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Top 5 Holiday Destinations in Asia

The continent of Asia has recently experienced a travel boom with many travelers planning to visit the region on their next holiday, including these top five destinations.

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This paradise with sandy shores and sparkling waters has long been a popular honeymoon destination. The secret of Bali is out and it’s now a top holiday destination no matter the occasion. The rugged landscape is appealing to nature lovers and is dotted with ancient temples.

Tokyo, Japan
The bustling world capital is constantly on the go and can be an exciting trip for anyone. Contrasting with this is the harmony that can be found in surrounding temples and gardens. The Meiji Shinto Shrine and the opulent Emperor’s Palace are not to be missed.

Another option for a beach vacation, the Maldives offers visitors private villas where the beauty of the islands can be enjoyed. Spend the days soaking up the sun on the sandy beaches. Scuba divers will want to take advantage of the underwater sights like coral reefs and colourful sea life.

Bangkok, Thailand
The Thai capital is a land that is caught in the middle between its past and present. Visit ancient temples inhabited by monks or enjoy the shopping at the modern shopping venues. For those wanting a picture of Thai history and culture, the Vimanmek Museum is a must visit.

No matter what your preferences are, the Asian continent is sure to have a destination to fit your needs.



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