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Arctic Expedition Activities

A lot of Arctic Expeditions include great daily outdoor activities. These adventure options mean that you have to be ready both physical and mentally. The climate conditions are harsh, so any game, any competition, any activity becomes extreme on its own. And now I want present you with a short list of standard Arctic cruise activities that you can find almost in every cruise company.

Kayaking in the Arctic is one of the most intimate and inspiring ways you can explore the rugged coastlines and calm bays of the regions we visit. Kayaking is highly weather-dependent. This activity requires paying increased attention. All equipment, guides and instructions are provided by Cruise Company.

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Rafting is a river excursion. As an example, The Cunningham River is swift-flowing, crystal-clear water with no difficult sections or rapids. Guests are given a hands-on introduction to rafting prior to departing, and no previous experience is required.

Walk atop fresh white snow and visit places that are otherwise inaccessible by foot using special equipment called snowshoes! Snowshoeing is offered almost in every voyage at the beginning of the Arctic season. Spaces are limited and all equipment, guides and instructions are provided by Cruise Company.

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Hiking is a good way to appreciate the immense windswept landscapes of the Arctic. The tundra comes alive during the brief Arctic summer with bursts of color from shrubs and plants that somehow survive in this Polar environment. Each hike is different — exploring communities, shorelines or glaciated landscapes, often on the lookout for wildlife. Hiking participation is optional and your Expedition Team will give you a good advice on what you can expect prior to each excursion.

Almost every expedition offers passengers the opportunity to go on land and walk to explore the region further. Each of landings will present the option for short or long walks. It will be up to you if you choose to sit on a rock on the beach and take in the scenery or grab a walking stick and explore with your fellow passengers.

Fishing for Arctic char at the top of the world is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, believe me. All guests are welcome to try their hand at "catch and release" conservation fishing using the equipment and gear provided by Cruise Company.

Fat Biking
Fat-tire bikes are specialized mountain bikes that offer a smooth ride over the tough arctic terrain. You’ll have loads of fun riding out on the sea ice and along rocky ridges. Your bike’s stable fat tires will carry you over the mostly smooth surface and across some shallow creeks with ease and fun. All fat-bike excursions are escorted by a technical specialist for repairs and support.

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As you can see, the options are great and varied. But don’t let your guard down! Make sure to prepare carefully for your visit as well as activities in Arctic. With a bit of consideration and planning ahead, you are bound to have a good time!



  1. Hi, thank you for posting this. I like walking and snowshoeing. It is cold in such weather conditions but I used my polar expedition parka. It was very comfortable to take a walk wearing it.


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