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DANIEL WELLINGTON Dapper Sheffield 38 mm Rose Gold Watch: Travel In-Style with #danielwellington

I lost my watch five (5) or so years ago and I have never worn a watch since. It was a tough watch-- water resistant, shock resistant and long battery life but it finally gave up on me after years of being together. I loved it because I could wear it anytime of the day even during shower or swimming in the beach. A backpack traveler like me knew I finally found a perfect travel companion. I guess I was heartbroken, or maybe because smartphones finally became popular at that time that I never thought of having another watch again.

Yes, smartphones and other mobile devices are literally killing a lot of businesses from desktop computers to maps to calculators and even alarm clocks. People don't need anything else anymore. Even watch makers are feeling the brunt. Still, a handful good brands do manage to survive and some new ones are still making names. One classic example is Daniel Wellington (DW). It has been around for quite sometime enjoying strong following overseas and is gaining popularity in the Philippines.

DANIEL WELLINGTON Dapper Sheffield 38 mm (Rose Gold)
Where to Next? This time with DW

After noticing a friend wearing a Daniel Wellington watch, I instantly fell in love with its simple yet elegant design. I checked Daniel Wellington on social media and I was amazed at how the watch could standout in any occasion and place. I thought it's time finally to have another watch. One that is completely different with the one I had years ago, one that matches my change in preference. The desire to travel in-style.
photo courtesy of DW IG Account


Thin, refined, perfectly round. One that is minimalist and without too many features yet with timeless style. Classic designs with interchangeable straps. No wonder why Daniel Wellington has an increasing appeal on Filipinos. On tip of this, you have a line that is not too heavy on the budget.

There are two kinds of straps for DW watches -- the colorful NATO straps and the genuine leather straps the comes in elegant shades of brown and black with silver or rose gold plated brace.

Men's Collection >>here
Women's Collection >>here

DANIEL WELLINGTON Dapper Sheffield 38 mm (Rose Gold)


For now there are no official retailer of DW watches in the Philippines so you can purchase one online via

They ship worldwide with UPS Delivery and Standard Post.
Worldwide 1-7 Business Days Express Shipping.


The box comes with a warranty card. You can use the tracking number or order number which is on slip in the package to activate the warranty. Contact their CS which is available through phone, chat and e-mail.

classic leather straps for me

Daniel Wellington on Social Media
Indoor, outdoor, fine dining or sidewalk, city or remote. The watch blends well with any place or event. You feel like going chick, it's great. You want to go rugged, it's perfect. The watch itself is a statement. DW got lots of juicy photos on their social media accounts so better check it too.


My Dapper Sheffield 38 mm (Rose Gold)
And the universe seems to conspire. I finally got my own Daniel Wellington Dapper Sheffield 38 mm (Rose Gold). Thanks DW!

I love the 38 mm size because it's not too small and at the same time too bulky. I love the rubber strap. It hugs perfectly on my wrist and it feels so comfortable. I think that is important --- to have both style and comfort. I also find it reasonably priced. This one costs $299. For a watch this elegant, $299 is a good deal. One doesn't have to break the bank to have a watch this beautiful and elegant.

As a Filipino travel blogger planning his next trip,
I can't wait to travel with my new baby!


to all Pusangkalye Blog Readers!
Good News to all my readers! You can avail of 15% discount in the whole website and the entire purchase of DW watches and accessories. Simply use the code "kalyeDW" upon checkout!

Code is valid until June 6, 2016!

Enjoy Shopping at:


  1. hi, can you clarify if its rubber or leather strap?

  2. Did you have it shipped here in the Philippines? How much did you pay at customs? If you dont mind :) planning to buy one also :)

  3. Hi Czarina,yes. Free shipping. Orginally costs $299. Marked down na sya ngayon to $250. Chat moko sa Facebook me sasabihin ako sayo. >>> Nuj Carranza. Find me ^^

    1. Hello, sent you a message last Sept 25 thru FB messenger. Thank you :) My name is Mae N.

  4. Hi, how many days it took from the time you purchase it? wala sya additional payments from customs etc? onyl 250$? thank you.

  5. Hello po, may additional fees pa po ba to if ever dumaan sa customs? im kinda hesitant since customs here are quite scary when it comes to packages.

  6. Hi, dumadaan pa po ba to sa customs? and how much po kaya yung fees na babayaran. thank u

    1. got mine at My Diamond megamall..

  7. hi id like to know if it was delivered directly to your house? did you pay extra in the customs? because i had an experience with buying products online and shipped to philippines i didnt get it since it was blocked in the customs.

  8. Hi! I was planning to buy via daniel wellington website and have it shipped here in the Philippines. Upon check out, the total cost shown is $122 net of discount. Will it have additional charges because of the Customs? and how many days will i receive it? Thank you.


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