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Lub d Makati: The Lub d Hostel Brand Known the World Over has Arrived in the Philippines! @Lub_d

HOT NEWS: Lub d Phuket was awarded BEST NEW HOSTEL 2017 by Hoscar Awards.

So I guess you can understand the excitement that the news  "Lub d has expanded in the Philippines"  has stirred in me. Finally, my wish of " I hope we have a world class hostel in the Phillippines" came true! Not only that they brought all the goodness that is Lub d, they have created the largest hostel in the Philippines --and no doubt One of the Best.

I have been to Bangkok on two separate occasions and in both trips stayed at a
Lub d hostel -- 2013 ( Lub d Silom) and 2017 ( Lub d Siam). I instantly fell in love with Lub d Silom's hip, trendy and modern lobby and very comfortable rooms. Thus we tried Lub d Siam last year which I find more accessible thanks to being literally next to a BTS Skytrain station. Both are what one can wish for in a hostel.

Lub D Bangkok Siam Square: The Most Accessible Modern Hostel in Bangkok
- Fall in Love with LUB d BANGKOK Silom 


Large Lobby with Co-Working Space
Cheers to the Lub d hostel with the largest lobby which covers the whole 2nd level of a 12-storey building. Other than reception, at the lobby is the cafe, a recreational area with billiards table, video game machines and the foosball table we enjoyed playing.

Another section is a co-working space managed and operated independently by Garage Society. So they get their own clients and bring them here. I find it really interesting that a hostel in the Philippines has a dedicated co-working space. With this kind of cool lobby space Lub d Makati can provide, working here will not feel like working at all.
The Best Hostel Mini-Theater
At the extreme end is small spacious room and a mini-theater too! The movie is the coolest movie room in a hostel I have ever tried. Sorry Lub d Siam but this one at Lub d Makati is certainly on a different level. It is very spacious so projection is really big. Sofa is so comfy and there are three pods where you could lie down while watching. There is a popcorn maker next to the bar so having free popcorn while watching Netflix in such a comfy room was quite a relaxing treat.

Dedicated and Friendly Staff
DID YOU KNOW? That Lub d in that actually translates to "sleep well" in English. I didn't know that until I visited Lub d Makati when one of the staff told me what it meant.

Hostels are well loved not only because of their value-for-money and perfect place to meet travelers from all parts of the world but also because their staff are more people-oriented and well-versed with key attractions around their area. Luckily, I am yet to experience rude staff in all the hostels I have tried. At Lub d Makati though, friendliness and dedication in unparalleled. Thanks to the fact that Filipinos are very fluent with English that language barrier is not a concern. That said, staff can go a long way in extending their hospitality. And you can certainly feel that difference at Lub d Makati.
Junior Room (Private is Lub! 
We stayed at a room at the upper level facing BGC/ Rockwell. Although I find the hallways rather too simple bordering to being dull, our room was such a big surprise. A private room with a bigger floor size than most budget hotels on the under 2,000 pesos price range. Elegant design, intimately lighted, the private room has a tatami-type bed (bed on floor)  which I find appealing. An elevated floor for the bedroom section to compensate for the lack of bed frame, the restroom with cool tiles it appears modern-retro. 

Dormitory Rooms
I got the chance to see other rooms and Lub d Makati truly upped the standard on budget hostel rooms. The two branches in Bangkok we tried got nice rooms but Lub d Makati even got nicer ones. Their dormitory room could set the global standard for dormitory accommodation. Instead of the usual low-rise and sometimes cranky metal frames, they customized the double decks are customized in such a way that they divided the whole floor-to-ceiling space to half instead. That affords those staying at lower decks more headroom  without sacrificing space for the upper level. The choice of wood as material means less noise.

The stairs leading to the 2nd level I find cute.
Eight (8) beds in a room but still ample space to go around. The lockers are on a separate section in the room and also made of wood so it also means less annoying noise when handling getting your stuff. Common restroom is spotless and brightly lit. Laundry machines also available at the restroom.


Barkada Room 
(Family or Group) 

Also check out their barkada room. With one (1) queen size bed at the lower deck and two single beds by the upper deck, it is perfect for a group of four. This cool space you can get for as low as 2,000 pesos approximately depending on season. Perfect for wine nights with the gang or simply chilling out together.

No Better Location 
than Poblacion Makati
There is no better location for the 1st Lub d Hostel in the Philippines than Makati. Being the financial captital of the country means prime shopping malls, cool lifestyle spaces ( Greenbelt) and the best restaurants. It's location is a good pivot spot for BGC if you want to experience modern, hip spaces, Ortigas for more trendy shopping malls, Manila for it famous sunset plus hostorical alure and Mall of Asia Complex / Bay Area for entertainment.

Poblacion district where Lub d Philippines Makati is specifically location is home lots of small specialty shops, bars and restaurants. Walk around its narrow streets and you will find one cool discovery after another whether it is a good food find, massage or drinking hole. It is also the area known for its red light district that is Burgos if you want a little spice for you trip.
Lub-D-Makati Hostel Location Map

Proximity to the Airport 
(NAIA 1,2,3 and 4)
Not to mention, Makati is less than 30 minutes away from International Airport that is NAIA. 
And if your flight is early morning, say 3:00 am or 4:00 am, 15 minutes and you are at any of the four (4) terminals in the country's main airport. That spells convenience.

I would still rank Spin Hostel in El Nido as the Best Hostel in the Philippines but Lub d Makati is not far behind at #2 in my list. Spin Hostel is in Palawan though and not everybody has the luxury of going to El Nido. Metro Manila deserves a hostel that is at par with International standards. Thank God Lub d has decided to bring their brand in the Philippines!

Cheers to that!

Lub d Makati Hostel is located at
7833 Makati Avenue, Barangay Poblacion, Makati City 1210
Telephone: +63 2 541 6358'
Facebook: @LubdHostel
Instagram: @LubdHostel