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Sunday, January 29, 2017

How to Avoid Dating and Traveling Scam: 9 Tips

Our life changes daily. As a rule, modern people have unrestricted access to the Internet so no wonder new and new users want to explore online dating. It is fast and easy – but is it safe? Since hundreds of sites and apps appear every year, it’s quite hard to control who comes there. Dating and traveling scam is a huge problem of the contemporary era – gang bands feel free to use services and gain from their clients’ wealth. So we prepared 9 essential rules you’d better follow in order to protect yourself. Find out how to minimize the risk of being scammed with jump 4 love scam.

1. Choose a reliable dating site

With the modern boost of online dating services, this is the very first thing to do. If you decide to find a decent partner on the Internet, do a search prior to registering at any of them. Note that major dating sites designed by verified tech companies watch out who signs up and provide anti-scam support.

2. Don’t share personal information

Your online dating profile should contain only information your prospective match might need to get the basic impression. They don’t really need your personal phone number, home address, or email. Respectable services give the full range of opportunities to communicate without sharing these details.


3. Protect your social media

If you go to online dating resources, you aren’t probably new to the Internet and have accounts on other websites. Yes, some dating services – including major ones – require you to link your Facebook account. Keep an eye on what information you post on social networking sites and use different profile pictures so scammers won’t steal your image.

4. Don’t be too personal

Online chatters with attractive strangers are fun and alluring but you should always keep your feet on the ground. Scammers create fake profiles and use verbal techniques to fool their victims – that’s what we call communicative mystification. Get to know your friend gradually and stay sober.

5. Check out grammar

Fraudsters are typically citizens of non-native English-speaking countries. Of course, this is not a crime if someone doesn’t speak English fluently but if you notice your match constantly makes grammar and spelling mistakes, this is a factor to consider. Just take it into an account and be careful.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Usher In the Year of the Fire Rooster with these Treats from Novotel Manila Araneta Center #CNYatNovotelManila

From sumptuous Lauriat family set menus, satisfying international buffet and afternoon tea highlighting Chinese delicacies to relaxing  family staycation packages, Novotel Manila Araneta Center usher's in Chinese New Year 2017 so you can have good health, prosperity, luck, happiness and peace in the Year of the Fire Rooster.

Authentic Chinese Lauriat Menus 
at The Food Exchange Manila
From January 27 to 29, Food Exchange's Chef Alen Meng from China features authentic Chinese Lauriat menus good for 10 persons with prices starting at only Php13,999++. Featuring authentically prepared dishes from different parts of China, the 3 Lauriat menus to choose from are Lucky, Fortune and Prosperity. I was at the Food Exchange yesterday to sample their Prosperity Set and I thought "what better way to celebrate than at Novotel Manila"!


Lucky Set
13 Chinese dishes
13,888 nett**

- Assorted Chinese Cold Cuts of Zhong Shi Zong He Leng Pan,
- Sweet & Sour Squid with Garlic Fungus and Cucumber Salad
from Tang Cu Mo yu sheng cai sha la,
- Jilin Black Chicken Ginseng Soup of Wu gu ren shen Ji Tang,
- Taiwanese Stir Fried Beef with Sha Cha Sauce of Tai shi sha cha chai niu rou,
- Steamed Grouper Fish in Light Soy Sauce with Ginger and Spring Onion,
- Seafood Hofan,
- Yang Zhou Fried Rice,
- Chinese New Year's Tikoy and more;

Jenny Craig Diet Review. Does it Work?

There are many promising words and statements on Jenny Craig website. Let’s see how does this diet program works. In fact, there are dozens of different diets promising the best ways to get a better health and lose the weight. It is obviously not easy to select the best one for yourself.


Jenny Craig is a announced diet program that includes information support, consultations, and pre-packed foods. It includes consultations and instructions how to achieve the main purpose of the weight loss remaining the perfect health condition.

Following the program, it is promised as a guarantee to lose 2 pounds of weight in a week. Many diets simply control daily consuming calories. Depending on the age, weight, and gender, the healthy man or woman should consume between from 1,200 to 2,200 calories every day day. After scrutinized study of this subject, the diet experts came to the conclusion, that the program of 18Shake diet is more efficient.

Read reviews about weight loss shakes on site http://healthguidereviews.info.It presumes food ingredients that reduce the appetite and burn fats. The special program is also offered for people with both two types of diabetes. The good combination of these ingredients allows achieving the main purpose of the weight loss without an addition of preservatives and excipients. Here is more information about 18 Shake diet.



There are some food ingredients used for the pre-packed food.

Corn Syrup is made of the corn, which is used as a natural sweetener for food. Many sweeteners can be the cause of the obesity when consuming it too much. In addition, it may have a bad effect, resulting in heart and liver diseases, teeth caries, cancer, and so on. Mainly, this ingredient is only used to give a sweet taste for food, and it has no nutritious, neither diet effect. Corn syrup is the very common sweetener because it is cheap and natural.

Carrageenan is a not expensive ingredient, taken from the red edible seaweed. It is ordinarily used for thickening and binding effect in processed foods. Scientists conclude that this ingredient may enhance the risk of inflammation, diabetes, and even cancer.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Mt. BATULAO Old Trail-to-New Trail Traverse

It was as far back as 2011 when I first planned of climbing this mountain. I started that year with a very memorable climb in Mt. Maculot in Cuenca Batangas and immediately set my eyes on Batulao. But news came out of somebody rolling down the mountain and died. We cancelled the climb and never pushed through until late last year.

It was more of a coincidence than careful planning. I joined this charity group and they planned to have an outreach in Alfonso Cavite in December so along with another member of the group, Jake, we decided to camp in Batulao the night before the outreach.

We left Manila past 2:00 pm. Quite late so it was already dark when we arrived by the highway in Nasugbu which is the set-off point to Batulao. We happen to meet a group there who were about to join their peeps already in the mountain. So friendly they first approached us to join them in the hike.

Finally. Naakyat natin kita. This mountain was so illusive.
At akala ko madali challenging din pala

Good riddance because even Jake who has hiked twice got perplexed by the trail at night. We could have wandered up and down blindly if not for them. The old trail although easier , until campsite, is confusing at night as it goes through grassy areas and at times small forests. We decided to follow the lead of the other team and they wanted to hike from the highway to the base of the mountain and then up.

The first part of the hiked proved very challenging as it has been raining for days prior to our visit. Although the sky was clear and the stars were out that night, the road leading to Batulao's base was so muddy and slippery and sticky. In short, papasok palang kami sobrang challenging. So we were very slow. We started climbing 7:00 pm and arrived at the camp site past 11:00 pm. Starved and exhausted.
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