".
1. The "First and Only Hanging Garden and Spa in the Philippines" + Proximity from Metro Manila
And no wonder why this place is well searched. It is not only because it looks beautiful in pictures. It is a lot nicer in person and the experience you get when here is an experience you will cherish for years. It claims to be the "First Hanging Garden and Spa in the Philippines". I never heard of a similar place. Should there be one soon, Luljettas sure has set a very high standard to reckon. It is also unbeatable when it comes to location.

Going Here:
-From Edsa or C5, go straight Ortigas Ave leading to Rizal Province.
-Pass through the rotunda in Tikling, Taytay Rizal and up to Antipolo.
-In Antipolo, turn right past Hamaka Park. Take the road that leads to Teresa Rizal and notice the Provincial Capitol on your left.
-Look for Unciano Hospital on your right and turn right at the corner after the hospital. Follow the signs that will lead you to Loreland Farm Resort.
2. Nature with Well-curated Spaces to Blend 
with the Natural Landscape and Vegetation.
Did you know that no trees were cut at the location of Luljettas Hanging Garden and Spa? Instead each were incorporated with the landscape. I call it nature with well-curated spaces to blend with the natural landscape and vegetation--- a lush green space by the hillside. And since there is no community below, the serenity of the place is well secure in the years to come.
3.  Three (3) Infinity Pools 
plus Jacuzzi and Sauna
These infinity pools are a trademark of Luljettas, a "statement" of some sort that when people see them on social media they would go " Ganda! Saan yan?". Management really did a good job maximizing every corner of the place. Who would have thought they could fit three infinity pools in the area.

Luljetta's is sooooo Instagram-worthy. Thanks to the pools. And these pools cool the place and makes it so enjoyable. Not only that you get great view while swimming, the idea of swimming in this kind of gardens-by-the-cliff setup is so unique and so positive-energy-infusing. The one at the top level is next to two Finland-made sauna. It is at the corner so you get this private-feel. The 2nd pool at the lower level is big and come with hydro-massage. Lakas maka-Ace Water Spa in a garden setting. The pool at the lowest level is probably the most photographed spot in Luljettas being one with the most striking sunset view.
lower pool
middle pool
upper pool
4. Meditation Lounges and
Plenty of Spaces to Relax
There are basically three levels and lots of corners and details. Each spot is taken care of of so you see no dull areas. Cabanas and resting areas called meditation lounges are well placed so that you can slow down and simply let time work on its magic. Want it open air, try Zen Lounge near the 2nd pool and Fish Spa. Want it a bit more private, try Buddha Lounge with a good view of the 3rd infinity pool below and the sunset view through its glass window. To cool down while having snacks, the Movie Lounge is the place to go. You will surely find your favorite spot to relax here.

5. Impeccable Massage and Spa Services
Hanging Gardens Getaway or Spa Journey, find one that fits your taste and lifestyle.
I was already impressed with the massage the first time I was here and I immediately ranked it #3 in the best overall massage experience I had. Coming back, it was comforting to see familiar faces. Although all therapists here are female, I have to problem with the pressure I prefer for a deep tissue massage. Just make sure to communicate with your therapist. The massage huts are always a pleasant sight. Very comfortable, clean and well maintained. The heavenly massage completes the holistic relaxing purpose of each visit here. Lovely nature, good food, relaxing massage and spa services, what more to ask for.
There is a wide-range of massage and services they have on offer from their signature massage to foot pampering. They have an assortment of packages you can choose from with or without the massage like the examples I included below. Also check the link for the complete list of spa services and rates.

Hanging Gardens Getaway -6hrs
-Hanging Gardens Facilities (locker, sauna, heated Jacuzzi, hydro-massage pool, infinity pools, meditation lounges) 
-Traditional bathrobe (batik) and towel. 
-Snacks of Antipolo's best suman 
-Four (4) course wellness menu served a la-carte.
***Spa services such as massage not included.

Spa Journey Rejuvenate -7hrs
-access to Hanging Gardens Facilities 
-Snacks of Antipolo's best suman 
-Four (4) course wellness menu served ala-carte 
-Luljetta's Welcome Kit -Red Wine Scrub 
-Luljetta's Signature Massage and ear candling.

Other Spa Menu:Luljettas Signature Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Hand and Foot Reflex, Flawless feet, Flawless Feet with Herbal Foot Bath, Soft Touch, Soft Touch with Parafin Wax etc.


6. Food, Good Food
No.matter how good the place is if food sucks, the place sucks. I was here in 2013 and I was pretty happy with the food on offer. Fast forward 2016 and the food at Luljettas has become even better. Thanks to Luljetta's Cafe (open 10am-9pm), food that Luljettas Hanging Gardens and Spa compliments the overall experience.

A four (4) course wellness menu served ala-carte including Antipolo's best suman is served for some spa packages like Spa Journey Rejuvenate.
Antipolo's Best Suman 
7. Sunset to Die For
On one end of Luljetta's is the view of the lake (Laguna de Bay) and on the other, the vast skyline of Metro Manila.  With this kind of serene and nature setup, by the pool or in meditation lounges, sunset at Luljetta's Hanging Gardens and Spa are to die for. 

I personally love cityscape and it fascinates me how the skyline of Manila has expanded so far over the years. It is a delight to see during the day. At night, it transforms into a sea of lights. Antipolo became popular because of its overlooking restaurants. And now, that joy you get to experience in a very romantic place like Luljetta's. Adds to the magic of the place.
8. Romantic Nights

Your romantic experience at Luljattas doesn't culminate with the sunset. When night falls, the Hanging Gardens transforms. They did a pretty good at lighting the place. Not just the lounges but even the trees. Luljettas turns into this magical garden at night. Add the mellow music on speaker, the chirping of the birds, the gentle blow of fresh air, the night is the time when you cool down and really relax. And one becomes more loving they say when one is relaxed. Then finish the night with a relaxing spa or massage. Ah, life!

Luljettas is Open Daily 
Mon-Fri:10:00 am - 9:00 pm
Sat: 10:00 am - 11:00 pm
Sun:10:00 am - 9:00 pm
9. Loreland Farm Resort and CampTipolo
+ Soon to Open Luljetta's Place
Plan ahead. Reserve in advance. Room accommodations are available at Loreland Farm Resort. Luljettas Hanging Gardens and Spa is a section of Loreland, a sprawling resort consistent with the farm feel of Luljettas.

Aside from these two, there is also CampTipolo, the section of the resort dedicated for those who are into adventure. It is the perfect venue for team-building retreats. CampTipolo is located belwo Luljetta's Hanging Gardens and I finally got the chance to visit it and try some fun activities there. I will write it in my next blog and promise to link it here once live.

Loreland Farm and Resort, Luljatta's Hanging Gardens and Spa, Camptipolo, the three clusters that will give you more reasons to keep coming back. And soon, a new section of Loreland will open --Lujetta's Place. I will write about it too as soon as I get a first-hand experience. More things to look forward to.
10. Pinto Art Museum 
and Other Nearby Attractions

For most of us, we decide for a place not just for the place itself but for the attractions around it. Antipolo is home to many other attractions that you can experience on the side when you go to Luljetta's Hanging Gardend and Spa. One of my favorites is Pinto Art Museum. I have been there three times and I won't grow tired coming back because of its extensive art on display. They are also continuously adding sections to the museum and I can't wait for the opening of a new massive building on its Northern section.
Also nearby are Antipolo Cathedral, there's also Crescent Moon Cafe and Pottery Studio and Hinulugang Taktak Falls to name a few.
5 Million +++ visits on my blog to date and almost 100,000 coming from a single post ---Luljettas Hanging Garden and Spa. If that is the case, I can't imagine the amount of traffic other more popular blogs like WhenInManila are getting. To say that Luljettas is popular because of our blogs is a fad, our blogs are actually getting heavy traffic because Luljettas is popular. Meaning, people talk about the it, crave about the place and search about it thus the traffic.

But this is not about me or my blog, it is about you. The fact is, you too can have a great summer and Luljettas Hanging Gardens and Spa is just nearby waiting for you.

Enjoy Summer!

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Sitio Loreland, Brgy. San Roque, 1870 Antipolo, Philippines
Phone: (02) 570 2532, (02) 695 1965 (0917) 544 4432, (0928) 627 8897