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PISO PARA KAY TOTO Outreach Program Sitio Masayo, Irid, and Tatawiran of Brgy. Daraitan, Tanay, Rizal

Who was it that once said that "charity begins at home but it should not end there". I have to keep reminding myself that. I am a breadwinner but there are more people out there who are in dire need of kindness from others. Despite all my personal struggles that past few years I can proudly say I have successfully protected my heart from so as not to harden in bitterness. I am still lucky and feeling blessed I feel it's but proper to give back to the community.'

I first heard of this group from Facebook. I was lucky to be in contact with Ran Umbao who created the group a few years ago --- Piso Para Kay Toto.

About Piso Para Kay Toto

Piso Para Kay Toto non-registered, non-government, non-profit effort incepted by volunteer Filipino bloggers from with a goal of sharing happiness to kids.


So you have here a group of young professionals mostly in their early 20's with a bog heart towards helping kids in remote and indigenous localities who share their personal resources and do fund raising to advance the cause.

I have been invited several times but was not able to join any outreach which they do at least twice a year due to schedule problems. But I finally got the chance last May.

Our day started early at 4:00am where we met up in Pasay. We rented a jeepney to transport the school supplies and food to Tanay Rizal near the famous Tinipak River and Mt. Daraitan.


This time, the group was able to provide back-to-school kits with drawstring bags, tumblers, hygiene kits, lunch, and snacks to more than 100 kids of Sitio Masayo, Irid, and Tatawiran of Brgy. Daraitan, Tanay, Rizal. It was the 13th outreach program of the group.

I have been to Brgy Daraitan Tanay Rizal twice but never I thought that there are some tribes living just 30 minutes from brgy. hall. We had to walk up the hill to get to the first village carrying our provisions. Good thing it was dry on our way up early in the morning. Some villagers were at the foot of the hill to meet us and offered to help us carry some of the goods.


We settled in the 2nd village 45 minutes up the hill. Immediately unpacked and arranged the school supplies and hygiene kits while others moved to cook rice for the lunch of kids. Others gathered the kids for games. Every members of the group were engaged in their specific tasks. I requested to do the documentation and hop on each group where I can help. Since I am not good at facilitating games I was mostly at help sorting the supplies and cooking. I found myself fully immersed in the experience and it felt really good as the kids are very friendly. Their parents were also around to assist their young. Very supportive.


There were around 115 kids present and the group.made sure they were not just here to get stuff but to have fun. Core members of Piso Para Kay Toto took charge of the fun games with very big help from a group of UP-LB students who as me were also 1st timers in the group. These UP peeps were so funny and so used to such game facilitation that it was so easy to manage the big group of kids. Each winners received toys as prices for winning the games. It felt like early Christmas party for these kids and you could feel they really had a good time. In the process, members of the group were able to make deep connection with the kids.

The kids were all exhausted from the games. Lunch was made ready in time for the end of fun games. we distributed the school kits with drawstring bags, tumblers, hygiene kits and handed lunch to each of them. Felt very content seeing the joy in those kids' faces. A small act of kindness can indeed go very far. I went home with the promise to myself that I am going to do this on a regular basis.


Really fulfilling but not to say physically demanding at the same time. But members of the group also made sure they were having fun. When the outreach commenced and all the kids went back to their homes, we picked the litter and called it a wrapped. We went back to barangay center to buy extra food, some members headed back to Manila on a very rainy afternoon while some of us decided to stay overnight. 
We hiked up again another 45 minutes or so to a small property they are developing overlooking the river. We stayed here in the hopes of seeing sea of clouds the next morning but were frustrated because the dew was so thick. It was another wet night but thanks to a big cottage we were all able to sleep dry and comfortable. Had an evening of fun socials with the group. 


To Ran and all the members of Piso Para Kay Toto, many thanks for giving me the chance to join your outreach in Tanay Rizal. Hope welcome parin akong sumama sa mga next outreach. More power to you guys!

Feel free to visit their website or facebook page if you are interested to donate
or join the cause: Facebook:



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