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Tayo Na Sa CAMPTIPOLO ADVENTURELAND #LorelandResort #Antipolo

Camp Tipolo Adventureland is part of the 12-hectare resort that is Loreland Farm Resort in Antipolo City. It one the latest addition to what I call Three Reasons to Visit Loreland, with the main resort one, Luljatta's Hanging Gardens and Spa two and CampTipolo three.So you have Loreland Farm Resort on top of the hill, Luljetta's Hanging Gardens and Spa on the cliff and CampTipolo Adventureland below. Access is via Loreland Resort. We went here during our stay at the resort a few weeks ago to give some to the activities a try.

As the name implies, it is a camp filled with lots of open spaces and obstacle courses for group activities. This could be your ultimate group retreat and Team building venue near Metro Manila.
CampTipolo Adventureland Antipolo Loreland


CAMPTIPOLO is your Ultimate Team Building Venue.
A place to rest, play, have fun and create strong bonds. This is where relationships are built, where one learns the importance of camaraderie, team work, and communication. The camp provides a holistic approach for personality development and offers different team building modules for students, corporate and individuals looking for new heights of adventure and extensive learning.

Camp Tipolo Adventureland offers not only outdoor activities. Fun, learning and excitement combined. Swing like Tarzan in Tarzan Jump or test your balance in Balancing Logs. Be brave in Mud Slide, or reminisce your childhood while playing Mud Crawl.

Camp Tipolo Adventureland
Loreland Farm Resort Brgy. San Roque, Antipolo City, Philippines
Phone: +632 570 2532, +632 695 1965
Mobile: +63 917 544 4432; +63 928 627 8897
Email: reservations

The first time we were here we only looked around to check the activities available. I was wearing jeans and shoes so there was no way to try any of the obstacles I want like Tarzan Jump as it entails getting completely wet when failing. The reason with the clothing being we were there for a religious event with the venue right next to CampTipolo ---Ang Paglikas ng mga taga Antipolo Patungong Sitio Colaique --- which I will write next. Good thing we were to stay overnight at Loreland Resort. I promised to go back the next morning to give CampTipolo a first-hand experience.


First impression, CampTipolo lacks that iconic slash single structure or marker that will make you say "wow saan yan!" But, but and another but, you will ultimately appreciate it because of the away-from-city feel. Trees, trees and more trees, spacious lawns, ponds with fresh running water flowing from the hill. No single concrete structure is in sight. No noise and smoke pollution to speak of.

Since CampTipolo is about Adventure,
There are four (4) sections for Team building Activities

1. Lagoon Area: Tarzan Jump,Tight Rope, Balancing Log, Mud Crawl
2. Low Ropes Course: Spider Web, Tight Rope, Monkey Bars, X- Trail, Cargo Net
3. Low Ropes Extreme: Balancing Log, U-Bridge, Bossom Bridge, Tight Rope
4. Mud Slide

We went straight to the section with Tarzan jump. This is an obstacle where the challenge is to make it to the other side with falling on the water or at least getting wet depending on what is agreed. There is a rope which you can use to swing your way to the spot marked by a white sack with soil in it. This looks easy but a little painful on the palm so I suggest you bring gloves. You might also think it only requires a good swing but a strategy on how far up or how low you have to grab the rope is also important in relation to your height. I was too eager to give it a try.
Tarzan Jump

Round one and my feet made it to the sack on landing site but I was not able to release the rope in time so fell back to the water. Twas a little embarrassing because I was so confident I am good at this. But it was really fun. I dropped like a rock in the pond. Haha! Good the water is really clean and the bottom of the pond is a little muddy so i was not hurt at all. Getting wet and dirty activated all my nerves and infused a lot of adrenaline in my system that I was more excited to try it again. I finally succeeded the 2nd time. The feeling was nice.
Balancing Log
Mud Crawl

Balancing Log and Tight Rope.
On the other pond next to Tarzan Jump are obstacles meant to test your balance -- Balancing Log, U-Bridge, Bossom Bridge, Tight Rope.

We tried this next and though it looks easy, you will have to control yourself in crossing the other side. You have to go fast but at the same time make sure you don't fall on the water. I tried this with my friend and we were almost even on this part. Imagine having a contest with another group, it could be crazy fun with all the cheering and funny falls. I didn't fall on this part which proves that I have good balance. Good job!

My favorite part is the Mudslide. It is located at the Southern corner of CampTipolo. 35 meters in length and 40-50 degrees slope, this one really pumped up my adrenaline. So what they do is they make water flow from above and you are ready for the slide. Below is a pond filled with water to catch you. I wanted to see how fast the slide is so I convinced my friend to go first. He did. He was steady on the first half then the little bump in the middle and then the quick left and right swing before hitting the pond below. I guess because he was carrying GoPro with him so his balance was a bit off just to record a video. It looked so fun thought. He was all smiles. Then my turn.

It happened so fast. I was screaming and it was a lot faster than I anticipated so I was a little nervous. The plunge on the pond was a fun as the slide itself. I created a big splash which means I came in really strong but the water was able to completely neutralize my fall. A smooth entry. Like my friend earlier, I stepped out of the pond with a big smile and quipped, again! No wonder why this is my favorite part of CampTipolo. Wink***

CAMPTIPOLO Publised Rates as of March 24, 2016

Php 980/pax (minimum 30 pax)
Students: Php 790/pax (minimum of 100 pax)
Use of Teambuilding Facilities, Teambuilding Facilitator with Processing
Meals (AM Snacks, Lunch, PM Snacks), Vanity Kit.

Php 1,400.00/pax (minimum 30 pax)
Students: Php 1,100.00/pax (minimum of 100 pax)
Use of Teambuilding Facilities, Teambuilding Facilitator with Processing
Use of Swimming Pool, Meals (AM Snacks, Lunch, PM Snacks), Vanity Kit, Cottages.

View Compete Corporate Package Rates >>>here

photo courtesy of Bienvenidotours

I enjoyed the short time we stayed at CampTipolo Adventureland. I also felt a little somber while trying some of the obstacle courses in CampTipolo. This is the disadvantage of being freelance working from home. I sometimes long for working in a company because I miss the camaraderie you create with coworkers. I miss company events and outings. I envy those who go to CampTipolo in large groups and create fun and memorable experiences with their coworkers. ^^

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