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AHAVIA Lounge Spa UP Village

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From the outside you can tell that it is relatively small compared to the three (3) other Ahavia Lounge Spa branches but this latest addition to the Ahavia brand certainly has a appeal that punches above its weight. I am referring to Ahavia Lounge Spa UP Village.

I have reviewed all other branches prior to this and they all have distinct features.

Ahvavia San Juan is about space.
Ahavia Timog is about class.
Ahavia Katipuna has its outdoor pool to brag.
Ahavia Spa UP Village has an art-deco classic interior that will mesmerize you.

All true to the the Ahavia brand with the same theme of classy interior, a wide-range of pampering offerings and consistent high quality service.

AHAVIA Lounge Spa UP Village

I couldn't help but marvel at the interior of this place. Very spacious waiting area. Walls are painted dark with dim lights making it look classy and intimate. Walls with wallpapers that enhance the the interior's sophistication. Massage rooms (common areas) for males at the ground floor and for females at the 2nd floor.


Another key feature of Ahavia UP Village is the staircase leading to the 2nd floor. It gives more accent to the place. It adds to the art-deco feel of the space. Massage rooms are painted with a touch of blue which is very pleasing to the sight. Shower rooms at the ground and second floor with hot and cold shower.


Of course the service was impeccable. We had 1 hour body was followed by 1 hour massage. This particular visit was extra-special because it was through the request of my wife. My wife and I went through rough times lately and this was our first time in more than two years living separately to go out together. I cannot say more but I feel thankful for the normalization of our friendship. She loves Ahavia Spa so much she always remember our sessions in San Juan and Timog. Thus her request to try UP Village when she found it it already opened doors to accept clients. She loves body scrub too so we had one before our massage.

I am not a big fan of body scrubs but I also enjoyed it. I like the gentle hands of my therapist scrubbing my whole body with strawberry scented scrub. I almost fell asleep if not for the sticky feeling after all the scrubs were applied and they had to leave the scrub a few minutes to take effect. Had a quick shower afterwards and I felt my skin was smooth and rejuvenated. Perfect because my skin has been exposed to a lot of sun the past few months dues to successive travels and and dead skin were no longer a welcome sight.


Services Offered:
Aside from massage and body scrub, they ahve a whole range of pampering services which includes  foot spa, foot massage, nail spa care.


The massage I always look forward to at Ahavia. My masseur was male and his hands were strong. He hit on the rights spots. It was hard enough to target my nodules and still relaxing enough. I like hard massage that is gentle on some areas and spot-on on key pressure points. Anywhere I have massage,

I try not to sleep si as to make sure thr masseur is doing the right thing but this time I couldn't resist. I think I dozed off around three times for a few seconds but still aware of what was going on. Despite my therapist knowing that I was dozing off, I was confident he didn't cheat on me. I felt so good after the massage and my wife was also happy. We were so relaxed we stayed inside the room a few minutes more after the massage laying in our individual beds and I almost dozed off again. Haha

We were back at the lobby a few minutes later and were served tea. We took the time to feel the place while searching for nearby restaurants where we can have an afternoon snack.

Ongoing Promos:

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AHAVIA Lounge Spa UP Village is located at
128 Malakas Street, Diliman Quezon City, Philippines
Call: (02) 358 3347
Operating Hours: 12:00PM - 2:00AM Daily




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