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Additional Hanoi Attractions and Places to Eat as Suggested by my #HanoiKids Guide

So I wrote about my brief yet colorful experience in Hanoi in the following blogs,

-- Hanoi Part #1:The Old Quarters, Vietnam Backpacker's Hostel, St. Joseph's Cathedral,Cho Do Xuan Market, Bún Thang and the First Encounter with Northern Phở

But as they say in the cliche', "so much to do, too little time" which is particularly in Hanoi because the city is brimming with culture, food and attractions.

I had to move to Halong City to meet a friend and see the the UNESCO World Heritage site that is Halong Bay. My brief tour with Joy, my guide with Hanoikids, proved to be too short but filled with fun and learning. Joy didn't stop at sharing her knowledge during the tour, she also email me of the other attractions and food in Hanoi that I can try next time I come. With her permission, I have copy pasted the whole email here to share with you guys.


Dear Antonio,

I am Joy from Hanoikids, your yesterday travel mate 😁. How is your trip to Ha Long Bay? Were the fried sticky rice cake yesterday okay? As I promise, Here are my suggestion about what to eat and where to go when you come back to Hanoi, hope that it can somehow be helpful for you.

Places to Visit:

Thang Long Water Puppet Theater: It is in 57b Đinh Tien Hoang,Ly Thai To,Hoan Kiem district, very close to the Sword lake. You can buy a ticket ranging from 60 000- 100 000 dong to watch a puppet show, which will give you a closer look to Vietnamese culture. The show is mainly about farmers' daily life, legend, but there would be no subtitile.

Hoa Lo Prison: This place will let you see history through Vietnamese view. 😉 There are many information boards on this site, so you still can understand what the site is about without a tour guide.

- Museum of ethnology: It is quite far from your hotel, but it is worth trying if you are keen on culture and cool architecture. It would be much more interesting to have on-site explanation, but just walking and enjoying outdoor displays is fun, too.

Things to Eat:

Fish Noodle: I've tried this one, and it is really tasty to me. It is at number 5, Trung Yen lane, Dinh Liet str, in the Old quarter, under a banyan tree. they also offer fish ball with meat inside, which is also good.

Eel Noodle: I suggest you try the mixed eel noddle there (no broth, just sauce). the address for this dish is 87 Hang Dieu, Hoan Kiem district, also in the old quarter.

- If you want some desserts, you can try Mixed fruit- To Tich street, hoan kiem district, or Milk Caramel, at 29 Hang Than, Hoan Kiem district. They all belong to the Old Quarter

- But if you worry about hygienic problem, and prefer a warm, beautiful space, you can go to Ngon restaurant, which has many branches, and offers quite a wide range of Vietnamese food

- if you want more information about street food, follow this site:

I really enjoyed our time together and I hope you have the same feeling with me. Thank you very much for your gift. Receiving a souvenir from other country is really meaningful to me😁😁😁😁. Once again, thank you very much for choosing Hanoikids as your companion during your time in Hanoi. If you enjoy our tour, please spare some time to leave us a helpful review onTripAdvisor so that more people can know about us: . Your review is an encouragement as well as a great contribution to help my club perfect itself and keep moving forward. Please do keep in touch and do not forget to send me your blog link so that I can be your sincere follower.

Take care,

Over Facebook, Joy added;
"and 2 more- must try dish to diversify the list : Pho at 10 Ly Quoc Su, and Bun Cha (noodle with grilled pork) at 1 Hang Manh. These addresses have quite long history and amazing food as well, I don't remember why i didn't add it to the list."

Nothing beats the locals when it comes to the best attractions and food finds if I may add.
Enjoy hanoi!!