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Church Hopping Iloilo : MiagAo Church Disappoints but Tigbauan, Jaro and Molo Churches More than Compensates for it

Like any other travel blogger, I had my share of blogging about Philippines churches especially when I was just starting, after all, there is no shortage of heritage/old/grand churches in the country. It is an easy material for newbie writers. And then at some point, I have grown tired of it. For one, because everybody writes about it, so what's new? And then there is this feeling na "pare-pareho nalang". Who was it who said "churches are all the same, enter one and you have seen all of them".?

But the churches of Iloilo ( both the city and the province) are on a different level. They capture your attention and entice your imagination. It is not just individual churches that are good but if you think of them collectively as well, you cannot help but marvel at the strong lineup. People here love their churches, and it shows at how elaborate they have created them and how much they care for them for future generations.

Molo Church


An hour ride from Iloilo. The 1st Baroque-style church I have seen. Yes, haven't been to Paoay Church kahit nakapag Pagudpud nako years back. So worth the trip down South from the city. Seeing it up close, I got to admire the intricate design of this church's facade. Don't expect too much on the interior though kasi kung ganu ka engrande ang harap ganun naman ka plain and simple ng loob. I heard Paoay Church is of similar predicament. Normal for Baroque-style churches? Could be. Still, worth the trip.


This is a very tall church. It's fqcade is imposing and would hardly fit the frame if unless ypu take a photo from afar. Thanks to the wide open space in front of it it is possible. This church has a very homey interior --modern and well kept.It is well known for its 16 statues of nuns. Jose Rizal visited this church because of its ceiling paintings.

Molo Church


The most celebrated Church in Iloilo and probably one of the most well known. The main church itself doesn't look as rustic as that of Miagao or Tigbauan Church but its bell tower which I find intriguing ( as it is separated from the main church) is as Old and crambling as it could get. When inside the church, one can see the bell tower on the opposite street and it is easy to tell that it is really old. Actually, I think it is already leaning and might not last that long until it falls victim to gravity. The interior of Jaro Cathedral is also very pleasing on the eyes. Wall and ceiling paintings abound. Another one of those churches that one can tell is well kept which is a reflection of how the parishioners love this church so much.



It looks crumbling and lonely from afar but up close, you get to appreciate its rustic beauty. Inside, it is darling --- intricate wall mosaic in technicolor. No dull space every angle you look from walls to ceiling to its altar and even at the back of the alter. I actually like this church more than Miagao. Not only because it is older but because the interior is a testament of how the local parishioners go all put in keeping it beautiful and homey. Yes, one can hardly hear somebody describe a church as homey but that's how I exactly felt inside this church. I would actually rank it 1st among my favorite churches in and out of Iloilo City. To think that Molo Church and and Jaro Cathedral ( both in the city) are equally great.

Tigbauan Church Iloilo

PS: This is something you can do in Iloilo if you arrive early or you have spare time to go around and fill your itinerary. As in our case, our flight out of Manila was 5:00 am so we arrived in Iloilo past 6:00 am, too early to check in. So we decided to take the van from Iloilo International Airport to Molo where we took a jeepney to MiagAo which took an hour or so. What was originally conceived as an activity to kill time turned out to be one of the main highlights of our trip.