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Tangadan Falls La Union for Less than 100 Pesos

I don't advice Tangadan Falls to solo backpackers.

First is a little bit far San Juan La Union, that means you need to hire a tricycle for not less that 500 pesos plus there is a mandatory guide for 500 pesos and 30 pesos entrance fee at the main falls so it could prove a bit pricey and definitely not for so travel. So how did I manage to go here for less than 100 pesos? I will tell you that later.

It was my first hike this year and it was 3.5 km through verdant vegetation and scenic view so it was more of a leisure hike for me. I call it B E A U T I F U L Nature on golden hour. The hike to #TangadanFalls is a reminder that 'life is a journey, not a destination'. Ah, no. Make that 'life is a beautiful journey and a good destination'.

I learned that you can hire a motorbike to take you to the closest possible point next to #TangadanFalls . Yung pagbaba mo 3 kembot nalang waterfalls na mismo. But what a waste diba? For me, the effort of hiking 3.5 kms to get there part of the thrill and beauty of the whole experience. Other that appreciating the good view and realizing how clean the water is, It gives you time to connect to the place, to commune with nature.

This is me talking: The key to happiness is enjoying the process and not the result. We need goals but make sure you don't put your happiness on hold in the process of achieving those goals. Say, you aim to be a millionaire at the age of 30, make sure that the years leading to 30 are well spent and well felt, if not, you salvage 29 years of your life just to be happy at age 30. And what if after becoming a millionaire at age 30 you realize that that doesn't make you happy? Such a waste. Enjoy the journey, enjoy the process.

This is the lower section of #TangadanFalls situated past halfway of the trail. It's a popular spot for cliff jumping where the highest section is around 40 ft high and the water below is so deep. Pretty scary but lots of people actually jump. I am not into cliff jumping so I just entertained myself watching some locals go for the thrill of it.

Just around that bend is #TangadanFalls , a mid-sized waterfalls with a drop that is not too weak to be considered boring but not too strong to be too intimidating. .... and it is interesting to see how calm the water is just a few meters away from waterfalls, a stark reminder that 'one can find peace even in a harsh place or a turbulent condition'. I found peace here and I have always felt peace in myself.
Tangadan Falls La Union for  Less than 100 Pesos???

Yes, I am lucky I hitched a ride with a group I met in Manila. We rented a van and arrived in La Union at around 6:00 am-ish so we went straight here. There were 8 or so of us so we divided 500 pesos guide fee among ourselves plus 30 pesos per pax for entrance fee that's why a budget of less than 100 pesos is possible.So if you are planning to go here, better if you have a van rented to La Union rather than take the bus. The van rental itself is a little more pricey but the convenience more than makes up for it.

"Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life. "