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Y2 RESIDENCE HOTEL MAKATI: At the Heart of all the Action --- leisure, shopping, dining, business and more @y2residencehotel

A few months back, one of my students from South Korea visited the Philippines for the first time. Knowing that I am a travel blogger, she asked me for a recommendation on where to stay in Makati. Her main destination was El Nido so she didn't want to overspend for accommodation in Manila. Surely, $100 would go a long way in El Nido so the trick is to find a hotel below $100.

Y2 Residences Hotel instantly came to mind. I highly suggested it to her not because I have already experienced staying there but because I have been dying to try the place.

For one, the hotel is managed by Hii. A hospitality group managing other chic hotels in the Philippines like that of Azumi Boutique Hostel in Alabang which I really like.

Also, I was mesmerized by the photos of their rooms, the accent, the unique character their designs and interiors exude. And the pool, I've been wishing a dip at their poor with a very nice view of high rises around.

And my student from South Korea was nothing but praises for the hotel. She really enjoyed her stay. A few months on, I finally got to experience Y2 Residences Hotel by myself. I have tried countless hotels before so it was a tall order. Plus I couldn't mute my expectations of the place. Good thing it didn't disappoint. It was well above what I wish it would be.

About Y2 Residence Hotel 
The Y2 Residence Hotel is a 21-storey building with 182 rooms ranging from Studio Units 
to 2-Bedroom Suites.

• Studio Deluxe (33-38 sqm)
• Studio Premier (42 sqm)
• One Bedroom Deluxe (46-52 sqm)
• One Bedroom Premier (60 sqm)
• Two Bedroom Deluxe (70-80 sqm)
• Two Bedroom Premier (87-98 sqm)
• Three Bedroom Suite (130-150 sqm)

First, our room. Other than the unique Asian-inspired design, our room was surprisingly spacious. I booked a deluxe room and it was more than I wished for. Complete with dining table, a kitchen equipped with induction stove where you can cook if you want to, a mini-bar, a queen-size bed, the room is a complete complete living space. A residence hotel that lives to its name. I got to view other rooms and they have lots of different sizes and interior orientation to choose from. Our room even has a small balcony with a lovely view of Century City and an upcoming lifestyle district -- The Circuit Makati -- not far away. All these I paid for only 3,400 pesos. Even if that rate is without breakfast, I still find this a good deal.

• Outdoor Swimming Pool
• Bar
• Restaurant
• Spa
• Gym
• Function Rooms

The pool was a major draw for me. I was mesmerized the moment I saw the photos on their website. Located at the rooftop, it is the perfect spot to relax. Here, you feel feel like being in the quieter side of town despite the towering buildings and constructions around. I love skyscrapers and it is this kind of view I have been dying to witness. You see, I think our hotels and even condominiums in Metro Manila lack the grand views afforded by pools in other Southeast Asian cities like Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Good thing there are no taller building immediate the vicinity of the hotel, Century City's lovely high rises adorn the sky view.

The Pool
The pool is small yes but enough for a fun splash with friends and family. There is also one thing very unique about the rooftop/ pool area, they planted a certain specie of bamboo around the edges of the building which doesn't only add drama to the space but also a much needed refuge from the hot afternoon sun in the early afternoon. We were here at around 3:00 pm and despite the sunny weather, we were able to enjoy the cool shade of the bamboos. I makes the air fresher too. I love it! We were back at night for a quick dip.

Lighting at the poolside is a bit insufficient if I may say though. Yes, it makes the place a bit intimate but i hope they could work on a few more lights to brighten key areas. You see, it felt a little lonely at one point. Or was it just me?
At The Heart of all the Action
Poblacion Makati where the hotel is situated is booming as any part of Makati is. There is A-Venue Mall next to the hotel if you are into shopping. The presence of the mall.also ads to the many dining options in the area of Poblacion. A walk in nearby street is a food tour in itself with so many options to choose from. Our favorite whenever we go to this part of Makati is the food market by the South parking of A-Venue Mall because it is cheap and there are a diverse mix of food to choose from. And they come cheap too.

Plus, there are bands on weekends so the place is really festive. On this particular stay, we walked as far as Burgos St, Makati's red light district. A small strip lined with pubs on both sides, Burgos Street is such an amusing place. We were here for a few bottles of beer and people watching. Katuwa.

The ongoing development of Century City just adjacent to The Y2 Residence Hotel promises to significantly enhance the attractiveness and property values in the area. So if it is about strategic location, Y2 Residence is spot on!
Art Circle Cafe
G/F Y2 Hotel, Santiago Street Cor. Valdez and Singian Streets Makati, Philippines
Call (02) 801 5383
Open: 10:00 am-10:00 pm Daily

But a hotel is only a physical space without the food component. Whilst there are so many tempting food choices around the hotel, we decided to sample what Y2 Residence can offer in terms of the gastronomic experience. That afternoon, we sampled some of the comfort food they have at Art Circle Cafe locate at the ground floor.

In their Facebook page it says, "Art Circle Cafe is a place for Art lovers where all kinds of art activities and cultural events happen". True enough, the place lives to its name as an Art Cafe. It has a very beautiful interior adorned with art pieces. And not just ordinary art pieces. One can tell that the paintings, wood carvings, metal works and other items here are on a class of their own. Best of all, they are all for sale! Yes, you will not just enjoyed the ambiance and the pleasant view but you can buy and take home artworks that you will like.

Art Circle Cafe takes pride in its comfort food, the best coffee, friendly people, art and good vibes.

Art and good vibes, true enough. Friendly people? Yes! So easy to tell. Best coffee? Sorry I cannot speak of that as we were here late afternoon I didn't want to pump myself with caffeine as I wanted to sleep sound for the night but the food I can highly talk about.

Although they serve dishes, we picked something light. By the menu one can easily point out the bestsellers. We decided to have pasta and some hearty snacks.

Shrimp Pasta Aligue - 225 php
Quesadilla Cheese - 125 php
Pita-wich Tunamelt -- 155 php
Dark Choco Molten Lava ala mode -- 115 pesos
Lemon Grass --75 pesos
Shrimp Pasta Aligue - 225 php
Quesadilla Cheese - 125 php
Pita-wich Tunamelt -- 155 php
Dark Choco Molten Lava ala mode -- 115 pesos

Let's admit it, we we choose ala carte meals in most cases some hit the spot while some fail our expectations. Our choice for this particular dining at Art Circle Cafe Makati was a blockbuster. Started with the Shrimp Pasta because I am lactose intolerance and it delivered the first blow. Wow agad! Then came Quesadilla Cheese, exactly the rich cheese flavor I was hoping for and still light on the tummy. The Pita-wich Tunamelt reinforced the strong lineup with it rich explosion of flavors perfect with the dip that goes with it. The Dark Choco Molten Lava and Blueberry cheesecake sealed it with the former taking the scene away from the omnipresent favorite blueberry cheesecake. Hot choco cake complimented by vanilla ice cream on top. Yummy-ness overload. Above all, you will be amazed at how reasonable their prices are for an in-hotel cafe. I would love to try their coffee and other specialties soon. ^^

Pink Panda Southeast Asian Diner
G/F Y2 Residence Hotel, 4687 Santiago Street cor B Valdez and Singian Streets
Makati, Philippines
Call 0917 839 0714
OPEN: 11:00 am- 10:00 pm

Pink Panda is the all-day dining restaurant at Y2 Residence Hotel Makati. It is a concept diner serving South East Asian cuisine with a modern twist. Since it is the main restaurant in the hotel, in-house guests have the option of having their meal in their rooms. It was here where we had breakfast buffet during our stay. I was actually expecting Southeast Asian selections in the buffet but it was more of local and international dishes so I was disappointed at myself not ordering the like pf pad thai or tom yum the day before.

The breakfast buffet was rather simple. A few selections but fair enough for the price inclusive in the hotel rate. The savior, other than the chic interior and attentive staff, was the Filipino food selection. The simple combination of danggit, tocino, buttered eggplant and chicken adobo was an awesome combo that I enjoyed a lot. At times when there are so many choices in the buffet table, you tend to forget 90% of the dishes you try. This Filipino breakfast really got me crave for more. I would love to go back to try their Southeast Asian dishes.

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Fitness Gym and The Amare Spa
We also managed to use the gym for an hour before check out. It is located at the Penthouse next to Amare Spa which was still close at that time so I wasn't able to take photos of its interior. the gym is spacious and has a very lovely view of Makati's CBD and Century City thanks to its floor-to-ceiling glass windows. It lacks lovely interior but the ample space comfortably makes up for that.

The gym equipment are top-of-the-line. Nothing but the best machines not just for treadmills but also the more sophisticated ones that would cater to almost any workout routine you have ib mind. We enjoyed working out because of the space and good equipment. The last thing you want in a gym is the feeling of being crowded and you will not experience that here.

Too bad we had to check out earlier than 12:00 noon as I had to go straight to Puerto Galera to join my friends.
It was a brief stay at Y2 Residence Hotel but a memorable and pleasant one. I feel very happy I finally got to sample one of the hotels I have been wanting to try. Best of all, I got to celebrate it with a special someone for a special life event. I feel so relieved it exceeded my expectation. So the words are real, and my Korean friends' feedback is indeed true. A lovely hotel smacked at the center of the action that is not heavy on the budget. A place where you will always look forward to going back to.

Y2 Residence Hotel is located at:
4687 Santiago Street corner Valdez and Singian Streets
Makati, Philippines
Call (02) 224 3000