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6 Ways to Do Singapore On a Budget

Singapore is a country known for many things – the easiest and friendliest place to do business according to World Bank and other authorities, the business hub of Asia, and many more. For living standards, the island-state has, for the fourth year in a row, ranked number one on the list of the most expensive cities in the world. This gives traveling enthusiasts the feeling that it would almost be difficult to travel to Singapore without breaking the bank. For expatriates or entrepreneurs who have set their mind to relocate to the Lion City, even if for several years, must get their travel documents. This can be hectic at times, which is why you should consider engaging the services of One Visa. They are good at helping you obtain documents with great ease and ensure you settle down well in Singapore.

So, how can one visit Singapore, or stay there and not spend so much? The following are some things that one may consider to save cash while in the City State.
Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2018- 2nd Firework
MBS Light Show
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Buy from Supermarkets
You may need to buy a few items from time to time. For instance, though it may be safe to drink tap water, you may have to buy some bottled water. You would do yourself much good if you kept off the large retail malls, the round-the-clock convenience stores, and the costly chain stores such as the NTUC Fairprice Finest and Cold Storage. You could save some dollars if you went shopping at the smaller stores such as Valudollar. The snacks also go for far less in the small marts than in those huge supermarkets.

Visit the Parks
One of the easiest ways in which you can spare some money while on your trip to Singapore would be by skipping tourist attraction sites with entrance charges. Theme parks and museums are often quite expensive, even according to the locals. Instead, visit great areas like Pulau Ubin, one of the few remaining rural places in the Garden City. For movement from one point to another while at Pulau Ubin, walk or hire a bike. Also take with you some cash, as credit cards are not accepted on the island. Also, enjoy some time at Chek Jawa, a wetland that is home to several animals.

Buy Food at the Hawker Centers
When hunger pangs strike, head to the hawker centers in residential areas and you will save some good bucks. Avoid tourists’ and the expensive hawker centers. Changi Village Hawker Centre is known for cheap good food. A meal may cost less than 6 Singaporean dollars.

While keeping yourself healthy and fit, you will save several dollars if you walk from one bus stop to another or to the nearest Mass Rapid Transport(MRT)-subway system-station. It may not take you not more than 20 minutes to walk from one station to another. The beauty of walking is that there are plenty of shops along the way, that will keep you busy with window shopping and quite entertained.

Shop in the Cheapest Places
If you intend to save cash, shopping should not be on your to-do list while in Singapore, but if you have to do it, go to the most affordable places. Mustafa Centre, which is a 24-hour shopping place and is located in Little India, is best known for low prices for stocks of over 300,000 great merchandise.

Be Prudent while Shopping for Liquor
Drinking in Singapore is an expensive affair. You should do without it if you can. But if you must, keep off the pubs and bars. You cannot spend a night in a pub without parting with tons of cash. Go drinking at the local coffee shops, popularly called kopitiams by the locals.

You cannot go wrong if you buy your liquor to drink at your private place at night. While at it, remember to avoid noise when you get high or you will get in trouble. Drinking is prohibited in all public places between 10.30 pm and 7 am. During this period, retail shops are restricted from selling takeaway alcohol.