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Hail Siargao! The #1 Island In Asia #SiargaWoW!

I didn't want this dream trip to be ruined by over planning so I just made the right amount of research making sure I don't miss on the key attractions and other essentials like how much this and that costs and the transportation to take. Everything else including our itinerary I built once we set foot on the island. Stayed for 5 days 4 nights and I didn't even know that the 1st 2 nights accommodation I booked is located in Pacifico area around San Isidro and not in General Luna where most visitors stay. And Siargao Island is larger than I thought. End to end would take almost 2 hrs by motorbike non-stop! But everything turned out perfect as there are other attraction on the Northern side of the island that we accessed easier thanks to our first location.
Travel blogs sure proved very helpful in my minimal planning. I would like to commend the blog of for inspiring me and setting the adrenaline-filled anticipation. There, she even wrote ......

"Siargao is addictive.
The first time I stayed 4 days. The second time, almost a year later I stayed for 10 days. Still not enough. After a week in Siargao I considered buying a piece of land there. I just thought to myself: Why not? Maybe I could stay forever...?"

Wow! And in another website,
I quote ........ "Siargao is the kind of place that changes people. It'll make you question who you are and what you want out of life."

To be honest, my eyebrows raised when I read it and I thought "is that really how beautiful this place is"?

There is one bad thing about Siargao that could not escape my observation --- they got the worst paper bills in any place I have been to. Perhaps because many people here get too excited to hit the water forgetting the have paper bills in their pocket? Siargao after all is the "Surfing Capital of the Philippines". Other than that, everything else in Siargao is great. As early as our first day, I instantly noticed that in Siargao, the green grass is greener, the blue sky is bluer, the crystal clear water is clearer, the big surf waves are bigger, the fresh air is fresher and the friendly people are friendlier. Oh, and we went here during Harvest Festival period ( Korea, China, Vietnam) and we saw the full moon on our 2nd night there and it was the largest moon (in its red-ish glory) I have ever seen in my life , yes, even full moon in Siargao is fuller! Oh, did I mention about beautiful sunrise and sunsets. And old school clubbing, drinking by the beach, fine dining, friendly locals and the best surf instructors in the Philippines. Yes, I failed on two consecutive attempts ( separate year) to learn surfing in Baler Aurora but I finally mastered it in Siargao. The joy beyond description. I owe it to my surf instructor!

But I am telling you early on, El Nido used to be in my #1 Destination list, Siargao has now taken that spot! Yes,that's hie hood it is. That's how overwhelming our stay was. It was not just surfing, Siargao got the sights and activities that could satisfy all your senses. ......