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I Love The Circle Hostel San Juan La Union but I Don't Recommend it During Summer

Back in January, I stayed at at Circle Hostel in San Juan La Union. It was a chill solo trip and I achieved what I came here for -- no rushing, no jam-packed itinerary, no pressure to go out and party. I was mostly at the hoste resting by the common area hut enjoying the slow vibe of the countryside. I told myself, I will back here soon and do the same thing. I was back sooner during April, mid-summer in the Philippines, thanks to the 4-day break of the Holy Week.

My hometown is the nearby province of Pangasinan and I occasionally go home during big holidays especially Christmas but I never experienced waiting in queue for 7 hrs to get a ride and 13 hrs on the road on a supposed 5-hour trip. Anyways, I was with my friend Francis so all of it was bearable. Francis and I spent most of those 13 hrs napping, eating, chatting and repeating the process.
We arrived at Circle Hostel at around 7:00 pm -- way past the 1:00 pm standard check in time. The same warm, familiar faces greeted us. I noticed that next to the reception, what once was a restroom is now taken down as I heard they are constructing a restaurant in its place. Anyways, no biggie. We immediately took our assigned beds. Circle hostel is known for it's hut accommodations with bunk beds, semi open, fan-only rooms.

The main hut where we stayed can accommodate up to 30 guests. Bunk beds are either double or triple and I was assigned at the 3rd deck this time. No more 1st come 1st serve basis, they assign the beds upon check in and they already have your name written on the bed before you arrive. So i had no choice but to stay at the 3rd deck. My friend Francis stayed at a 2nd deck next to a fan. Not only that it is an effort to climb up and down each time, my bed was without any electric fan nearby. That's where the real pain-in-the-ass sets in. It's summer and I was at a 3rd deck with no air circulating. It was horrible. 

The 1st night was ok because we went out and had a couple of beers so i was too drunk to even notice the scorching heat. The 2nd night was unbearable. It rained at around dinnertime so it was so humid the whole night. With no fan around my bed, it was scorching hot I couldn't sleep. I transferred my bedding in the common area hut and that's where I slept with mosquitoes feasting on my blood. The 3rd night was almost the same story.

It was bad. The condition was bad. Amazingly, I was not stressed at all. I think i have really learned to be patient the older I have become. I take such situations as part of the experience. It's part of the beauty of life. And I thought, it would have been better though if it was not like that. That said, these situations are not for all. Be informed, I love Circle Hostel San Juan La Union but I don't advise it during summer.

Other than that, all else is good about this place. The crowd is a mix of locals and foreigners so toy get to have nice, informative interactions if you are the social type who enjoys sharing your experiences on the road. The staff are friendly, food is cheap ( at an average of 100 php for set meals), the vibe is one that is relaxed and non-pretentious. Here you can walk.around with your pajama or boxer shorts and nobody would mind. Best of all, you can buy beer at the one and only 7/11 convenience store in San Juan by the the main road and drink all you want at the common area. Here, you can be the simple version of yourself -- the relaxed and happy version.

The Circle Hostel is a chain of budget friendly eco-hostels in the Philippines. We like to say that #ThereAreNoStrangers within our hostel walls. We’ve created a space that allows guests to meet and mingle while also allowing them to take a step back and get lost in their own thoughts. We are a sanctuary for the artsy as well as the adventurous and encourage our guests to express themselves amongst each other and on our walls. --Website

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