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Safe and Interesting Tours in Ukraine

What you have heard about Ukraine, if any, might be quite polarizing. Some say it is dangerous, others say it is safe, welcoming, and beautiful. Some associate Ukraine with beautiful women, while others think only about the Chernobyl disaster and the Euromaidan Revolution of 2014. So, what is going on there nowadays and is it save to travel to Ukraine?

Regardless of what you hear or read in the recent news, people do not shoot each other on the streets. The country lives its intense life in big cities, like Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, and Odesa. People dine in numerous restaurants, visit concerts, organize festivals, have a drink or two with their friends, and start small businesses. At the same time, small cities enjoy their somewhat moderate lifestyle, adults go to work, children go to school. And on weekends, the young and the older all over the country enjoy going to the nearest river or lake to have a barbecue and enjoy the nature.

If you have never been to Ukraine, you have missed out on a hoard of unique experiences. And here are some of them.


Ukrainian Food

Somewhat strange, but delicious cuisine with different types of varenyky, dumplings stuffed with meat or mashed potatoes, traditional borsch, nutritious beetroot soup usually served with sour cream and pampushky, Ukrainian garlic bread. Moreover, every region has its specialties: different homemade cheese in the Carpathian mountains, local wine in the Transcarpathian region, coffee in Lviv etc. Andthesame,dishes really differs from East to West. The restaurants serve good quality food for relatively cheap prices (as to compare to restaurants in Europe and the US). Therefore, gastronomic tours in Ukraine might be a nice option to get acquainted with the country


Ukrainian Beauty

No matter what time of the year you decide to come to Ukraine, make sure you have your camera at hand, as you would want to capture every other building in Kyiv, every church in Chernihiv not to mention stunning cathedrals in Lviv. You will be fascinated by the Carpathian mountains, which become a popular skiing resort in winter and a perfect hiking destination in summer. In early spring, the mountain valleys are covered lavishly with purple crocuses. Go on excursions in Ukraine to see numerous castles all over the country. By the way, Ukraine boasts the most beautiful women in the world.


Ukrainian Music and Festivals

Ukrainians have music in their blood, they loveit, and every region hosts dozens of music festivals, especially during warm seasons of spring and summer. While some of them are not that famous and mainly invite local musicians, the event that will attract your attention is Alfa Jazz Fest in June. This annual event gathers in Lviv a number of world-renowned jazz musicians and bands, and the whole city turns into jazz stage.

Also, Ukrainie has won the Eurovision Song Contest twice. First, in 2004 Rulsana literally crashed the stage with Wild Dances, and in 2016 Jamala moved millions of hearts with a profound song on sorrowful events of 1944. Therefore, in 2017 Ukraine is to host the next Eurovision Song Contest and you are welcome. And fashionistas might consider coming to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Kiev, where Anna K, a famous Ukrainian designer, presented her first collection.

So, put your doubts away and travel to Ukraine to get a first-hand experience of life in the friendliest country in Europe.



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