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Some Tips To Prevent Dating Disasters

Dating consists of meeting someone, going out on a first date and deciding whether another date is going to happen or not. By making bad choices or having bad timing can make it a little more difficult in finding a good match. But one fact is for sure, when you finally meet someone and you want to announce it to the heavens, it's really pretty special. There are people who are just lucky, they run into Mr. Right really early on, while the rest of us spend the majority of our time dealing with trade-ins! Well, here are a few tips to keep you away from pitfalls while finding someone who clicks.

Our lives are made up of many facets; our accomplishments, hills to climb for a better life and finding someone special to share it with. That said, once you start seeing someone, do not make that person your whole life. Let's face it, you drew that person to you because of who you are, the things you enjoy doing and your future goals. Don't give them up in the name of romance, they are apart of you.


You're spending your time trying to convince some guy that you are good enough for him! What? If you are constantly trying to be someone who fits his standards, you're putting yourself down. Finding the right match means someone who likes you the way you are.

If you meet a guy and all your friends can talk about is his active love life, you might want to step back and take a closer look at Mr. Wonderful. If he has a dating record longer than a racetrack, that might be a sign that this guy has no intentions on having a long-term relationship.

If you are constantly spending your free time in boring places, with boring people – wrong! Find things you enjoy doing, ice skating, roller skating, horseback riding, etc. You will meet others who have the same interests and Mr. Right might just be around the corner.

First dates can be a bit nerve racking as neither of you really know what lies ahead. A first date is just that, it's discovering whether there will be a second date or not. Go and have fun, talk, get to know each other and see if you would be interested in seeing him again. You're not auditioning for a Broadway show! Relax, have fun and see what happens.

Watch out for the guy who's always putting others down or patronizing every thing you say and do. Your friends don't act like that, so why should a potential date be allowed to? People who can't respect others are usually extremely insecure and come with a boat load of problems.

Watch out for the guy who proclaims he's got way too many issues or he is a loner! That could be a sign of extreme low self-esteem or he's just not interested in you and is trying to drive you off. If that's the case, scratch him off the list and move on. On the other hand, if he truly has issues, you do not want to spend your life trying to repair him.

Everyone has been rejected at one time or another, just don't take it personally. If everyone wanted the “same type” of person, there wouldn't be enough dates to go around. Don't start comparing yourself to someone else's height, weight, hair color, etc. There are some really terrific guys out there looking for someone just like you. The sooner you junk the wrong guys, the sooner you will clear the path for the right one.

Don't give up on your life just because you are dating someone. Take a night off and get with some of your chums and go to a movie or a concert. Just because you are seeing someone doesn't mean you can't have your “spur-of-the-moment” time with your friends or family. Don't compromise your entire life for someone that might work out or might not. You're independence is a very important part of you and you should never lose sight of it.


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