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Look! White Banana Beach Club Siargao Admitted "Influencers" are Bad For Siargrao! #YouCatchAFishThroughItsMouth

This is the convo I had with the, I suppose, manager of White Banana Beach Club Siargao just today.
My eyebrows raised to the recent viral post they had on Facebook:

This is to add another perspective to the issue.
Basta yan ang take ko. Kayo na bahalang humusga.
Sorry kung balahuraan narin ang wording ko.
Pero umamin sya! They hate influencers!
White Banana: The whole siargao is shaking. Influencer will make Siargao slow down.

They emailed you privately I suppose?
And they did not blackmail you guys. 
A simple turn down reply will do. 
That's the civil way. 
Then why this public rant? 

Mukhang mas educated pa pala tong mga "influencers" na tinutukoy nyo kesa sa inyo.
MARKETING STRATEGY nyo to use bitchy words just to catch attention and go viral. You are such a small establishment. Sikat kayo ngayon pero until when? Huwag magmaganda. Don't behave like you are gonna be in the business forever. This kind of approach, this kind of use of distasteful words to negatively stereotype a group of people will fire back. (Dami tuloy nakisawsaw). It will fire back. You will see. And you will learn to tone down your words in the future. Ride the waves for now but you will learn the hard way. Best of luck sa marketing strategy nyo.

Photo Credits: Facebook Page of White Banana Siargao

White Banana: I guess that we kinda know which marketing strategy we would like To use. As First. As second. Who are you and why you feel Entitled to give us business advises? Here, tired to continue receiving daily request from freeloaders we have chooses to answer one for good. And look what, it worked properly, message arrived. Two days without freeloaders requests. Time spared. Plus thousands of messages of support from the most. And a couple, Maybe three, like yours. Cheers. Enjoy your incredible awareness of international Marketing, and please come visit for a great drink in Siargao! 

Anton: Good luck guys

White Banana: Oooh. Now I see. A travel blogger. Cheers. At least you have been deacent enough not to ask for anything.

Anton: Basta good luck.

White Banana: Thank you. Good luck to you brother.

Anton: I have been travel blogging for a decade

White Banana: I’m glad. You have been able to travel so much.

Anton: And I saw businesses come and go

White Banana: Good.

Anton: I know a lot of marketing people. Sa 10 years ko sa blogging.  And they have a nicer approach to such situations. They know how to handle it with style.

White Banana: I have been managing bars since you were born.

White Banana: And I have a PhD in creative comminocation in mktg. taken 20 Years ago... cheers

Anton: So palipat lipat kalang pala bars

White Banana:There are still Many kind of approaches

Anton: And why is that so?

White Banana: We like it direct

Anton: Ahahahahaha Wow!Halata nga. Kasi kaunti lang gumagawa nang ganito na approach. Yung mga me nerves lang

White Banana: Talaga?

Anton: Though I hear nag IG stories yung komontak sa inyo? That was wrong din. Something I cannot agree on. And you fired back naman. Naku naku!

White Banana: Anton. I respect your work. Respect mine. We did not fired back to anyone. We started. And someone , the huge majority supported us, and few fired back

Anton: For now. Ako.masasabi kolang good luck. It was your chance to rake the high ground. But you chose to do otherwise with those words.

White Bird: We have to work now. Like not much time to answer to freeloaders, not even so much to answer to business guru. Cheers.

Anton: Best of luck on your marketing strategy.

White Banana: We Don’t have one.

Anton: Baka next time social media will know is lumipat kana naman ng imamanage na bar. Ahahahaha

White Banana: We go day by day following the suggestion coming from our guys

Anton: I hope you don't do this kind of approach to your guests. Ang bitchy ng reaction.

White Banana: We don’t. As U can see on our review, People Consider us sweet and kind

Anton: Good then. It’s Just tiring to deal With some

Anton: Do so..for your own good. Cheers. It could fire back.

White Banana: It will Probably will. Influencers will Straight back!

Anton: You just branded a whole group in a negative way. Yun ang point ko

White Banana: If you noticed THE WHOLE SIARGAO community is with us.
Yes.we branded freeloaders as freeloaders. And we stated we support real Influencers.

Anton: Nope
White Banana:That's what you think If u say so.

Anton: But I am sure you get what I mean. Wait for the repercussions.

White Banana: We will.

Anton: Good luck man!

White Banana: The whole siargao is shaking. Infliencer will make siargao slow down

Anton: Nah. There is a better more positive way at looking at it. So lumabas na rin mismo sa bibig mo that you are against influencers as a whole. Not just freeloaders. Naku naku
As a business. Or as a person who is managing a business. You can have a negative opinion about a certain group of people. And you are entitled to that. Pero you can do so discreetly naman.

White Banana: That is as you want to see it. We have here, next to me, real influencers. I mean litterally now next to me while I am weoting. People with more than 100.000 . People that do not beg. And they are now laughing. But if u say so...

White Banana: Look. Again. We do what we want to do.

Anton: Pero wag masyadong obvious na hater ng isang group or something. Alakadyan

White Banana:Now good by. And have a good day. We wish u all the best. I’m talking with my friends...

Anton: What is this? "The whole siargao is shaking. Infliencer will make siargao slow down".

White Banana: No hate Man. Do not say bullshit

Anton: So inamin mo na. Naku naku. Wag ganun.. Babalik yan. Pwede naman mag collaborate in a positive way. Don't speak for Siargao with that kind of perspective.You might be doing more harm to the place than otherwise intended.

White Banana: We Don’t speak for Siargao. Beside to say that Siargao is Siargao without any free loser or real Influencer. Cheers.

Anton: Siargao is Siargao without White Banana.
These influencers. They could be another person, another batch, another group, but they are here to stay. They are the future of social media, of marketing. There is no turning back the waves. You better learn to deal with them in a good way.

I think this posting of yours on Facebook is just the tip of the iceberg. It is a small taste of how you really view influencers ---not just freeloaders--- in a bad way.

White Banana: Sirgao is TRUEY SIARGAO without anyone. For sure whiteout White Banana as well. Cheers.

Anton: Learn to deal with them in a nice way. You will learn that your life, may it be personal or in exercise of work, will be a lot easier.True. And with you in White Banana, White Banana will not be around for long. Unless you change your perspective and approach. At any rate, maybe even before its downfall, you will be managing another bar again, carrying the same negativity. Yes, I see and feel negativity in your and that post.Be more positive man. Look at the silver lining.

White Banana:: You should write a book dong

Anton: Wag yang "we don't need you" mentality.
Do you have a book? If yes, please tell me the title. I will buy one. PHd diba?
Sana nag PHd karin on "how to deal with people". Big help.
Again. Back to the point.
I think this posting of yours on Facebook is just the tip of the iceberg. It is a small taste of how you really view influencers ---- not just freeloaders-- in a bad way.

Anton: I have seen businesses self-destruct.
I hope this approach and attitude of yours will not lead to White Banana's self-inflicted death.
You are not BIG. Wag kayong nagmamaganda nang ganyan.

Social media and its influencers will be here long after we vanish from this world, myself included. Long after White Banana is gone. But until then, learn to deal with influencers in a more positive way. That way, you will not speed up the demise of the establishment that you are managing, that you are trying to promote. Be wiser.


  1. White Banana is over acting and very concieted that's it he he


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