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HANOI BACKPACKERS HOSTEL: The Original Hanoi Backpackers’ Hostel on Ngo Huyen Lane

The name is so confusing right? I booked for Vietnam Backpacker Hostel but on their website and lobby it say Hanoi Backpackers Hostel. And I experienced the actual confusion when looking for the place. I ended up in Hanoi Backpackers Hostel somewhere a few intersections away only to find out they are not associated with each other. Hanoi on trademark after all is very different with Vietnam right? Good thing the receptionist at Hanoi Backpackers Hostel was kind enough to allow me access to their wifi or else it would have taken me too long to find this place.

Situated down a small, quiet lane just 1 block north of the steps of the St Joseph’s Cathedral in the centre of town and 3 minutes walk to Hoan Kiem Lake. The hostel is perfectly located to explore Hanoi’s Old Quarter. The Hostel’s feel is relaxed and friendly. The staff are there to help with any advice that you need to get you out, about and enjoying Hanoi to the fullest.

Vietnam Backpacker's Hostel

At any rate, I arrived at my "correct" hostel --- Vietnam Backpackers Hostel --- very early at 10:00 am but reception was kind enough to check me in earlier at no extra charge. She also waived my charges for my booking the day before since I slept over at my newfound buddies' hostel and didn't use it. Very cool indeed. Also, at $10 per night for a hostel, what more can you ask for.


Strong Points:

- wide/spacious common areas, including the lobby which I find beautiful and with high ceiling.
- friendly staff with two or three English-speaking members , native speakers so communicating your way is so easy.
- the reception area is always with two or three or more staff to accommodate guests.
- the lobby is always a lively place.
- there are more common areas behind the reception area, many sofa chairs to lazy around and dining table to eat on.
- bar available for drinks and basic food.
- daily Happy Hour from 5-8pm
- free walking tour around Old Quarter, nice!
- daily/ weekly events to stir the excitement of guests


-well maintained
- dorrmitory rooms with good/clean beddings
- a small safe overhead for valuables 
- the base of each double deck beds serves as compartments you can lock for your other valuables.
 It was able to fit my 50L backpack. Cool!
- in-room common restroom. Separate doors with locks for the shower and the toilet. Very convenient.



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