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Art Circle Cafe Makati @Y2 Residence Hotel

Art Circle Cafe
G/F Y2 Hotel, Santiago Street Cor. Valdez and Singian Streets Makati, Philippines
Call (02) 801 5383
Open: 10:00 am-10:00 pm Daily

Whilst there are so many tempting food choices around the hotel, we decided to sample what Y2 Residence can offer in terms of the gastronomic experience. That afternoon, we sampled some of the comfort food they have at Art Circle Cafe locate at the ground floor.


In their Facebook page it says, "Art Circle Cafe is a place for Art lovers where all kinds of art activities and cultural events happen". True enough, the place lives to its name as an Art Cafe. It has a very beautiful interior adorned with art pieces. And not just ordinary art pieces. One can tell that the paintings, wood carvings, metal works and other items here are on a class of their own. Best of all, they are all for sale! Yes, you will not just enjoyed the ambiance and the pleasant view but you can buy and take home artworks that you will like.


Art Circle Cafe takes pride in its comfort food, the best coffee, friendly people, art and good vibes.

Art and good vibes, true enough. Friendly people? Yes! So easy to tell. Best coffee? Sorry I cannot speak of that as we were here late afternoon I didn't want to pump myself with caffeine as I wanted to sleep sound for the night but the food I can highly talk about.

Although they serve dishes, we picked something light. By the menu one can easily point out the bestsellers. We decided to have pasta and some hearty snacks.

Shrimp Pasta Aligue - 225 php
Quesadilla Cheese - 125 php
Pita-wich Tunamelt -- 155 php
Dark Choco Molten Lava ala mode -- 115 pesos
Lemon Grass --75 pesos

Shrimp Pasta Aligue - 225 php
Quesadilla Cheese - 125 php
Pita-wich Tunamelt -- 155 php
Dark Choco Molten Lava ala mode -- 115 pesos

Let's admit it, we we choose ala carte meals in most cases some hit the spot while some fail our expectations. Our choice for this particular dining at Art Circle Cafe Makati was a blockbuster. Started with the Shrimp Pasta because I am lactose intolerance and it delivered the first blow. Wow agad! 


Then came Quesadilla Cheese, exactly the rich cheese flavor I was hoping for and still light on the tummy. The Pita-wich Tunamelt reinforced the strong lineup with it rich explosion of flavors perfect with the dip that goes with it. The Dark Choco Molten Lava and Blueberry cheesecake sealed it with the former taking the scene away from the omnipresent favorite blueberry cheesecake. Hot choco cake complimented by vanilla ice cream on top. Yummy-ness overload. Above all, you will be amazed at how reasonable their prices are for an in-hotel cafe. I would love to try their coffee and other specialties soon. ^^