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10 ATTRACTIONS in Bandung Indonesia I am Dying to See and Experience #BandungTravel

Indonesia as a whole is not yet that popular to Filipino tourists but the trend is changing. With more and more cheap flights to and from the capital Jakarta and other key tourists destinations like Bali, Filipinos are discovering that Indonesia offers a unique take on what island experience means. Imagine 13,00++ islands to choose from, that's a lot. The culture, the food, the people, Indonesia is so diverse and more unique than I expected.

Other than Bali and Yogyakarta, another tourist destination star in Bandung in West Java Province. In our recent trip to Indonesia, Bandung was supposed to be on our itinerary as I have a cousin who works there. But we dropped Bandung due to limited time. I think I was under-researched at that time, I thought Bandung is only about the Volcano tourists flock to. I was wrong. Should I have known better, we would have opted for Bandung instead of Jakarta which we enjoyed so much but I thought is so Manila-ish.

I am a budget-conscious traveler so other than the attractions I also put major consideration on affordability of accommodation. I found a couple of artsy and unique hotels in Bandung that are affordable like Estevie G Hotel. A night there would cost only around 1,419 pesos for a deluxe room which I find a good deal for a hotel this good. Thanks to easy online hotels booking , Bandung is on top of my list when I return to Indonesia.

Lodge Earthbound Adventure Park Bandung
Photo Credits:
Kawah Putih
Kawah Putih
Photo Credits: Ozsadevi Sihombing

Now I am drooling to go back to Indonesia and visit Bandung. Sure Tripadvisor  also listed the 10 Best Attractions in Bandung but the website TripCanvas published the article 32 INCREDIBLE THINGS TO DO IN BANDUNG FOR AN EXTRAORDINARY VACATION that really got me so pumped up.

In that list, here are the 10 Attractions in Bandung that I am dying to see.

1. The Lodge Earthbound Adventure Park
Imagine thousands of pine trees planted on the mountain at the same time. Such delight to see them full grown, majestic, a rare sight in this part of the world. What a beauty. A view I really want to see.

2. Lawang Wangi Café & Art Space
I am sure they got good coffee, it is after all a coffee shop, but even if don't roast it to perfection, I would still want to go here. The wooden floor interior, the floor-to-ceiling glass walls, the view of the mountains and infinite horizon. As a bonus, they also have galleries in display. Take me here now please.

3. Goa Pawon and Stone Garden of Padalarang
This reminds me of my trip to Cebu City Philippines where they have Osmeña Peak.
Calcium-rich rocks formations dotting the mountain, and caves ( Pawon Caves) a significant historic site of ancient human remains. Wow!

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4. Floating Market, Lembang
I missed the floating market in Bangkok last time so I consider it one of my frustrations. To learn that they have a floating market near Bandung amidst the backdrop of nature and a lake with clear water is a pleasant surprise. Although a little off Bandung, it's nearby. Let's go!

5. Curug Malela
And they call in Javanese Niagara Falls. I have a love-and-hate relationship with waterfalls but this one sure got my attention. Multi-layers of waterfalls indeed reminiscent of Niagara Falls in Canada at a smaller scale but equally stunning! I wanna swim here.

Curug Malela
Photo by: Eljihadi

6. Kawah Putih
The Crater Lake! The view I've been wanting to see. Sure we got lots of volcanoes in the Philippines but I cannot remember one with a lake on its mouth with this effect. It looks mythical to me with the smoke that rises from the water. Wait, is that smoke coming from the hot water or simply mist? hahahaha

This sudeenly reminds me of my Mt. Pinatubo Volcano experience.
7. Dusun Bambu Family Leisure Park
Lots of spaces for family activities, lots of open areas where one can commune with nature. Some unique architecture too. I wanna see above all the small man-made lake with a wooden platform where above is a glass structure with cafes and shops. Nice!
8. Shop and dine outdoors at Cihampelas Walk
This feels like Greenbelt in Makati. Posh shopping, lots of cafes and restaurants. I wanna be seen here.

9.Warung Daweung 
Warung Daweung means Daydream Cafe. A very good example of what "dinner with a view" means. Nice!

10. Situ Cileunca
I looooove lakes with calm water and the beautiful sight of mist in the morning. That's what I wanna see in Situ Cileunca ( Lake Cilieunca). Around the lake are tea plantations which Bandung is well known for. I wanna pick tea leaves there. Also, there's one village on each side of the lake and the two are now connected by a bridge they eventually called "Love Bridge". Lovely!

Bandung, is indeed a large city well known for its colonial and art deco architecture, a lively, university-town feel and a relatively cool tropical weather due to it 768 meter elevation above sea level and good shopping. But it is nature that draws me to this city, it is after all a city of volcanoes and tea plantations and it seems they really capitalized on that nature and city blend.

I feel sorry now I skipped Bandung last time but Bandung is now in my priority list!



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