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TRYP By Wyndham Mall of Asia: The 1st TRYP Hotel in the Philippines. A Game Changer in the Mid-Range Hotel Category @TRYPMNL

I celebrated my 37th birthday in this hotel and I have nothing but very good memories. One can tell because I speak so many good things about this place. I am a Manila resident and a condo dweller at that but I really enjoyed being transported to a different feel staying here.

With the arrival of the 1st TRYP By Wyndham Hotel in the Philippines, I say, something fresh has arrived! I say fresh not because the hotel is new but because it offers something different. I speak of not just one key feature here. The cool lobby, the unique rooms, the amazing rooftop pool. Good buffet breakfast, staff always all smile, and the amazing view of Manila Bay sunset thanks to uninterrupted view. The uniqueness it has to offer is an aggregation of different factors all added up to make it truly special. I am so glad to have tried the place even before its grand opening in March.

The success of Microtel by Wyndham Mall of Asia seem to have motivated the group to put up another hotel in the Mall of Asia area, this time, in the Northern section towards the direction of the city of Manila but well within the confines of the Mall of Asia property. 

Bound South and East by apartment residences and offices of similar building height, North by the CCP area known for its sprawling green spaces and West by Manila Bay, TRYP is strategically located to be at a more laidback location away from the noise the city but still within a comfortable ( walking distance) from key shopping (SM Mall of Asia) and dining destinations (SM By The Bay). It is literally connected to One Esplanade which is a to-go-party-place for Manila's affluent urbanites. It is easily accessible and yet in a quiet location. Not to mention, it is less than 6 miles away from the International Airport (NAIA) so you know what convenience that means for your commute.

2nd Floor Lobby

Only a few hotels in the Philippines have so far adapted a concept where the lobby is NOT at the ground floor, Holiday Inn Makati and Marco Polo Ortigas Manila to name a few, and TRYP is the latest addition to them.

I like lobbies that are not at the ground floor not only because it is a deviation from the usual but because it is perfect for those who prefer it to be more private checking in. You feel more secure and you feel more intimate. And the location makes for a perfect 2nd-floor-lobby because it affords a good view of Manila Bay. Add the wonderful arrangement of furniture, minimalist interior and floor-to-ceiling glass walls, you will instantly fall in love with it.

Elegant, chic and not pretentious. It is a darling during the day and turns into a cozy place to lounge at night thanks to dim lighting that adds peace and dimension to the space. It has an al-freso section too should you an uninterrupted view of the bay.

The beauty of the place doesn't end at the lobby. The wooden accent by the elevations, the well lit hallways are lovely.

Twin Room with Bay View
The rooms are a delight. They have 8 room types ranging from 3,500++ pesos to 11,500++ php. Rooms got white wall paints accented with wall art and curtains of earth-tones. This is for me so pleasant to the eyes having stayed in so many (95% of hotels in Philippines I think) cream painted hotel rooms. The wooden cabinet with gray paint extends to the tv mount the and desk. This is one key feature consistent to each rooms and one that I love so much for the barn-like effect it gives to the rooms.We stayed in a Twin Room with bay view and it was a darling! The restroom is rather simple but I have nothing to complain. Power shower with hot and cold options works perfect.

Loft Rooms and Suite Rooms

Visualize a room at a corner lot with both city and bay views you will enjoy thanks to high glass windows. Two storeys with a queen size bed at lower deck, another bed and a double deck at the upper floor. There is a spacious area by the small kitchen section that comes with a small dining table perfect for small a gathering. I imagined bring my friends here for wine night. It's perfect because the room is good for 5 persons which includes breakfast for 5!

I actually cannot get over with the Loft Room. The moment I got inside I immediately thought to myself "omg, this is perfect for wine night with my friends". I fell in love not just with the view but with the room itself on how homey it appealed to me. Yes, I want to bring my friends here and I think it would be a great venue to spend New Year's eve and witness the crazy fireworks of Metro Manila!!

And what about a room with your own fitness bike? Yes, they have a fitness room which is a guest room and not the gym at the rooftop.

I also got the privilege of checking other rooms like the Suite Room with Bay view which is perfect for couples and honeymooners. Amazing Manila Bay view!

Rooftop Pool
( With an uninterrupted view of Manila Bay Sunset)
The rooftop pool is my favorite hang out. Only a few ( I cannot even count 5) hotels literally next to Manila Bay got rooftop pools and TRYP is one of those elites. Say hello to an uninterrupted view ( thanks to building restrictions in this part of the Metro) of both the city and the bay plus the popular Manila Bay sunset. It was rather gloomy during our stay so we didn't get to see the sun set in full but it still worked wonder on the afternoon sky turning red sections of the horizon. Such a sight to behold. We enjoyed swimming here until night despite the cool water brought about by February weather.The pool area transforms into one romantic space at night thanks to the beautiful lighting of the pool lounge area and the pool itself. Got lots of nice photos here

Next to the pool is a gym. Small, but good enough for a nice cardio workout while enjoying the city view.

I Celebrated my 37th Birthday Here!

Oh, did I mention that I stayed here during my birthday? Yes. For two consecutive years I traveled solo during my birthday ( Hanoi 2016, Hong Kong 2017) but I decided to celebrate it home this 2018 and I can't be happier. It was one of the most feel good birthday I had. I was with my wife and her two sisters and we all enjoyed the place. I think it also comes with age, at 37, I am now more comfortable getting all the attention. The hotel learned about this and I got greeted each time staff see me. They even knocked at my room and they surprised me with a cheerful happy birthday song that comes with a lovely cake. If I were younger, I might have died of flattery.

The hotel is only a few blocks away from SM Bayside and literally at the corner of the street is Vikings where we had buffet dinner. And you know with Vikings, you get free buffet on your birthday so i was really lucky! Vikings Bayside is huge and food was really satisfactory.
Breakfast Buffet

The breakfast buffet is another thing one should look forward to. Eyes and other senses satisfied, it is time for the palate. We enjoyed the buffet spread dining by the al fresco section. They have quite a diverse spread for a 800++ php breakfast. Dining with the view of Manila Bay with food as good as this one will leave very good memories indeed.

I mentioned that we had dinner buffet at Vikings the night before so it was a tall order but we found breakfast really good thinking that it costs only around 800++ pesos for walk in guests. It was definitely worth it. I liked all the dishes and food except the daggit which I found too salty so I suggested to their supervisor to check daggits from Pangasinan as I think they got the best danggit in the Philippines. Yes, I should know coz I am from Pangasinan.

It was a relaxing, heartwarming weekend. TRYP By Wyndham Mall of Asia, the 1st TRYP Hotel in the Philippines is indeed Game Changer in the Mid-Range Hotel Category. I did not go wrong in deciding to celebrate my birthday here. My heart and thanks goes to all the staff who made our stay something to cherish and remember.


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