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Things to Note on your First-time Visitors to Dubai

Although Dubai is considered to be a symbol of a sheer luxury, there is always a possibility to spend a pleasant pastime even with a limited budget. For example, one can walk through Deira and visit the Gold Souk and Spice Souk, take a look to beauty of Bur Dubai and sit in one of the numerous mall cafes that offer delicious plain food for tourists and locals. Dubai is a great place for children – it is safe, clean and full of entertainment. Also it is a great opportunity to shoulder-deep in the atmosphere that completely differs from our life and learn a lot about new culture.

Here are some tips that will make your life easier if you come to UAE for the first time:

The weekends here are Friday and Saturday ad Friday is the busiest day at large shopping malls.

Taxi here is very cheap, but take into consideration that not many taxi drivers (except those from know the city well, so always give references to big landmarks.

Official map of the city is not that great, so think about good map beforehand, or find the one called Dubai Mini Map published by Explore.

Bus tours are rather expensive so it is better to use taxi or walk.

Mystic Dubai
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Dubai Palms
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Here many people speak English very well, so there is no worry, he that has a tongue in his head may find his way anywhere

Despite all advantages and pleasures proposed by the capital of UAE, there are things to know and follow if you do not want to come a howler:

- Drinking in public places is not tolerated
- Even husband and wife holding hands may be accused and imprisoned by public display of affection.
- Homosexuality is forbidden and may lead to severe punishment
- Swearing and rude gestures are also above the law
- Nudity is forbidden and only modest swimsuits are allowed
- Smoking at the public place can cause fines
- It is forbidden to stare at women or trying to make a conversation with her – it may be considered as a harassment
- Photographers taking pictures of people without permission can be arrested
- Ramadan issues. Non-Muslims are not allowed to eat, drink or smoke in public places near Muslims between sunrise and sunset
- Taking drugs may lead to a death penalty
- Women should wear clothes that hides shoulders, knees and stomach. The dressing should not be tight or transparent
- Men should wear T-shirts and quite long shorts

There are known cases when married couples were imprisoned for a month for a kiss in a restaurant. More than that, victims of sexual assault may find themselves accused for having sex outside marriage!

So to make vacation in Dubai pleasant and safe, better follow these rules!