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U.S.O Bar and Restaurant Makati

Located in a quiet neighborhood at the corner of Taguig and Obrero streets in Makati City is U.S.O Bar and Restaurant. U.S.O stands for Under Starter's Orders and in English translates to"trendy". Although it might not be the trendiest one can find in Makati where competition among restobars is fierce, there is something about USO that makes people keep coming back.

A non-pretentious mid-size restobar with black-dominated interior enough to command class but simple enough not to be intimidating. Here, what you see is what you get -- not one of those high-end pubs with classy interior that will rip you off because you pay for whatever is added for the visuals. This is where you wanna hang out to chill and not worry about going home broke.

Their beer is the standard price in most pubs, say 330 pesos per bucket of 6 local beers with your choice of "pulutan". Beer tower is only at 300php.

I is the food that I was surprised at. Most pubs fail on this aspect. The "and restaurant" on the name is well deserved as one can enjoy a variety of dishes, not just side orders for drinking. Best off all, they are very affordable. Imagine, their nachos is priced at 120 pesos and it is full of ingredients. So much that we requested more nacho chips to finish it off. And very tasty too. I was with a friend who is a big fan of nachos and one who you can ask where in the Metro one can find the best nachos and this one he approved. Cilantro definitely has the best anywhere but their nachos at USO Bar and Restaurant can give Cilantro a run for the money.
Another friend is a big fan of buffalo wings so we tried that one too. It comes on a big platter which includes fried calamares, french fries, and a huge serving of crispy pata. The buffalo wings is a labor of love. It is full of flavor that goes deep into the meat and not just sauce on the surface like one can find in many copycat buffalo wings stores out there. Believe me there are so many and many fail the taste test. Make sure you remind the waiter though on the intensity of spice you want it to be. Ours was sweet and my friend said it would have been better spicy as he loves his buffalo wings extra, extra spicy but this one definitely satisfied our cravings. An easy best-seller for USO.

Not to discount is crispy pata. I am normally not a big fan of crispy pata but this one proved to be an exemption. Crispy, deep fried to perfection. I have to comment the dips they prepared as well, one of the best I tried in any pubs and they certainly complimented both the crispy pata and the calamares. Find out for yourself what I am talking about. At the moment, this platter is not on offer yet but they will soon have it launched. For now, one can ask for separate orders of buffalo wings and crispy pata. You can never go wrong.

U.S.O Bar and Restaurant Makati opens at 10:00 am and they offer frappes too. They are also very proud of these I heard. Looking forward to trying em out next visit.

One of the new owners of USO is a friend of mine. We went to the same high school in Pangasinan. We have not seen each other since finishing high school ( and God knows how long it has been) but we have kept contact on Facebook. She hasn't change a bit. Still warm and sincere as ever. She also knows how straightforward I am and nothing changed so when she invited me to check the place she knows I will be coming with my biases and honest opinion. I say they run the place well. 

I am so satisfied with the experience. It's so heartwarming to see each other again. The whole night I I was in the restobar, I was silently admiring her for how she treats her staff and customers. On how hands on she is with the job and how much she has embedded herself with the local community. It is important to note that USO is located in a predominantly residential area and how you connect with the people in the area really matters. I saw how  she is being respected no just by her staff but with the regular patrons of the pub. This spells the difference. Being here is like being in a warm, friendly place and once inside, you will surely stay for hours.

And I don't wanna finish this post without commending the live entertainment they have on select days. We came on a Saturday night and we were so entertained  by their two talented regular singers  --- Stacey and Cathy. Not only that they can sing well, they are so funny! I actually though we were in a comedy bar. Cathy has a way of twisting song lyrics to make it sound naughty but in a funny and non-offensive way. Puro ako tawa that night. I managed to record a few videos. Feel free to watch and enjoy!

CONTACT  U.S.O Bar and Restaurant Makati
Call 0921 955 2688
Location map >>> here 
Under Starter's Order Bar and Restaurant

We enjoyed our time at U.S.O Bar and Restaurant Makati and I am sure you will too. It might not be the trendiest restobar in Makati but it's warmth well compensates for it. Homey is a term I normally use on my hotel reviews but that description also fits USO restobar. Still, better not take my word for it, better give it a go yourself.